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Bella Gets Her Truck Fixed

This is sort of a continuation of "Bella and Edward make a Lemon Meringue Pie." You don't have to read the first story to get this one, but it is one of my favorites. Everyone knows that Edward broke Bella's truck. In the beginning of that story Edward teases Bella about her broken truck sitting at Charlie's and she vows to herself to get it fixed. I hadn't originally planned to continue the story, but I thought it might be fun to see if Bella could get her truck fixed without Edward finding out. Rated M for multiple lemons.


2. Chapter 2

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Apparently my distraction worked. As far as I could tell, he had no clue about the effort I put forth to keep my plot hidden from him. Effort… I smiled. Yes, it was a dirty job. but someone had to do it. Monday flew by, primarily from sleeping till noon thanks to the previous night of effort making and a little more effort making that evening. Soon it was Tuesday morning. We pulled up to the garage at the rear of the main house where we kept our other vehicles.

"Hey guys." I greeted Emmett and Jasper who were pawing at each other in the back yard, on the verge of a full blown brawl.

"Do you want to dive the Mercedes today?" Edward asked without any real hope as we walked thru the open garage doors, the boys following us in.

"You should be glad that Edward k… I mean, got you this nice vehicle, since your previous ride died." Emmett said grinning and patting the roof of my car.

My husband shot him a dirty look. I made out as if I didn't even hear him.

"Sure, why not." I replied amicably.

He expected me to say no. He knew I preferred the less ostentatious appearance of the Volvo over the flashy black car, they all did. I was already in a silly mood, positively giddy for what lay ahead for today. I figured it would add to the fun to mess with him. Give him something to ponder out in the woods.

It was already working. "Where's Carlisle?" Edward asked, looking at Jasper, in a distracted tone.

Crap. I forgot about Jasper.

"He just got called into work." Jasper replied not returning Edward's gaze, but instead looking at me with curious eyes. I pulled myself together as fast as I could, trying to modulate my emotions.

"Esme's waiting for him to get home to hunt. Guess it's just us three guys." Emmett seemed pleased with the idea as the words fell from his mouth. I'm sure free from the girls, Esme in particular, there would be more wrestling than hunting.

An inspiration came to me. "Alice and Rose won't be back for a couple days. Why don't you boys make it a real trip?" I suggested. "It's been forever since my poor husband's had a decent meal."

Jasper's and Emmett's faces lit up like it was Christmas morning.

"I don't know…" Edward looked over at me, his stare penetrating. He hadn't been really out since before our wedding. I could see the conflict in his face, hanging out with just the guys, hunting big, yummy mountains lions or getting back quickly to get me alone and figure out whatever Jasper was reading. I had to smother a snicker. His ever present need to know it all could be quite endearing.

"Come on Edward." Emmett whined. "It hasn't been just the three of us in forever."

Esme came into the garage. "What a wonderful idea." She glanced over at Edward's wary face. "She'll be fine Edward. It will be great to have some girl time with my new daughter-in-law."

Planting the seed was all I needed to do. I kept silent, letting the others talk him into leaving. I laughed as Esme all but threw the pile of them out and told them not to show their faces back home for at least a day.

I couldn't have planned this any better if I tried. With one quick confused kiss for me from Edward, the boys finally left. Esme walked over to her rose bushes pulling off a couple spent flowers. I joined her, giving the boys about five minutes before going for my phone in my pocket, trying to figure out where to begin. I jumped almost dropping it as it started to ring and vibrate in my hand. Why I bothered to look down at the number, I don't know. Of course it was Alice.

She must have already seen Esme was in earshot "You got till Wednesday at 5:38 pm to get the item to the place. After that it's going to be tuff to get a hold of… the other thing…. without Edward hearing you."

"Covering all the bases aren't you." I said in response to her cryptic words.

"I'm thorough if nothing else." She giggled into the receiver. "It looks pretty firm that you got a good thirty-four to thirty-six hours. Don't go messing around though, just in case."

"Thanks Alice. I'm going to call as soon as I get off with you."

