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Bella Gets Her Truck Fixed

This is sort of a continuation of "Bella and Edward make a Lemon Meringue Pie." You don't have to read the first story to get this one, but it is one of my favorites. Everyone knows that Edward broke Bella's truck. In the beginning of that story Edward teases Bella about her broken truck sitting at Charlie's and she vows to herself to get it fixed. I hadn't originally planned to continue the story, but I thought it might be fun to see if Bella could get her truck fixed without Edward finding out. Rated M for multiple lemons.


1. Chapter 1

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Edward gave me a quick kiss and hopped up off the floor extending his hand to help me up too. I couldn't help but giggle at his pants still hanging around his ankles.

"Yours are under the table." He grinned sheepishly.

I collected my clothes as Edward pulled up his own trousers and began picking up the pieces of broken bowl, the bag of flour and the other things that had gotten knocked off the table in our exuberance. I took my bra out of the sink and headed upstairs for a quick shower to get the sugar and lemon juice out of my hair. Twenty minutes later I walked back downstairs into a spotless room, floor mopped, dishes washed and put away and the table set for dinner. No evidence remained of the mess we made in the Charlie's kitchen while making his present. Edward had even managed in my brief absence to find a needle and thread and sewed his buttons back on his shirt.

We spent the afternoon tidying up the rest of the house. A single guy living alone doesn't produce much dirt; but all the same, I thought it would be nice to do what we could. The hamper was bulging at the seams so I ran a couple of loads while we cleaned. With Edward there it didn't take much effort. I laughed at him lifting the Charlie's sofa and easy chair effortlessly with one hand so I could get to the dust bunnies below. All I could think of was Elasti-girl running the sweeper while her husband did the same thing.

"Where's your red tights?" I teased.

"Huh?" Edward looked up at me confused.

"In the movie, Mr. Incredible has red tights."

"Must have left mine in the phone booth." He smirked.

Five-thirty finally came rolling in and we took our places on the couch in the freshly vacuumed living room. Charlie must have seen the Volvo parked in the street. He didn't bother trying the lock.

"Happy Birthday, Dad!"

"Well, isn't this a nice surprise."

I hopped up off the couch and went over to the front door giving Charlie a big hug. "I didn't know what to get you so I thought maybe a nice home cooked dinner would be better than taking you out."

Charlie looked around at his picked up living room. "How long have you kids been here?"

"Most of the afternoon."

"You should have said you two were coming. I wouldn't have stayed so long at the river.

"We wanted to surprise you."

He certainly would have been surprised if he came home early.

"Bella and I kept ourselves occupied." Edward said smiling innocently.

Charlie's back was to my blushing face, putting his fishing gear in the closet as I made my escape into the kitchen, my misbehaving husband following behind.

He walked into the room to join us sniffing the air and grinning. "Do I smell lemons?"

"Edward and I baked you a pie this afternoon."

"A day of fishing and pie for for supper." He came over and gave me another hug. "I don't think my birthday can get much better. Thanks you two."

I shewed the men out of the kitchen and threw the steaks we bought earlier in the broiler and tossed some potatoes in the microwave. Charlie and Edward went and sat in the living room watching ESPN while I cooked. When the food was done, I called them back in and we all sat down to eat, even Edward. Now that we were married, his "Esme made dinner before I got here" excuse wouldn't fly. I watched as often as I could without being obvious, trying to figure out what he was doing with his dinner. I would see him cut his steak; put it on his fork, look like he was chewing, but never once did I catch where it was going.

"How am I going to survive once you take off for school?" Charlie said as the last of his dinner left his plate.

Edward's eyes tightened as he glanced over at the weak smile on my face. We both knew that maybe I would see my dad a few more times, but all too soon I would be leaving him forever.

"I think I managed to save a little room for that pie." Charlie said, leaning back on his chair and patting his belly. "You kids having some too?"

I got up and walked over to the cupboard to get my dad a clean plate, "No thanks, dad. I'm stuffed. Besides, it's your present not ours."

