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"I would put up with this twisted, corrupt lifestyle for Alice. Only for Alice." In 1950, Jasper and Alice finally find the Cullens. Alice fits right in, but Jasper has a hard time adapting. This the story of how Jasper came to think of the Cullens as family. Canon. Mostly in Jasper's POV. DIsclaimer: All the original characters and plots belong to Stephenie Meyer. However, the new content in my stories belong to me.


2. Chapter 2: Hunt

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Chapter 2: Hunt

"Carlisle, what's going on?" An unfamiliar, irritated male voice came from somewhere downstairs.

Alice took my hand, and we flitted down together. A bronze -haired youth was confronting Carlisle when we arrived at the foot of the stairs. Another male, who looked like he could squash a vampire into gravel with his bare hands, stood a little ways behind them, holding Rosalie protectively.

"Hi, Edward!" Alice danced over and hugged him tightly. Edward pulled away in shock, but then Alice caught his eye. He stared at her, a dumbfounded look on his face, and they both stood perfectly still as they exchanged a silent conversation. Finally, Edward exhaled slowly.

"Oh. I see," he said, tilting his head to the side and studying my Alice curiously.

"What? What's happening? Who are they?" The brawny one complained, gesturing to Alice and me.

"We have…guests," Edward explained slowly. His gaze flicked over to where I stood in the corner, watching Alice's every movement.

The big one- Emmett, I assumed, sighed loudly and looked to Carlisle for an explanation.

"This is Jasper and Alice," Carlisle introduced us. "Alice is very talented. She can see the future, and she saw that she and Jasper would be joining our family." I nodded in greeting, while I assessed Emmett's size and my escape routes. Despite his brawn, I felt that I could easily defeat him, if the behavior of the rest of the coven was anything to judge by. They didn't act or seem like traditional vampires at all. Edward stared at me, an unfathomable expression on his youthful face. "They have come to join our family."

"Awesome!" Emmett grinned. Alice bounced over to hug him, and he picked her up and twirled her in a circle before setting her down. Alice laughed.

"What happened to you?" Edward asked suddenly. I met his gaze evenly, concentrating on translating the Iliad into Maori in my head. Edward's eyes narrowed as he attempted to penetrate my mind, but was unsuccessful.

"Edward," Carlisle said, placing his hand on his shoulder. "Jasper can tell us in his own time. Edward raised an eyebrow, but nodded. A second later, his head snapped up, his glare boring into Rosalie.

"What do you mean my stuff has been moved to the garage?" he yelled. Rosalie looked smug.

"Sorry, Edward, but your room had the best view," Alice apologized, not sounding very sorry at all. "Besides, I knew that you would forgive me."

Edward's shoulders slumped and he pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh. "Fine. I forgive you- but just this once," he warned.

Alice was beside herself with delight. "Thanks, Edward!"

Suddenly, Emmett spoke up. "Um, Jasper, is it?"

"Yes." I answered suspiciously, meeting his eager gaze.

"You like to wrestle?" he asked excitedly.

Images of the newborn army I had spent so many years creating, training, and destroying flickered flashed through my mind. Edward glanced at me, his eyes wide. Damn it. I had forgotten to hide my thoughts. I quickly resumed translating the Iliad, this time in Portuguese.

Carlisle shifted. "Er, Emmett, that might not be the best idea," he said uncomfortably.

"He attacked you?" Edward hissed. Emmett growled, turning to me in a crouch, his emotions now wary.

"It was completely involuntary, Edward." Carlisle stated firmly.

"Not," Rosalie growled under her breath.

"He's unstable, Carlisle!" Edward protested. "What were you thinking? Look at him!" I snarled in warning at his words.

"He's Alice's mate, Edward, and they are both welcome to stay in our home." Carlisle countered.

"We know next to nothing about him, and you just take him in? He's dangerous!" Edward growled back. I remembered, with a hint of irony, how Rosalie had said the exact same thing when she saw my scars."