"I know. I just wanted to talk to you." she snickered. "This is going to be so much fun. No one ever surprises him."

"Say hi to Rosalie for me."

"Will do. By the way, this is going to cost you. There is this lovely blue blouse with your name on it in a bag out in the car. For placing myself several hundred miles from my brother, you will be required to wear it, without any grumbling."

"Alright," I muttered

"I'll see if you do it behind my back." I could see in my mind her black eyebrows pulling together, her eyes glaring into the phone as she spoke. I couldn't help but chuckle at her tone.

"Anything you want."

"That's the spirit. See you on Thursday morning, 10:26 am."

I flipped the phone shut and looked over at Esme.

"So," Esme asked. "What do you want to do today?"

"I'm open for anything, but first I have a favor to ask." I said shyly.

"What do you need Bella?"

Hmmm… How to put this… "I'm planning a little surprise for Edward and..." I started out sheepishly, taking my cue from Alice. If he got to her before the truck was done…

My mother-in-law giggled. "How long do you need to be alone?"

"Fifteen or twenty minutes. I just need to make a phone call."

"No problem. When I get back would you like to head to Seattle today?" she suggested. "I haven't been there in ages."

"Sounds great." I answered, happy to have another willing conspirator.

"I'll go out to the main road and call Carlisle, let him know we're heading off."


"I think I'll keep this to myself. No need for the doctor to have to know." With that she turned and disappeared out of site.

I went into the house, snagged a phone book and looked up Dowling's Garage.


"Hi, this is Bella Sw… Cullen. I was wondering if you had time to do an emergency job."

"Depends on the job."

"Well, I have an old Chevy pickup that isn't running."

"What's it doing?"

"I try the key but it won't turn over. It almost sounds like its out if gas of something, but I know there's some in the tank."

"There are a couple of possibilities…" his words trailed off.

"My big problem is that I need it fixed quickly. It's a surprise for my husband. He left unexpectedly for a couple of days and I'd like to get it looked at while he's away."

"Well… I am a little busy today."

"Money's no problem." Never thought I hear myself say that. "I can pay you whatever you want. I just need it done before he gets back, if possible."

"It'll cost ya extra..." he paused, probably to readjust his work schedule for the day. " ...but I think I can squeeze it in this morning. Do you need it towed?"

"Yes, It's sitting over at my dad's house right now."

"Chief Swan's place?" Only in a small town would a mechanic that I have never met know who my dad was just by hearing my first name.

"Yes, it's the red 53' Chevy sitting along side of his house. The keys are still in it."

"Oh... I can send someone over in a half an hour to get it." He sounded a bit leery. He probably wondered why someone would go to all this expense to tow let alone fix something that ancient.

"Do you need my credit card number now?" I hoped this would ease his doubts.

"No no, that's not necessary."

"I'll call and let my dad know your coming for it. If you can get a hold of me just as soon as you find out what's wrong, I'd really appreciate it"

"No problem." An emergency job where money was no object? It better be no problem.

I gave him my cell number and closed the phone. About ten minutes later, Esme came in the door, eyes no longer dark, but light gold.

"I caught a whiff of something while I was out. No reason to go into the city thirsty." She said seeing that I had notice the change in eye color. "I'll just tag along when Carlisle get off work"

"Thanks Esme."

"If Edward comes home early, I promise to do the best I can to think of other things."

"I know you will."

All in all, it was a nice ride up to Seattle. Unlike certain others, Esme was happy to let me drive. As my mother-in-law told my husband, I rarely had alone time with her. Guilt had started to creep into my thoughts at the money I was wasting just to get my truck fixed, but Esme kept me distracted. I spent the trip listening to her talk about homes the Cullens had lived in over the years. Esme was wonderful at describing the detail. I felt as if I would recognize any of them if I saw them. I listened happily as she talked about Edward and the rest of the family and their lives before they came to Forks. Love emanated from her voice as she spoke of the bygone years. It made me wish that I had been there too.