I looked over inquisitively as Edward covered up a snort by coughing.

"How about you Edward?"

"Not necessary Chief. Bella gave me all the lemons I needed this afternoon." Edward replied.

Was he taking lessons from Emmett? The plate in my hand clattered to the floor as I was caught by surprised at his comment. Embarrassment always makes me clumsy.

Both of them started to laugh. I bent over and picked it up and got him a new one, almost happy that I had an excuse now for my red face.

"At least this one didn't break." Edward snickered.

Fine, two could play this game. My eyes narrowed as I shot him a dirty look. "Hey, it wasn't my fault that mixing bowl got knocked off the table today."

Edward didn't miss a beat. "It was entirely your fault. You're contagious."

Charlie chuckled along, blissfully unaware of the true meaning behind my husband's little joke.

All in all, it was a nice night. After the dishes were washed up, we all headed out to the living room. Of course my dad turned the game on, but the volume was low and we spent the evening talking about Edward's and my plans for classes and how our packing was going. It was almost nine-thirty when we decided to head for home. Charlie got up and walked us to the door.

"I almost forgot Bells." Charlie called to us from the porch as Edward and I headed down the driveway. "Before you two head off next month, let me know what you want done with your truck."

I did my best to keep my expression smooth. This didn't even require me to lie. "Don't worry about it dad. I'll call and get it towed out of here this week." I was pleased that neither of them inquired where I planned to tow it to.

"Not too late to sit in it for a few minutes if you want." Edward smirked as he paused at the door of the Volvo about to let me in.

What had gotten into him? Well, I was not going to rise to his taunts. "It's not necessary." I replied serenely. Edward cocked his head to the side, examining my expression. I just grinned back and got into car, ignoring him.

I was sure that I looked distracted, but my smile did not fade as we drove down the road toward home. I began to think about how I was going to accomplish my goal. I had said to myself that it would be towed to the garage on Monday, tomorrow morning, but I was going to have to shift that to Tuesday. That was when the family would be heading out to hunt. I was pretty sure Dowling's had a tow truck so getting it to a garage shouldn't be a problem. I had no clue to what Edward might have done to it or how long it would take to get it undone, so keeping him out of Forks and away from accessible minds would be important. That shouldn't be too hard, I thought. We really didn't go in town that much anyhow.

I figured my biggest hurtle would be if Alice saw my plans. I hoped that something like my devious scheme to get my truck repaired was too trivial to pop up on her radar. Knowing her, if it did pop up on her radar, she would make a hasty exit for the next couple of days. I snickered at the thought. My sister-in-law would have as much fun hiding something from my husband as I was going to.

"What's so funny?"


"Oh, nothing Edward."

His eyes burned with curiosity. It was all I could do not to laugh at him. I was surprised that he managed to drive the rest of the ride home without begging me to spill.

Our road veered to the left off the Cullen's driveway about a mile and a half before it reached the main house. Edward had cut the single lane through the woods to our cottage, bypassing the river so we could get vehicles in.

I hopped out of the Volvo and headed into the house. I could feel my husband's eyes burrowing a hole in the back of my head as he followed me in, still trying to figure out what was going on in my head. We weren't far past the threshold when my phone rang.

It was Alice. She must know.

"Hey, Alice" I greeted my sister-in-law, trying not to sound wary as I stepped out of my sneakers and walked past the living room and toward our bedroom, my husband close on my trail.

There was no reciprocating greeting. "I just saw this wonderful pair of shoes at Gucci on Rodeo Drive and just have to have them."

Maybe for a normal person this greeting would seem bizarre, but having known Alice a few years now, I didn't worry that this intro, nor the information, all by itself would be considered unusual. I decided to play along. Alice must have seen that this call was necessary. Maybe he was planning a trip up to the main house once I was asleep.

Just to confirm my suspicions, I laughed and said. "Is there anything that you don't see?"

"Only stuff I probably wouldn't care about anyhow." She snickered back.

