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A Cure for a Tragedy

Everyone knew who he was, the Night's Guardian Jasper Hale, quiet and dangerous. No one knew who she was but Jasper wanted to know. In a world where vampires known are feared, the people rely on a protector but who will protect him?

This is an AU story using the Twilight characters and their likeness.

2. Chapter 2 Off Limits

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31 October 709

"This area is off limit," Jasper spoke, a small smirk spreading across his face as he crossed his arms and continued marveling at how her skin caught the fireworks' bright lights and the color lingered on her skin.

"Then I guess you should get going," she returned the smirk with a wink before returning to watch the many lights that stained her skin with their various colors.

He snickered at her words, turning to marvel at something other than her beauty. The fireworks continued in his honor, spraying the sky in flashes of blues and purple, red and green, and gold. Jasper noted the silence that had spread between the two as the fireworks begin to burst faster in rotation of colors. He was thankful to find a girl who did not have the need to fill every moment with useless babble.

"Will you tell me your name now," he asked, continuing to watch the fireworks, forcing himself not to stare at her.

She giggled in response, it sounded more like chimes to him. "Maybe . . . "

"It is only fair," he turned his full body to her, losing the battle. "You do know my name after all."

"That's not fair," she smiled at him, tearing her eyes away from the sky. "Everyone knows your name Prince Hale."

"Which can be an annoying thing," he rolled his eyes at the reminder. "Please tell me your name."

"It is Alice," she smiled in delight, flashing her sparkling teeth from beneath her golden eyes.

He had to admit, he was dazzled. It was not enough that her angular features were perfect in every way, her smile had to be entrancing too. He found himself frowning at his sudden weakness and she frowned back at the sudden change of expression. She wrinkled her noise and tilted her head to the side as she asked, "Does my name sound that bad?"

He had to laugh at this, "Forgive me. I was . . . thinking."

"About what," she asked, the smile slowly returning to her dainty lips.

"Nothing important," he shook his head and pulled himself away from her dazzling face.

He walked over to the side of the balcony and leaned on his hands for support. He looked upon his sleeping city to the far east. Tall skyscrapers braced the darken sky, taunting the starless sky with its bright lights. Every streetlight was on, every window blazed with light behind drawn shades, but despite all the glowing lights that illuminated the sea's water's on the city's side, it looked dead. No one walked the streets. There were no crowds of people making their way to late parties, laughing and at peace. It was too dangerous.

"The city looks so peaceful at night," Alice commented on where his gaze had been directed.

Jasper scoffed at her observation, "Peaceful? That's one way to put it."

"What do you mean," Alice walked over to join him at the balcony. He noticed how silent her footfall was, even in heels. He also noticed how careful she was not to stand to close, or brush her mostly bare arm against him.

"It looks peaceful, but it’s just a mask," he shook his head at the reference he had accidently made to the party brewing below. "The only reason there are no crowds like in the day is because the city is anything but peaceful! The citizens are hardly safe enough to go out during the day, let alone at night."

Alice was silent at this, turning his words over and he stopped watching the city he should be patrolling, not here throwing a party. He looked up to become mesmerized by her face as gold light lit her face with its fiery glow. She was watching the sea now that bordered the city and his mansion, a serene look across her face.

He looked away scowling himself at how weak he was becoming in her presence. He was supposed to have no weakness, but this single woman he hardly knew was finding her way under his skin.

"Can I ask you something," she said pulling against the balcony, suddenly acting somewhat shy, and rocking on her heels.

"Like just now," he looked over his shoulder to see her smile at his remark.

"Have you ever seen one of . . . them," she did not look up with her face as she whispered the word, but her eyes did.

They flashed a fierce amber, piercing him and he could not brush off her question so easily. "I have seen several."

"Not many people see them and live to tell about it," she was watching the final firework now as cheers and clapping erupted from below, the sound carrying up to them on the wind.

"Would you like to know what vampires look like," he straightened up to look into her face.

She did not flinch at the word as he spoke it, nor did chills race across her body. She did not over react either at the word like all women did, something that impressed him. Instead she smiled as if he had bestowed a great honor upon her. "Please."