We pulled off the interstate into the city a little after noon and stopped to get me something for lunch when my phone rang. It was the garage.

"No need to ask, dear." Esme smiled, got up from our table and headed out to the car. Just to be on the safe side I went to the bathroom.


"This is Dowling"s Garage."

"Did you find the problem?" I asked anxiously. My guilt was intensifying. The tow alone must have been a hundred bucks.

"I looked at it all morning. I inspected the plugs and the wires. They were a little worn, but nothing that would keep it from turning over."

He went on about a bunch of other things he checked that meant nothing to me. "… and then there it was. Strangest thing I ever saw. The one end of the fuel line to the carburetor was crushed"

"Really?" I tried not to sound sarcastic. The guilt I had felt all morning was washing away. "I wonder how it got like that."

"I don't know how it could have happen…"

I did

"…but it was like someone had taken a vise and squeezed the clamp and the hose so gas couldn't get to the engine. Pinched off where connects too."

More like someone reached in and crushed it with his fingers

"Is it something you can fix today?"

"I'm not sure. The job itself shouldn't take long. You definitely gonna need a new hose and clamp. I'll see if I can straighten out the intake to the carburetor, but it doesn't look good. Hopefully I can get what I need at the auto parts store, otherwise I'm gonna have to order the stuff on line."

"I don't care if you have to Fed Ex it." I all but snarled into the phone, my temper flaring. "Do what ever it takes to get it done by tomorrow."

"I have to ask you something Mrs. Cullen." He hesitated. "Do you really want to put this much money into this truck. It's most likely gonna cost you more than its worth to get it back on the road."

"I can give you may credit card numbers right now if you are worried about it." I snapped, feeling guilty immediately. I shouldn't be so short to the poor man. He was only looking out for me.

"No ma'am, it's just that it also needs inspected and you should have had your oil changed about 500 miles ago. And as old as this truck is, do you know when the last time the transmission fluid was changed?

I took a deep breath and tried to sound more pleasant. "Just do whatever needs done. I know that I am wasting a good deal of money getting it fixed, but believe me, it will be worth every penny to see the look on his face when it starts."

"Alright then. As long as I can gets the parts I need I should be able to get it running by tomorrow at the latest. Would you like me to put some new plugs and wires on while I'm at it?"

Ok, maybe he wasn't looking out for me. That was fine though. Didn't bother me in the least.

"Sure, throw some wipers blades on it too while you're at it. I just really need it by tomorrow evening if you can."

"I'll do my best."

I gave him the credit card numbers anyway. Hopefully that would calm him down and keep him focused, and hung up the phone. I left the bathroom and went to grab my burger to take with me. My table was empty. Somebody must have thought I had left and tossed the rest of my lunch. Fine, I snarled to myself. I snagged another soda and headed to the car.

I knew I shouldn't be this grumpy. I already knew he had broken it. But the evidence of his vandalism had not been so clearly thrust in my face before. I half stomped out of the restaurant and over to the car, slamming the door as I got in.

"Is there a problem?" Esme asked, taking in my irritated look.

"Nothing I won't get over." I sighed.

Esme didn't push for details. We stopped at a book store then spent the rest of the afternoon in the Frye Art Museum. My temper tantrum quickly faded, gone before we got to the store. I was back to normal and thoroughly enjoyed myself at the small art museum, touring the eclectic collection of paintings ranging from modern to renascence era. Esme had never been there before either and loved the unique architecture almost as much as the art.

We headed back around five, stopping in Forks to grab me a quick sandwich from the drive thru before going home. Esme insisted that I spend the night in Edward's old bedroom which I easily accepted. It had been before the wedding since I had slept alone without Edward nearby, and while I wasn't afraid to be by myself, being at the big house with my in-laws was comforting. Carlisle was waiting for us when we got to the house. He and Esme took off to hunt while I went and tackle my own dinner.

After I tidied up my meal, I went and sat in the living room, turning on the TV and waiting for their return. My phone began to ring in my pocket. It was Edward.