"He has adopted our diet, Edward," Carlisle answered calmly, gesturing to my tawny yellow eyes. "Jasper deserves a chance."

Bitterly, I remembered the years of slaughter and carnage I had endured and inflicted during my time in Maria's army. I most certainly did not deserve a chance. I doubted that this coven, or family, as they called themselves, would be quite so welcoming when they found out about my past.

Edward's eyes flickered over to me, and I cursed inwardly. I really needed to practice concealing my thoughts. I went back to translating the Iliad.

Carlisle caught Edward's eye, and the mind reader turned away from me. Whatever Carlisle was telling him seemed to be working, because after a while, Edward nodded stiffly. Carlisle sighed. "Thank you, son."

"Jasper, Alice," This time, it was Esme who spoke. "Would you like to join us on a short hunting trip? Edward and Emmett have already gone, but the rest of us still need to hunt."

"Sure, Esme!" Alice said with a radiant smile.

"It's settled then," Carlisle said, glancing over to the other males as he did so. "You two can move Edward's belongings into the guest room while we are away."

"I'll come with you. I can wait to move my stuff." Edward spoke through clenched teeth. Naturally, he was wary with leaving Alice and I alone with the females and leader of the coven.

Carlisle must have realized this as well. "Very well, then, Edward," he said, his tone disapproving. "Emmett, would you like to come with us too?"

Emmett shrugged. "Sure, I guess…"

"Oh, c'mon, guys, Jazz isn't going to hurt anybody," Alice chipped in, giving Edward a reproachful look.

"Of course he isn't," Edward muttered.

We exited the house, traveling deep into the forest where no human would dare venture. Soon enough, we caught the scent of a herd of deer a mile away to the north. I grimaced in disgust at the smell.

I locked my sights on my target- a huge buck with an impressive set of six-pronged antlers. After briefly analyzing my quarry, I shot out of the foliage. The deer was dead before it knew what hit it.

I winced as I bit deep into the furry neck of my prey and tasted the pungent flavor of the blood. I severely missed the thick, sweet taste of the blood of the humans, but the animal blood sustained me and saved me from feeling the humans' torturous, dying emotions. I forced the blood down my throat as fast as I could. Once I finished, I straightened up, noticing that Carlisle, Alice, Rosalie, and Esme were nowhere to be found. I guessed that they were off chasing the rest of the herd.

Edward was watching me off to the side, a smirk upon his boyish features. I just had time to wonder at his expression when something very large and solid crashed into me from behind. Snarling, I spun around and lunged. A second later, I found myself poised at Emmett's neck, digging my teeth into his stone flesh. With a jolt, I recognized what I had done and jerked back. Edward's emotions were horrified and slightly guilty, Emmett's shocked and hurt as he rubbed the crescent- shaped mark at the side of his neck where I had bitten him.

I slowly paced back to Emmett, who flinched away from me as I drew near. Edward growled, positioning himself between his brother and me. "I'm just going to suck the venom out," I snapped. Edward reluctantly let me pass. Instinctively, I sent out a wave of calm to them both, and they relaxed visibly. I kept eye contact with Emmett as I explained slowly and calmly, "Emmett, I'm going to suck the venom out of the bite. It's going to hurt, but it will hurt more if I don't get the venom out right away."

Emmett nodded and exposed the bite. I positioned my mouth onto the inflamed mark and began the meticulous task of sucking all traces of my venom out of the wound. Emmett shuddered, but I felt his pain gradually fading away as I finished. I straightened up, wiping my mouth on the back of my hand.

Just then, Alice burst out of the undergrowth, followed closely by the rest of the Cullens. "Jasper!" she yelled. "Jasper, are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I reassured her.

We both jumped and cringed slightly as Esme stormed up to Emmett and screeched at the top of her lungs. "EMMETT MCCARTY CULLEN! WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING?"