"They look a lot like you," he crossed his arms and awaited her reaction.

e;">She pulled back, a strange mixture of fear and worry caressing her face, and he smirked in amusement at her surprise. He turned away from her to watch the soft rolling of the ocean below as he spoke of the creatures of night. "They are deathly pale, but not in a sickly way. They are beautiful, flawless, perfect, and no they don't have fangs. Their skin looks as if it is made out of marble and they can be anyone. A beautiful woman, a handsome man, or an innocent child. They are physically attracted to their prey, and of course their prey is . . . dazzled by their beauty, not that they need to be. Vampires are faster than any animal, so humans can't run. They are impossibly strong, so humans can't escape either. They are the perfect killers . . ."

"So you . . . think I look like a vampire," Alice's words were barely a whisper and hinted at some deep sorrow.

He immediately felt sorry for making her sad, another emotion he was not all to thrilled to feel, but he shook it off and returned to his normal self, a smirk on his face at the thought of Esme's reaction to his actually conversating with another person- shock. "I did honestly at first, but don't take it as an insult. I told you vampires are perfect, not hideous like people think."

She seemed to take comfort in this and smiled happily. "Well then what made you change your mind? Did you find a flaw?"

"Not yet," he chuckled softly at the way her face lit up. "But, vampires also have one more defining trait, their eyes. They are blood red, or black if they are hungry, yours are not either."

Alice smiled, leaning deeper into the railing. "Humans?"


"When you were talking about . . . humans you said just that, human," she furrowed her forehead as if she was in deep concentration. "You didn't say we, or us, you referred humans as if you are not one. Is it true then . . . the legends . . . that your family is not quite human?"

Jasper shook his head with an amused chuckle at how he had set himself up for that one, not that many people were that observant of the words he used. He was impressed, cunning little creature. "I suppose we are . . . a little more than human, but then again how can a human fight a vampire?"

"True," she nodded, but then shook her head. "I'm sorry. I suppose you get these annoying questions all the time."

He sighed pulling away from the balcony to look at her. "I do. Those are the only type of questions I get."

"It's because you are the Night's Guardian," she frowned as she spoke his title as if it left a dirty taste, he knew the feeling. "That's how everyone sees you. Not as Jasper Hale."

He couldn't quite understand why she looked so guilty as she finished her statement, almost ashamed. "How do you see me?"

"As Prince Hale," she spoke sadly before she laughed at the way he grimaced at the title.

"Jasper, please," he shook his head.

"Oh, but how many princes do I know? I figured I might as well use the title while I can," she giggled, before leaning over the balcony and looking to the right where a large crowd, accompanied by pointless guards was beginning to form on the small area of grass somewhat below them. "I suppose it is time to be going. Dawn will be breaking soon and we humans need our beauty sleep."

She flashed her smile and forced the power of her eyes on him. He felt at a loss for words as she continued speaking, and dizzy as the wind carried her warm cinnamon like scent. "It was an honor speaking with you Prince-"


"Prince Jasper," she compromised, folding her arms behind her and rocking innocently to the sides. "Have a nice night."

"Be safe," he called back with a disappointed lurch in his stomach as he watched her leave.

How could he be so weak? So vulnerable? And with just one smile from her? She was different, graceful, worthy. Worthy. That was one word that came to his mind that he kept turning over as he made his way down the stairs to the now mostly empty dance floor. Only his father's "friends" lingered behind speaking of business and other uninteresting topic.

She was not like all the other girls he had met. She was someone he could actually stomach to be around and answer questions. He sighed in annoyance as he realized he didn't learn anything about her. He had talk only of himself, and had asked nothing more from her than her name! How long had it been since he had flirted with a girl, especially a human one.

And they were so delicate as well. Skin as delicate and soft as rose peddles and bones that could easily be made into dust, and he had just let her walk away into the late night! Surely she had come with a group, all humans who were out after hours had to be accompanied by a guard, or were staying in one of the many guest rooms. Perhaps she had stayed?