I was long past the irritation over him breaking my truck. I was back to the feeling of amusement that I alone was able to surprise my all knowing husband.


"Hey, yourself." my husband greeted me, a smile in his voice. I needed professional help. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, overjoyed just to hear him.

"I wasn't expecting your call." I said, trying not to sound too desperate for him. "I didn't think you would be in cell phone range."

"I… stepped out for a few minutes." he chuckled. "The last I saw Jasper and Emmett they were hurtling down the side of a mountain on top of each other. They won't be looking for me for a while."

"How come you're not playing with the other kids?" I teased.

"Oh, I'm sure they'll try to gang up on me when I get back."

"Did you find any mountain lions?"

"Yes, I did." He smirked. "Quite tasty too."

"Then I'm glad you went."

"I can come back tonight if you want, love."

It was hard to turn the offer down, to spend a night in bed without him at my side, especially hearing the longing in his own voice. But I wanted him completely surprised. I could endure one night alone.

"Do you really want Emmett to call you whipped again?" I listened to the silence on the other end. "I didn't think so. Don't worry about me Edward. I'm staying with Esme and Carlisle tonight. I promise I will be safe and sound and ready to challenge you to our own wrestling match when you get home tomorrow"

"I will look forward to that."

"So will I."

"Goodnight my love. Dream sweet dreams for me."

"I love you Edward." I sighed. "Good night."

I shouldn't have been so jittery. Alice called around 10am saying that the truck would be ready that afternoon and informing me that Edward's arrival time would be around sunset. Every thing was a-okay, yet why was I still so stressed? It took me a while before I could put my finger on the problem. I was nervous about Edward's reaction. Would he be mad at me? Certainly not for spending money, but what about the fact that I deliberately tried to hide something from him?

He had no right to be, I told myself. Edward had lied to my face and snuck behind my back so many times now that I had lost track of the number. As much as I loved him, this one thing bugged me to no end. I wouldn't have ever told him, but it made me feel stupid, demeaned. I knew it was silly. When he lied in the past, it was, in his mind, to keep me from getting hurt. It was wrong and darn near killed us both, but I understood the reasoning behind it. Among the other things he was less than honest about, I was sure the list would include the diamond heart that now rested around my neck on a chain. But that too I understood. He figured I'd have made a big stink over it. He looked almost afraid when he presented it to me. At the time I wondered how long he had it, just waiting for an opportunity to catch me with my defenses down.

It was the same with my pickup. He broke my truck because he wanted to buy me another present and considering my pigheadedness, it was easier to resort to subterfuge than to just give me something.

I needed to learn to be more gracious. It made him happy to give me things and do things for me. I knew how it made me feel, to do special things for him. I promised right then to do better.

When I finally confessed, Carlisle and Esme seemed amused by the lengths I had gone to do this. Alice called a second time, around noon letting me know it was safe to do so, and confirming with a ninety percent certainty that Edward would be back home precisely at 7:38. Sometimes, I wondered how she kept everything that went on in her brain organized

So when Dowling's called a little after four letting me know the truck was ready, Carlisle dropped me off at the garage on his way to work to pick it up. I walked into the quasi-office, a desk and a couple of file cabinets sitting off to the side of the large garage doors, to sign my bill. I did not listen to the laundry list of repairs that had been made. I just signed at the bottom, carefully avoiding the total written on the invoice, took my keys and headed out to the parking lot.

There it stood, rusted and old. I felt so guilty. How could I have wasted so much money on a vehicle that couldn't even go over fifty-five? With a heavy sigh I climbed in and turn the key. Nothing I could do about it now.

I drove over to Charlie's. The cruiser wasn't in the driveway. He must be working late or at Billy's.

I parked the truck where it had sat two days ago. I went into the sweltering house, got myself a cold drink and came back outside. Today had been a particularly warm; the temperature hovering in the mid eighties all afternoon. That wouldn't have been so bad in the dry desert of Phoenix, actually for August it would have been considered a cold wave. However here in the eternally moist Pacific Northwest, that kind of temperature was stifling. I had thrown on as little as I could, a tank top, light jogging shorts and flip flops Alice bought me for my honeymoon. But in spite of my lack of clothing, the hazy humidity had me perspiring all day. My dad didn't have AC, so I sat out on the front porch steps, getting what I could out of the slight breeze in the damp air, watching and waiting for the sun to set.

