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My Sun

Edward leaves Bella again because something has happened. This time she learns that what she needs has been right next to her this whole time. Her sun...Jacob.

This is my first fanfiction so review and tell me what you think! Enjoy!

1. Deja Vu

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Oh that annoying sound in the morning...even if it was a reminder to wake up and get ready for a day with Edward. An alarm clock turned on on a Saturday seemed so unnatural. I groaned and rolled over to hit the alarm clock...or smash it whichever I felt like doing. I yawned and took my time to get out of bed.

"Morning, love." That angelic voice that I had come to know so well rang. I smiled, my cheeks flushing pink.


"Did you sleep well?"


He laughed.

"I'll let you get ready, love. I'll be waiting outside."


He kissed me on the forehead and trotted quietly out the door. I got ready in a hurry and practically inhaled my breakfast. I quickly walked outside and saw Edward leaning patiently on the passenger door of his Volvo. When he saw me he smiled.

"That was fast." He remarked

"I work fast under pressure. And if someone's waiting for you to get ready you have to understand that that's a little bit of pressure."

"True. But I don't mind waiting for you."

I rolled my eyes a bit and he laughed. He opened up and car door for me and I got in.

"So any big plans for today?" I asked

"Hmm...not so far. What would you like to do?"

My memories flashed to when he first kissed me. Our meadow. A smiled lit up my face.

"Our meadow." I stated simply

"That would've been my choice too."

The ride on the way was quiet but it was nice. Several times he seemed to be thinking hard, maybe worrying about something. I wanted to ask but I thought maybe I was just imagining it. Rain started taping lightly on the windows, and I noticed I didn't really mind it. When you live in a place like Forks, with a constant cover of clouds and rain, you really start to enjoy it. I closed my eyes and leaned my head lightly against Edward's shoulder. He chuckled slightly.

"Tired, love?"

"A little. But this is just so peaceful with the rain and everything."

This seemed to confuse him. He was quiet for a bit.

"I thought you hated the rain?"

"Me too, but I guess I've gotten used to it. You have to when you live in a place like Forks."

"You're right." He said. We went back into that peaceful quietness and my head stayed on his shoulder.

Suddenly the quiet was interrupted.

"NO!" Edward yelled.

"What?!" I asked. I was yelling, too, scared by the sudden change in atmosphere. I knew he must have heard something... something that someone had thought. But what was it? I looked around, trying to see if anyone was here...but no one was. So maybe he saw one of Alice's visions. Again, I had to wonder...what was it? Then, almost as if on cue, Edward slammed on the breaks and roared

"Emmett! That idiot's about to cross the treaty line!"