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Who Said Be Tame?

Hai! I'm back from the dead. I wrote this little fast-paced poem as a tribute to my dear Vicky, who tragically died in Eclipse. It's best sang to drum beats, by an open fire, but if you read it off of your laptop..that's fine too.

O.o Hai Guys! Enjoy! Let me know if you want the accompanying picture...it rocks!

1. Chapter 1

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The idea that what is bad is bad,

Is like the idea what is good is bad.

They based life on a bias,

The contempt for this life.

This is the way of a wanderer,

A vicious fiend of the night.

Who said to be tamed?

Who said to be calm?

We let our instincts loose,

And get lost in primal thoughts.

Immortality is for only the best,

The ones who know how to survive.

But for some, the weak, I suppose,

It's a short stop before the afterlife.

We are what we are.

Beasts at best.

Vicious fiends, stalking the night,

Instilling prey with natural fright.

Who said be tame?

Who said be calm?

Ripping open and devastating...

Bloody red and full of woe.

Who said be tame?