Finally around seven-thirty I figured he would be in cell phone range and began to dial.

"Hi love," Edward answered as my heart fluttered again.


"Are you at our house or Carlisle's?"

"Neither, I'm at my dad's."

"Oh, do you want me to meet you there?" He sounded a little disappointed.

"Sure. He's not home tonight though so you don't need to bring the car."

"Good, I'm only six minutes from town."

It seemed like seconds rather than minutes that Edward was walking casually around to the front porch from the back yard. I stayed standing on the first step, pleased that I wouldn’t need to be on tiptoes to reach him. He took only my hand in his, kissing my wrist, then gliding his nose up my arm until his lips return to me once more at my shoulder. I leaned in to inhale his sweet scent, reaching out with my free hand to touch his face, to ease the pain of his absence that I only just now had become aware of.

He looked up. His golden eyes tore through me like wildfire. He dropped my hand, lifting me off the stairs crushing me to his chest. My arms wrapped tightly around his neck, my lips sang with joy as they connected with his. As good as his smell was, his taste was even better. It was all I could do not to pull my legs up around his waist. There were neighbors.

“I missed you so much Mrs. Cullen.” Edward murmured in my ear as he gave me a moment to catch my breath.

“I missed you too Mr. Cullen.” I panted.

We stayed glue together for an immeasurable moment. Thirty-six hours without his touch, it seemed like a lifetime. Finally, he set me back on my feet.

“Where’s you car?”

I took a deep breath. Time to face the music. “My vehicle is over there.” I nodded to the curb.

His eyes followed the direction of chin confused, searching for the Mercedes. One eyebrow lifted. “Who moved your truck?”“You knew I was getting it towed this week.”

“Towed four and a half feet?”

“No, it was a bit farther than that.” I said trying to sound, nonchalant. “I drove it back here.”

He stood immobile for a few seconds as my words sank in. Then he shook his head, a wide smile growing across his face and lighting up his eyes.

“Dowling’s garage said that something had happened to the gas line. He told me details, but you know me, I’m not much of a mechanic.” I continued innocently, knowing that he was not mad. “It cost a bit more than it should have. I told him I needed it done really fast. I don’t know exactly how much though. I didn’t look at the bill”

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Alice didn’t see any shoes.”

“Oh, she may have, among other things.”

He continued to shake his head in amazement, possibly too stunned to speak, taking me by the hand and walking toward the pickup.

“You can drive us home if you like.” I offered, feeling generous

“I believe I will take you up on that.”

He opened the driver side door. I climbed in and scooted over to make room for him.

It was officially dark as we left the town limits, heading down the highway toward home. The clouds finally gave up the moisture they held all day. But it wasn’t rain, more like a clammy mist dewing against the windshield. The side windows fogged up quickly from the dampness of night, the truck’s defrosters unable to keep up. Edward hummed along to the oldies station that was on the last time the pickup was runny. Old truck, old tunes he always joked, insisting that we didn’t need to listen to anything modern while tooling around in it.

I laid my head against his shoulder and he looked down, his grin vanishing only long enough to kiss the top of my head. It was the first time it had left his face since he stepped into the truck. The vibration of the old motor swept up my shoulder from my right hand that intertwined with his resting on the gearshift. My other hand lay relaxed on his thigh. I was at peace, chugging down the road at a reasonable speed, no stupid fancy consol separating his side from mine. The denim of his jeans felt especially good against my bare leg this evening. I brushed my fingers along the material, taking in the slight roughness of it, wondering how soon we would be home so I could have my fingers on what lay beneath. As I stroked the fabric, I widened its arc, reaching out further, running a finger along the inseam, and then absently began to massage the hard muscle that lay hidden underneath.