His face was thoughtful as he listened in to my conversation with Alice. I began to worry as she jabbered on about a road trip to L.A. and that she was leaving tonight. I could see the gears turning in his head. I was positive that he would be hunting her down just as soon as I shut the phone.

"Why don't you come with me Bella?"

Was this invite was for Edward's benefit, to throw him off the scent? It had to be for him. She wants me to say no.

"How soon are you leaving?" I replied innocently, spinning the plot out and giving me few moments to think. A way to distract Edward was beginning to form in my head. I felt the heat rise to my face. God, I hope she didn't see this too. Oh well… I put my grin back on my face and ran the tip of my finger down Edward's nose.

"Twenty minutes." She chimed. "We have to go soon or they're going to be gone when I get there.

"It's kinda late, ya know."

"You can sleep in the car on the way."

"No problem with the weather?" I inquired conversationally after pressing my lips to his shoulder.

"Nope, light rain when we pull into the parking lot."

"Hmm… let me see…" My free hand moved down Edward's stomach, settling on the snap of his khakis.

"Can you wait for…?" I leaned into his chest, inhaling his sweet scent and popped the snap. "…I'd say at least an hour"

Unbuttoning his shirt as I pulled it out of his pants, I began to trace figure eights on his chest with my nose

"Longer," he whispered into my hair. His hand had moved to my backside, running his fingers along the bottom curve. I giggled in response. Any worries I had that he was going to find Alice before she left this evening were rapidly disinergrating.

"I suppose I can give you an hour. I'd really like you to come." Alice was perfect, just the right touch of annoyance mix with pleading. She should get an academy award for this performance.

I ran my fingers over the growing bulge in his pants. "I don't know... I got a couple of things to take care of here."


"Let me talk to her" Edward said holding out his hand.

I handed him the phone, happy to now have both hands free. He cleared his throat as I began to unzip his fly, licking my lips.

"I don't… think…" He paused as I got down on my knees, pulling his pants down.

"…that's she's available… this… evening." I began to make the same figure eight over his boxer briefs. "Why…" His voice cracked as my breath blew thru the cotton fabric "why… don't you… ask… umm… Rose."

He snapped the phone shut before she had a chance to respond.

Mission accomplished.

Her warm fingers reached in and pulled me out of my underwear. I staggered back a step and fell over the end of the bed. She snickered, just like she had in the car. Was this what she was thinking about? Was this the reason that she had been blushing the entire way home, her heart sputtering unevenly at odd moments?

Didn't seem prudent to waste time pondering it now.

My pants fell to the floor. I propped myself on my elbows and saw that she was still on her knees, crawling on top my trousers, not bothering to push them aside. She raised her eyes, bright with mirth to mine. My mouth dropped open as her little pink tongue moved side to side across her upper lip. She continued to giggle as she reach up and ran her nails down my thighs catching my boxers, pulling them down to my feet.

My legs shook involuntarily as her pulsating tongue slithered up my bare shin as one sock at a time went to the growing pile on the floor. She laughed with delight at that and wormed her head between my knees, pulling out her ponytail and shaking the brown mane out like a blanket, trapping the warmth. I could feel the heat and the wetness of her respiration between my legs. With her breasts pressed up against me, even the warmth of her body seeped thru her clothing, enveloping the lower half of my legs.

Continuing to crawl up me, she grazed at the hair on my thighs with her teeth, stopping to look up regularly, taking in my gaping expression and laughing again. I closed my eyes, exhaling, trying to get a hold of myself. Higher and higher the heat rose. Everywhere her lips made contact with my hard flesh it burned and tingled with electricity, vibrating the current through the rest of my body. I looked down again, past my full grow erection. She was on her feet now with her knees slightly bent, her head in my lap. The insides of my legs were growing damp from the moisture of her condensing breath. She reached up with her hand; her finger zigzagged up the twitching shaft. When she reach the head her hand wrapped around and began to stroke up and down as her teeth gnawed at the inside of my thigh, trying to find purchase against the stone flesh.

