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Ms. Swan

What would have happened if Bella and Edward never met in that Cafeteria... read to find out

So I have been reading some fan fic and i loved them but i never found that story i wanted to read the one where Bella doesnt meet Edward until later... what would have happened t other couple we loved.... Don't worry im team Edward and she doesnt end with Jacob (although i love him too) but it is a different twist than the one Stephenie Meye wrote.... Enjoy and review please!! Mich .peace.

1. Bella to Ms. Swan

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Beep beep beep beep...

My angry hand searched for the alarm clock as it let off its incessant wake up call.

Ha! I thought as my hand slammed the alarm button; I changed it to the a.m. radio immediately.

Good Wednesday Morning Washington snoozers! You’re in for a rainy day as the overcast clouds have already come into play for their parade of rain!


I loved the rain, which was amazing since I hated it until I moved to Forks, Washington when I was 17 from Phoenix; I guess it grew on me. I had lived in Forks with my dad, Charlie for about 2 years taking all the AP courses and jumping into College immediately. I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and at age 20 I was finishing up my first teaching year at the local college. It was so difficult getting my degree at such a young age but my mentor Mr. Rowe, helped me through, and looking at my credits my alma mata offered me a job to teach those who were just as me.

I sat up in the bed as my chocolate brown hair fell in my face, my hand automatically searched for my glasses on the nightstand. My hand made contact with the rimless spectacles and I drew them onto my face.

That dream last night, vivid.

I readied for work searching for a top and a skirt to wear.


I found a plum long sleeved cotton shirt to wear with my black knee length pencil skirt.

That damn school and their “dress codes” If it were up to me I would teach in my favourite Chucks, Jeans and a t-shirt.


I removed my sweats, the ones I always slept in, and tottered off to the bathroom. Returning to the bedroom after my 10 minute shower, hair wrapped up into a loose bun, I dragged on the ensemble carrying the dreading heels in my hand as I made my way to the kitchen.

Coffee and Cereal I thought as I walked down the stairs of my old home. Charlie had moved out after retiring early as Police Chief saying he wanted me to have space, the house felt empty.

As I entered the kitchen I dropped the death traps at the doorway and lunged for the switch on the coffeemaker, while it did its job I found a bowl and emptied my cereal in the bowl. I had no idea where my mother, Renee had found this maker because the rich smell of coffee filled the kitchen. I retrieved to milk from the fridge and poured it in the bowl. As I returned the milk I got a cup from the cupboard. It was one of those mornings when I felt like having my drink black. I poured the coffee into the cup retrieved my bowl and sat at the table ready to eat.

That dream last night... I had been having some weird dreams lately that had only been present in this kind once before, when I was 18, but I marked it off as “puberty” and ignored them. Doing so they had left before I had realised. They always involved a tall, less-than-dark man who seemed to know how to pleasure me in every single way. Last night’s dream was unlike any I had before, ropes, handcuffs, lingerie, chocolate syrup... I exhaled hard at the thought of the golden bedroom he walked me to and the forceful manner he grabbed at my chest.

I shook off the dream as I finished up my breakfast

I dragged on the heels and I was out the door, key jingling in one hand, messenger bag in the other, I tracked my way to the white Chevrolet that replaced my red pick-up, another gift from my mom and step-dad. Jacob nearly killed me when I had to get rid of the old one but I couldn't drive it anymore it turned into a one-way-ticket to the grave.

The ride to work was quick as usual, I turned into the parking area in a matter of minutes. I looked to find a silver Volvo parked in my usual parking spot. Weird I thought slightly annoyed. I figured there was going to be a new teacher, hopefully young who could take the attention off of me, this hope removed the edge off of my mood.

I parked the car in a shaded area close to the entrance and made my way up the flight of cement stairs leading to hall of the first building. Enjoy Spring break! That banner needed to come down.

First up today... Advanced English one of the best courses I had to teach, the students in that class were my favourites. I would miss them when they were all gone, this being their last year, in that class.

When I walked to the classroom door I opened to find my full class ready for learning after a hiatus of fun, sun and liquor at least for the some students. My class had a lot of the younger students of the school.

“Good Morning Students, How was the Break?” I asked addressing the full class

“Good Miss Swan” I heard come from the crowd

“You wear any nice swimwear over the break Miss Swan?” I heard come after

“No” I answered, I didn’t tolerate those kinds of questions from just anyone but like I said I loved that class.

“Alright, William Shakespeare!” I said with slight glee I heard the classroom groan just then there was a knock on the door. “Excuse me students”

I walked to the closed door and saw a familiar shadow Mr. Rowe the head of my department standing with an unfamiliar shadow, the shadow immediately flashed last night’s dream in my head.

I opened the door and closed it behind me staring at Mr. Rowe, ignoring the man next to him.

“Good Morning Mr. Rowe, how can I help you today?”

“I have a new student for you” he replied that’s odd there’s one semester left until summer “One of my own, he has exhausted my curriculum and I saw it best for him to finish his classes in the Advanced Class”

“Oh, ok” I said turning to the Adonis who stood over me, I looked into his golden eyes and held out my hand to shake his. Why am I shaking? “I’m Miss Swan; our stuff isn’t that difficult once you’ve grasped the concepts.” I couldn’t stop looking into his eyes

Ms. Swan, I’m Edward Cullen” Cullen where did I know that name he lifted his hand to grasp mine. “I hope I’m not too much of a bother” he continued in a velvety voice, I felt my heart melt when his hand grabbed mine.

Gasp i grabbed my hand back quickly “Well okay” I said turning to Mr. Rowe, who seemed to not notice any of what just happened. He handed me a sheet of paper “Wait for Ms. Swan at the door Mr. Cullen, I need to have a few words with her”

“Take care of him for me, he has amazing potential, I have spoken to the rest of teachers and we’ve elected you to be his personal coach, just for the next couple months, his parents donated a small fortune to the English Department, we would like to see him excel” just as I was about to protest I was too old to be babysitting and too young to have a child that age of my own he continued “There will obviously be a small raise for you... Please Ms. Swan, what if I had turned my back on you 2 years ago?” Mr. Rowe knew I was eternally grateful. Sigh “OK I responded”

I turned to enter the classroom as Mr. Rowe turned down a hall, but when I looked up I saw the young man, Edward I believe, staring hard at me. Oh... My... I let out a small gasp, what was happening?