Edward shifted slightly and exhaled with a low groan at my side. I looked up at his face. He wore an odd, yet contented expression staring down at my hand. Wrapped up in my own personal bliss, it dawned on me the reason.

“Sorry,” I said pulling my hand from his lap. I had not realized how far up his leg my hand had drifted.

“I hardly mind.” My eyes involuntarily went straight to his fly and I giggled. Hard not hardly seemed a much more appropriate a word for the bulge that now strained against his jeans.

“I know,” I smiled, “but you are driving my truck. We wouldn’t want to see it in a ditch, especially after all the money you put into it”

He chuckle, but did not reply, probably thinking the idea was too absurd to comment on.

My nose ran up and down his arms, inhaling his sweet scent. Shifting to my knees in the bench seat, I worked my way higher… his shoulder, his collarbone. I moved to the edge of his jaw. Surprisingly Edward, who rarely kept his eyes on the road, held his head rigidly straight. His chest rose unevenly under the hand that ran down the front of his shirt. My fingers crawled inside the t-shirt he wore with the long sleeves pushed up to his elbows, reaching in and touching his cool chest. The muscles of his stomach tightened as I grazed my mails across them. Moving higher inside my own personal playground I combed lightly through the dozen or so dark hairs nesting in the middle of his chest. My teeth began to tug on his ear and out of the corner of my eye I saw that he had just gone past our road.

“Edward,” He shuttered as I whispered in his ear. “I’m not distracting you, am I?

“No.” he mouthed.

“You missed the turn to the house.”

He smiled and drove another half mile then pulled the truck over to the side of the road, and pushed the seat back as far as it would go. Already on my knees it was an easy move to climb on top of him. He turned the engine off, but left the radio on as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Now, what is so awful about my truck that you felt the need to break it?” I kept my eyes, closed rubbing my nose against his, my tongue reaching out and licking the tip. It was easier to tease him if I didn’t have to look into his eyes.

“No cramped… little… bucket… seats…” I whispered at his mouth, feeling my heart pounding up against his heaving his chest. “And don’t you think…” I panted, “…that built in cup holders… are unnecessary? What’s a vampire going to do with those anyhow?”

“I believe I am re-evaluating this fine American made vehicle.”

I braided my fingers into his tousle of bronze hair, pulling my mouth to his and savoring my victory.

It surprised me that I heard the music, distracted as I was. But I couldn’t help but giggle into Edward’s lips as The Carpenters came on.

He pulled back from my face confused. “What’s so funny?”

“Muskrat Love? Quite the classic”

He moved his lips to my ear and began to sing softly, rocking us gently to the music.

Muskrat Susie, muskrat Sam

Do the jitterbug out in muskrat land…

How could something so silly sound so sexy coming from his lips? I was getting wet just listening to him.

“And they whirred and they tangoed

Singin’ and jinglin’ the jango

Floatin’ like the heavens above

Looks like Muskrat love…”

I pushed his shoulders back against the seat and silenced him with my lips. The music continued on and our lips move together in time with it.

And now he’s ticklin’ her fancy

Rubbin’ her toes

Muzzle to muzzle, now anything goes…

My fingers were at the hem of his shirt. Edward pulled my hands away, raising them to the cab ceiling as he lifted my tank top over my head. Every part of me was damp. Sweat ran down my neck and back. Moist droplets dewed between my breasts, catching in the band of my bra. Without the motor running the windshield and windows quickly became obscured in the fog of my respiration. Headlights lit the cab up briefly as a car passed us by, but Edward did not acknowledge it.

And they whirred and they tangoed

Singin’ and jinglin’ the jango…

My heart was hammering at three times the beat of the music. My top lay on the dashboard and I began to rub my self against him. I reached down to his belt and he let out a low growl that made the painful wet throbbing in between my legs intensify.

If I could only get past his buckle and the snap of his jeans… I growled to myself in frustration.