He turned to see his mother, minus one small sleeping child, rushing to him, her face alight. "Is it true?"

"Yes, they are ALL gone, can you believe it," he smirked in amusement at the way his mother rolled her green eyes.

"How did I ever raise such a smart mouth," she shook her head as she reached him. "All night the girls have been complaining about how you only danced with only ONE girl, and then you two disappeared together on the balcony!"

He rolled his eyes, not surprised he was a topic of gossip, but how did the news travel so fast? And who found out? "Yes mother. I guess it is true."

"What were you two doing up there all this time," she tried to hold back the joy in her voice. No such luck.

"Talking," he answered honestly.

She gaped. Shock, just like he had predicted.

“Mom,” he said looking down on the tiny woman. She still looked young enough to be more his sister than his mother, but that was another trait of Guardians – the lived longer than humans too. Another reason he was not fond of dating them, but within the city most guardians his age were cousins somehow. “Do you know if an Alice is staying in the guest rooms tonight?”

“Dear you are going to have to be more specific,” his mother giggled with an I-Knew-it- smile. “There is Alice Ruso, Alice Monte, Alice Willingham . . . “

Those were all familiar names, but not the one he was looking for. “I don’t know her last name mother. She’s close to my age, human, with these eyes that are just-“

He couldn’t put her eyes into words. They had seemed to change color now that he looked back on it. They had seemed gold once on the dance floor, but then he believed he mistook them and that they were blue, yet then again on the balcony they had seemed amber at some point and he had not realized it. He glanced at his mother’s wide, green eyes and realized he had spaced out. “I guess she was wearing some kind of contacts that made them change color, but I think they are blue.”

“Well dear,” Esme placed a hand on his shoulder trying to contain herself. “There are several of human girls staying the night, too dangerous for them to return to the city after all, but I don’t recall any of them being named Alice.”

Jasper sighed too afraid to push his luck with his mother tonight. If he gave her anymore she would soon be questioning him on the exact details of his mysterious girl and the content of their discussion. “Thanks mother, I am going to speak with father before I leave on patrol.”

“Are you really going to patrol the streets tonight,” his mother looked surprised. “The Ruso family has their eldest sons on duty tonight just for this occasion, son. It’s your birthday, why don’t you try and enjoy it.”

“The inner city Prodosia is our territory,” he reminded his mother. “It’s my responsibility.”

She sighed, deciding to let it go. “Fine dear, but it will be dawn soon so be quick about leaving.”

She gave him a small kiss on the cheek before leaving him to walk over to his father. “Father?”

“Jasper,” Carlisle called proudly patting his back as he entered the conversation circle that consisted of two politicians and one fellow guardian, a peer of his father. “Did you enjoy the party?”

“Yes,” he answered simply.

“Have you gotten your power yet,” Sir Ruso spoke.

“Give him time Mitch,” his father laughed at his old friend. “He only just turned twenty-one today.”

“It took me a whole month to get mine,” Ruso began and Carlisle interrupted.

“And a whole year to learn how to use it!”

They both laughed and Ruso explained, “Yes well bending metal is tricky business, but very handy.”

“What is your gift Carlisle,” one politician asked.

“He is a super genius,” Ruso laughed.

“Mitch,” he shook his head with a smile. “No, I am no super genius, but I can control fire when it is nearby. Has come quite in handy as well.”

“And your wife,” the politician questioned further.

“Empathy I believe,” he stated honestly, but then spoke the true nature of her power, “she has a way to manipulate feelings. It’s hard to explain, but she can basically make you feel happy or sad.”

“How is that helpful?”

“When a vampire is coming at you so fast you can only see a blur and then you depress it so severely it just gives up all together in trying to bite your neck off, well… you can imagine,” Mitch Ruso laughed at the sheer image of his explanation.

“Well I am off,” Jasper said turning to escape their boring conversation.

“Fine, tell my boys I said hi,” Ruso waived him off.

He had wanted to ask his father about this Alice girl, but not in front of other people. He sighed. Guess I’ll have to wait.