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Twilight: My Version

All her life, middle-aged teen Bella Swan has dreamed about a beautiful, bronze-haired, gold-eyed boy named Edward ever since she was 8. 9 years later, how will she react when she meets him face-to-face? Will Edward recognize her?


1. Dreams

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When I got out of my cot I dimly recalled my dream. I have had it yearly the twilight before this day. Somehow it all felt comparable to that it could absolutely, positively happen, there was this boy, his name was... Edward, and he was a vampire and we fell in love. Then I found out that he was a vampire, and then a batty vampire haunted me, but fortunately I survived. Jacob was there also, he was a werewolf, the enemy of a vampire. But as absurd as it sounds, it felt like it was all about to happen. Maybe it's just the nerves, I told myself, and maybe it's just an absurd dream, because it's the first day of going to Forks High School. I came to live with my dad because my mother just got remarried, and he travels a lot. I came to Forks because she missed him. It was going to be glorious! I adored the rain, the coldness, the tiny town. I loved everything in Forks.

Who am I kidding, I questioned, I loathe it here, it's too grassy.

"Are you nervous? You are not ruing your choice I hope" My father chattered. I looked at my dad, he was getting old, and you could still see the pain my mother had caused him when she left.

"No, it's okay. I am glad I could celebrate my birthday when I was still in Phoenix, however..."

"Well, actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. Although it's been two weeks since you turned 17 do you mind if we celebrate your birthday together, somewhere next week?" There was one thing I really hated in the world, it was celebrating my birthday.

"Sure, that would be nice" I counter charged.

My dad had already bought me an astounding truck, it was my birthday present but also an arrival gift, a sort of Thank you for coming here, and please stay kind of gift, if that's even a kind of gift.

I rode to school, the truck more boisterous than any other automobile on the road. When I arrived, untimely due to I did not desire to be tardy, I had no idea where I had to park my truck. So I pursued another automobile and fortunately I found a fair parking spot. I already had my schedule, and therefore my first day of school began.

During the break I sat with a girl from my Spanish class, Jessica and her friends. They were chitchatting, and I was not truly paying attention when I saw them, they were accurately the same as in my fantasy.

Rosalie and Jasper Hale, Alice, Emmett and... Where was he? Where was Edward?

"Cullen" Jessica prattled


"Their names are Alice, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie and Jasper Hale. There is another, but I cannot spy him"

Oh. My. Gosh.

"I'm going to get something to drink" I muttered uneasily. How could I've dreamed their names, their faces? I noticed they did not eat anything, and all I could think was that they were vampires. I had to know if my dream was going to happen or if there was something very strange going on.

"Bella?" a belle voice exclaimed. The voice almost made me bawl, I would recognize it anywhere. I turned around and his face made my heart erect, my dream was going to happen. All of it.

"Edward?" I asked in shock. Edward laughed when he knew I had seen him before. His laugh, his face, everything about him was just enchanting. He took me in his arms and kissed me. Before I closed my eyes, I saw Jessica's face, she had the equal expression as all the other people in the chamber, even Rosalie, Alice, Emmett and Jasper had that expression, astonishment.

"Bella, when I was being changed" he said after he broke away "when the morphine was acting up, I saw you, and I fell in love with you at first gaze. From then on, I had known that I would not love anyone else but you. I had vowed to myself that I would never give my heart to anyone until I found you, and now I have and... now I...I wonder if..."

That was when I kissed him a second time, but not the last.

At first, I thought I misunderstood him, but when he kissed me back, I knew I didn't.