There wasn’t enough room for my sweaty fingers to work. My body ached for some kind of release. Selfishly, I abandoned my efforts with his pants and began to grind against him. He grabbed the back of hair, underneath my ponytail, roughly pushing me against the steering wheel and wrapping his lips around my throat and moving against me through our clothes. His aggressiveness was what sent me over the edge and I came, gasping caught off guard by its suddenness.

He pulled me back into his chest

“I’m sorry about that.” Edward panted in my ear.

“Sorry about what?”

“I got a little bit out of control.” He bowed his head in shame.

“Edward,” I grinned and kissed his forehead. “Did you hear me complaining?”

“It was just too confined a space, no ventilation, the scent of your… your…” The one side of his face curled up in a sheepish grin, “…too intense.”

I thrilled to the fact that I had driven him a little out of his safe zone. “You have nothing to be sorry for.” I reached over and began to crank the driver’s side window open. “I’m the one who should feel sorry. I just couldn’t wait any longer”


“For my clumsy fingers to get your pants off.” As flush as my skin was, I could feel a new wave of heat spreading across my cheeks.

Edward snorted out a laugh. “I want to be clear on this point. You are apologizing for giving me a lap dance?”

I snickered at his choice of words and nodded.

“Apology accepted. Now…” he grinned wickedly at me. “if you want to make it up to me, I can handle my own zipper.”

My bra was added to the dashboard’s decoration. He twisted his body, with me still on top and laid me down against the seat. He laughed as clawed at his shirt with one hand and reached over my head to the passenger side window crank. Pulling my hand away, he lifted the door handle, pushing it wide open. The night had finally begun to cool down. The cross breeze from the drivers window reinvigorated me.

“How come you didn’t get your dome light fixed?” he murmured into my ear.

“Didn’t think of it.”

“I’ll do it tomorrow myself.”

His hands, no longer cool due to their constant contact with me, slid under the elastic of my jogging shorts and panties, moving from side to side to get them past my thighs. I awkwardly pulled one leg out and he chuckled as I caught my flip flop in my shorts. His jeans weren’t off, by they were down far enough. My heartbeat, which never had returned to normal, returned to full throttle. I could feel him against me, about to fill me…


Suddenly I was upright, my bra and shirt in my lap.

“Put those back on.’ He commanded in a strained.

“What is it?”

“Deputy Mark,” he half growled, pulling his arms back through their sleeves. “just came over the crest of the hill. He recognized the truck.”

Wet and sticky, I didn’t even try to put my bra back on. I shoved it in the glove box, scooted my shorts and panties back where the belonged and threw my shirt back over my head.

“Where the hell is my shoe?”

Edward handed my flip flop snickering. “Your shirts on inside out... backwards too” He took in my horrified expression. “Go quick. You got about eight second left.”

I readjusted my shirt just in the nick of time. As Edward guessed, the police cruiser didn’t drive by. It pulled up right behind the truck. Deputy Mark got out.

“Hey, Edward, Bella. You two having car trouble?”

I began to self consciously fixing my hair. My ponytail, partly pulled out, hung at an odd angle off to the side of my head. With shaky fingers I tried to slick the sweaty hair that clung to the sides of my face back into the elastic band.

“No, Bella just dropped something on the floor and I pulled over to help her find it.” Edward replied smoothly “The dome light’s burnt out.”

My eyes scanned the dark floor of my truck for anything that I could use as evidence. Deputy Mark pulled his flashlight from his belt and pointed in. I caught a glimpse of a crumpled grocery receipt tuck part way under the floor mat.

“There it is.” I said diving for it and smacking my head on the dash. The glove box popped open and my pink bra spilled out. I clumsily shove it back in slamming the door, a chunk of the strap still hanging out.

Edward reached across me, pulling the dirty strip of paper out from the floor and handing to me, his eyes swimming in amusement and his lips pressed tight together.

“Thanks for the light.” I muttered to Deputy Mark. My face felt like it was about to spontaneously combust. His eyes averted mine, his expression mirroring my husbands.