"I…" Emmett stammered guiltily.

"YOU WERE TOLD NOT TO WRESTLE WITH JASPER UNTIL HE HAD SETTLED IN!" she screamed. Wincing internally at her rage, I sent out a strong blanket of calm and stepped forward.

"Ma'm, it's really my fault. I shouldn't have overreacted and bit him."

"WHY IN THE WORLD DIDN'T YOU STOP HIM?" Esme had turned to Edward, oblivious to my apology.

"I…" Edward started, sounding for all the world like Emmett had a few moments ago.

“Ma'am…" I tried again. "I'm sorry that I did that. Don't blame them. It was my fault that Emmett got bitten."

"Yes, but who attacked you in the first place?" Esme growled impatiently, then continued berating her sons. Sighing, I repeatedly sent out more waves of calm, until Esme stopped yelling and resigned herself to shooting pointed glares at Edward and Emmett's bowed heads.

"Let us return home," Carlisle put in quickly before Esme could resume shouting. "I would like to have a full explanation from those who were involved." He sent a piercing look at Emmett, who shuffled his feet nervously.

We returned to the Cullen household and gathered in Carlisle's study. Alice, Esme, and Rosalie retired to their respective rooms to wait for us.

"Now," Carlisle said. "Edward, Emmett, I would like your excuse for acting as you did."

Emmett spoke first. "I wanted to wrestle with Jasper, so I got really pissed when you told me no. So I told Edward not to tell anyone and I sneaked up on Jasper after he finished hunting. I attacked him, and he was surprised so he bit me." He shrugged, rubbing his neck. "I deserved it, and he sucked out the venom anyways, so don't blame him."

Carlisle nodded and turned to Edward, who exhaled slowly and pinched the bridge of his nose before speaking. "After I found out about Emmett's plan, he asked me not to tell anyone. I agreed because I knew that Jasper would overreact, and I could show you just how dangerous he was. I wanted to convince you to stop them from joining our family."

My jaw tightened and I let out a low growl at the statement. Well, you certainly succeeded, I thought bitterly.

Edward snorted. "Don't be so sure about that." Carlisle looked at us questioningly, but gestured for Edward to continue. "When Emmett attacked him, I had no idea just how badly Jasper would overreact. I hadn't intended for Emmett to get hurt. For a second, I thought that Jasper was going to kill him," Edward commented. I cringed. "But then Jasper realized what he was doing and backed off. He stepped toward Emmett again, and I stopped him, but he explained that he was trying to help, so I let him pass. Jasper sucked out the venom, and then you came. That's all," he insisted grudgingly.

Carlisle glared at them with disapproval written all over his face. "I hope that you two realize the mistake that you made."

"Yes." Edward and Emmett said together.

"Good. I expect you to refrain from such behavior in the future. You do realize that you will have to be punished?"

I was immediately apprehensive. What sort of retribution had Carlisle devised? I remembered the terrible punishments that Maria had doled out among her army and shuddered at the thought.

"Edward, no music for a month. Emmett, you will have to help Esme around the house for a week." Carlisle decided.

My eyes widened in shock. That was all? These vampires really were soft. Edward and Emmett groaned. I checked their emotions and felt nothing but regret and extreme annoyance, with not an iota of fear. It was more like a father reprimanding his sons than a coven leader punishing his underlings for disobeying his command. They truly seemed to consider themselves a family.

Carlisle dismissed us, and we left the study. I slowly made my way to the room I shared with Alice, contemplating this new development. I was not used to this way of life, when I had spent the majority of my existence in a contingent of bloodthirsty newborns.

These vampires were unlike any I had ever met. They led an unnaturally peaceful lifestyle, refraining from taking human lives of their own choice. If it were not for Alice, I would have left this place long ago. But as long as she thought of this coven as her family, I would stay with her.

I would put up with this twisted, corrupt lifestyle for Alice.

Only for Alice.