I sat up. The grin vanished and her eyes widened as I lifted her off the floor, tossing her lightly on to the comforter. She rolled over and my eager mouth joined hers at the head of the bed. Her hot breath tore down my throat, scorching me, the euphoric ecstasy of her pulling my tongue into her mouth made my head spin. I didn't think of myself as a masochist. Time had desensitized me somewhat to the pain, the innate pleasure being so strong it all but drowned it out.

We lay side by side. While our lips stayed joined, her fingers were at the buttons of my shirt, finishing off what she had already started. I shook one arm out of a sleeve and ran my hand down the length of her soft body, reaching down to wrap her leg around my waist as I rolled her on top of me. There was a faint trace of pie on the blouse that I was now pulling out of her shorts. I chuckled into her mouth at the memory of our earlier lovemaking. She pulled away from me, her eyes questioning.

"Your shirt smells like flour."

She looked positively gleeful as she pushed off my chest grinning again, straddling me between her knees. She pulled the blouse off over her head and shook it out on me before tossing at my face. I inhaled deeply taking in it all in, the flour, the lemons, the smell of the borrowed shampoo, different from her usual. The sweat from the heat of the kitchen today was particularly intoxicating. The sound of her laughter rang throughout our bedroom as I made no effort to remove it. Finally, she pulled the delicious smelling fabric from my face herself.

My wife seemed in no hurry. She continued to sit astride me, the denim of her shorts taunting me, blocking my passage inside her. Her hand slid up her own neck, into her mouth. She swung her hair behind her back moaning, slowly pulling her fingers out from between her teeth and settling them on her collarbone and the powder blue strap that rested on it. Bit by bit she nudged at the thin satin line. I stare mesmerized as it crept down over her shoulder, resting across her arm. As she began to repeat the process, my hands that were lingering on her back pulled higher, unhooking the eyelets and liberating her firm breasts.

I sat up, half my shirt still hanging off me. I had to have some part of her at my mouth to taste. I heard the fabric tear as she wretched the last of my clothing from me, yanking until the sleeve pulled from my wrist and flinging it over the side of the bed. She bowed away from me, over my hand behind her. Her head rolled back while I carefully held the soft round mound in the palm of my hand, my tongue licking the border where the pale flesh met the pink nipple before allowing my lips to fall on it. She locked her hands in my hair, bracing herself against me and start to rock up and down against my hard shaft.

It had all become too much. A low growl erupted from my chest. I couldn't take it anymore. Neither she nor her shorts gave protest as I tore them from her. Our heart beat wildly as I twisted and half threw us sideways back down onto the bed, climbing on top of her and diving into the warm moist folds between her legs. Her head was partially off the mattress. Her backside lay atop of one of the pillows that had been jostled from the top of the bed. The angle was wonderful, tilting her pelvis and allowing me to penetrate deeply as I began to make love to her. Legs wet with sweat clung at my waist and her back arched. I curved myself to the shaped, my tongue catching the dew in the valley of her bosom before my mouth cemented itself to the pulse in her neck that was already running wild with abandon through me, throbbing from my scalp to my toes.

"Yes, Edward! Yes" she panted jubilant as I continued to move inside her. One hand dug into my scalp. The other pulled away from me, reaching out and pushing against the nightstand a couple inches from the side of her face. The lamp and the alarm clock rattled and the book that was lying on the edge fell to the floor as I thrust into her, over and over. The pale skin at her neck and chest turned crimson as we both grunted and gasped for air. I could feel her tightening around me, the pulsating muscles throbbing, begging for release. She was so close. I could smell it. I concentrated, waiting in anticipation of the best part.

"God, I love you!" she screamed as she came.

The words rang in my ears, vibrated off my fingertips. With one final push I exploded, the bedspread that we lay atop tearing in the hands I would give almost anything to have holding on to her instead.

She fell asleep on top of me. I was grateful that I only got the comforter and didn't damage the electric blanket underneath that cover us now. My arm wrapped tightly around her as I spent the night engrossed in her dreams. Even in her sleep she giggled, the words pie, truck, and bucket seats sprinkled in with my name.