“Any time.” He could not maintain its neutral pose as he spoke, the corners of his lips twitching. “You two drive home safe now.” He chuckled as he turned back to his car, his hand waving in retreat.

My hands covered my face in embarrassment. Edward laughed, reaching across me to shut my door and started the engine.

“Could have been worse.” He said, pulling back again his side as he turned the truck around and headed back to our road. My hands hadn’t moved from my face.

“At least it wasn’t Chief Swan.” He pulled my hands from my face, kissing them one by one and sitting them on my lap. I snuggle up close to him, under his shoulder and sighed at from the relief of his words.


A compilation of bad disco finished off our ride home. I thought about changing the station, however my arm was in rebelling, refusing to move from around her.

My despotism knew no bounds. Forever was I treating her like a child, choosing for what I thought was right for her, not caring about her feelings or opinions. Yes, this truck was old and ran down, but it was hers and she loved it. Who was I to take it away from her? I would make it my mission to do better.

We pulled into our yard.

…and now by special request, this is Nat King Cole with “Unforgettable”

It was a new voice announcing. The night shift guy had arrived. He was one of my favorites.

I was about to shut off the truck and carry her into the house, instead I cut the motor, leaving the radio on once more. I opened the door as the piano intro began, pulling her into my arms.

Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettable though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more

My hand was at the nape of her neck, releasing her mane of chestnut hair from its restraints. We swayed beside the open door to timeless music, both caught up in the perfection of the song.

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too

She pulled me closer to the cab, stepping up on the running board. Her face bent down to mine. One arm remained around my neck holding us together, the other reaching behind the seat, pulling at the old quilt she kept back there for emergencies.

“Spread it out on the ground beside the truck.” She cooed.

I turned my back to her and spread the blanket on the thick damp grass. My eyes grew wide returning to her, sitting in the open door of the truck, completely naked. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and took her into my arms. Yes, truly unforgettable. Her soft yielding breast pressed up against my bare chest, the curve of her arm, reaching up and stroking my cheek, her heart shaped face straining to reach mine, her chocolate eyes, hungering for me as much as I was for her.

I laid us down on our makeshift bed, our limbs a tangle of fire and ice melting together as one. I rolled her onto her back, and lay between her loins, moving down her body, tasting every piece of her I could find. Her heart pounded and her body trembled as my fingers played inside her and my mouth crawled over her hard nipples and past her navel to join them.

“No Edward,” she begged tugging on my hair. “I need you inside me… right now.”

I froze for a moment to contain my self, and then my hands grabbed her by her hips and slid her down the blanket toward me and plunge myself into her.

We both gasped from relief. It had been two full days since I had been inside her, felt her heartbeat inside my own. Still fused to her beating pulse, I rolled her up on to my chest. My fingers, moving in time with her, curved around the supple flesh of her backside. Her hands pushed against my chest, raising herself to her knees. My hands shifted to her small waist, my eyes taking in the love of my existence, panting and grunting with exertion on top of me. Her eyes were closed and her head angled back, legs trembling against my side, fingers seizing my forearms.

“Look at me.” I pleaded.

Her head rocked forward, her eyes bore into mine dark and ravenous.

“You are so beautiful.” I whispered.

A crimson wave roared up her chest and neck, flushing her face. The muscles inside her contracted, her head snapped back and she wailed. No more exquisite sight existed on earth. I freed my hands from her waist, digging my nails into my palms. The pleasure drowned out the pain as my back arched off the ground, my orgasm taking me.

She collapsed on to chest, her body soaked with sweat. Quickly I pulled the old quilt around us to hold her heat in. We laid on the ground wrapped in our own cocoon beside the open door of the truck, listening to the music on the radio.

“We don’t have to keep the truck.” She whispered, apologetic into my shoulder.

“We will never get rid of this truck as long as I live. I said tightening my arms around her. “I only ask one favor.”

She looked up at me with her questioning liquid eyes. “What is it?”

“If it’s going to be around for the next couple millennium, we really need to get it painted.”

She reached her lips up to my jaw to kiss me. “Anything for you.