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the characters of the series express an aimlessness with which they perpetrate their actions that reflects a humanity thought to be lost to them


1. Chapter 1

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Clouds floating past

A dimming night sky

Stars sparkling brightly

A breeze blowing by

Thoughts of others

Of happiness run dry

Questions proposed teasingly

Always asking "Why"

Retrospect is endless

The taunting of the past

Daunting and unending

How long can this last?

Never wondering meaningfully

Always pondering casually

The answers never forthcoming

The little things escaping

Ignoring the beauty of the moment

Seizing the angst of today

Aimless fluttering of thought

Never go away

Constant repetition

Making life stay

And yet the more we try and hold it

The more that gets away

Our days go on

And nights as well

The simple trials and tribulations

As if time will always tell

Time reveals us nothing

New or otherwise

We watch, and wait

Waiting out our lives

The lives that never end

Neither living nor dead

Meandering unconsciously

And filled with a sense of dread

The terrible terrible dread

Of withering and fading

Passing by without notice

And passing with aching

For a life that isn't ours

A life of another

A life





But a life...

That we can't have