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"I would put up with this twisted, corrupt lifestyle for Alice. Only for Alice." In 1950, Jasper and Alice finally find the Cullens. Alice fits right in, but Jasper has a hard time adapting. This the story of how Jasper came to think of the Cullens as family. Canon. Mostly in Jasper's POV. DIsclaimer: All the original characters and plots belong to Stephenie Meyer. However, the new content in my stories belong to me.


5. Chapter 5: Intruders

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Chapter 5: Intruders

At Alice's insistence, we went on a short hunting trip on the weekend; this time, it passed without incident, for which I was extremely grateful. I managed to get a coyote, the blood of which tasted considerably better than those of herbivores. Better yet, after a few more deer, the shocking red of my eyes faded to a dusky orange.

On our way back, Alice spoke up. "You should really play something with Emmett, you know."

I stared at her uncomprehendingly. "He's still practically a newborn, Alice. I can't wrestle with him- I'd kill him."

She shook her head, her short, dark hair whipping wildly around her cherubic face in the wind. "Not wrestling, Jazz. I know you're not ready for that, but you could play something like chess with him. He really wants you to accept him as a brother, you know. He gets really upset when you turn him away."

I was silent. Chess was one of the games that I had often played with the newborns in the army, to increase their knowledge of battle strategy. It brought back memories that I would rather not face.

Sensing my decision, Alice stopped and looked up into my eyes. "Please, Jazz? It'll be fun." I nearly snorted. Fun? I didn't do fun. But if Alice really wanted me to…

"Thank you, Jazz." Alice said quietly. Her eyes suddenly went blank, and she gasped.

"Alice! What's wrong?" I demanded, shaking her shoulders.

Her eyes refocused. "We have to get back." We started running again, the forest whipping by with incredible speed.

"What happened?" I asked again.

"Some vampires caught our scent in the forest. They got curious and followed it to the Cullen's house." Alice explained rapidly; the words would have been unintelligible to human ears.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the house. Oddly, I only detected the emotions of Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie. Where were Carlisle and Edward?

Esme greeted us at the door. "Edward is helping Carlisle at the hospital," she explained. "There was an emergency."

Alice and I exchanged a glance. "Where are Emmett and Rosalie?" she asked. At that moment, a tremendous thump resounded from upstairs.

"Don't break anything, you two!" Esme shouted.

From the extraordinarily lustful emotions that I was feeling emanating from their room, I could guess only all too well what they were up to. Alice's eyes went blank for a second. "Oh," she huffed, and cringed. "Well, Esme, could you get them downstairs? Now? We're going to have visitors."

Esme looked alarmed- I didn't know whether it was because of the first statement or the second. She nodded and darted upstairs. "ROSALIE! EMMETT!" The thumps stopped instantly, followed by a hurried scuffling. "Get downstairs. We're going to have company." Esme came back downstairs, followed a moment later by Emmett and Rosalie. Rosalie's normally impeccable hair was sticking out in clumps, and Emmett had a silly grin on his face. His shirt was half unbuttoned. I shuddered.

After casting them a severe look, Esme sighed and turned to Alice. "Would you please explain the situation?"

"Four vampires have caught our scent in the forest. I can't see if they mean us harm or not, because they haven't decided yet." She explained.

"Four? Are you sure?" I asked.

Alice nodded. "Why?"

"Our kind usually doesn't travel in covens larger than three. It's highly unusual for us to travel in groups larger than that."

Esme looked worried. "What do you think they want?"

"Relax, Esme. They're just curious." Alice said reassuringly. "Besides, if it does come to a fight, we outnumber them."

"All right! Finally, I get to have some fun," Emmett grinned.

Rosalie smacked his head.

I sighed. These vampires knew nothing about combat. "How long?" I asked Alice.

"Five minutes. And, no, we can't contact Carlisle and Edward. The hospital's phone broke yesterday." She answered, interpreting my next question as well.

I nodded. "We'd better go outside to meet them."

We filed onto the lawn. A few minutes later, the vampires burst into the clearing. They were all males- two of them were blond, the other two black-haired. The black-haired ones had distinctly Mexican features- so similar that they could have been brothers. It was very possible that they were; both of them had the intense, glowing, vermillion eyes of a newborn vampire.

Two newborn vampires from the South accompanied by two more experienced fighters- it was too much of a coincidence.

Emmett stepped forward. "Um, hi." Their eyes zeroed in on him. "I'm Emmett, and this is Rosalie, Esme, Alice, and Jasper." He gestured to us as he introduced us. As he pointed to me, the taller blonde's eyes snapped over to meet mine. I met his burgundy gaze evenly.

Finally, the shorter blond spoke up. "I am Darius, and this is Sebastian." He gestured to the tall blond. Sebastian nodded in greeting, his eyes still boring into mine. "And they are Gonzalo and Antonio." Darius indicated the newborns.

Sebastian. I vaguely recognized the name, and he definitely recognized me. But before I could open my mouth to ask him, Sebastian spoke up.

"Major Jasper Whitlock." He sneered my name.

"Do I know you?" I inquired coldly.

"You wouldn't," Sebastian spat. "You were always her favorite."

"Jasper, do you know this guy?" Emmett asked. I shrugged in response.

Alice caught my eye, and I turned to look at her. "Jazz- he's decided to fight us. Be careful." She whispered so that only I could hear.

"Who's her?" Rosalie growled, glaring at Sebastian. He didn't flinch.

"You mean Jasper hasn't told you yet?" His tone was mocking.

"Sebastian," Darius warned. The newborns were leaning forward in anticipation for a fight.

"Shut up," Sebastian snarled back, taking a step toward us. Rosalie and Alice growled in sychronization. Esme looked on with frightened eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice icy and distant.

"You should know- you trained me, and you were going to kill me." Sebastian laughed at the stricken looks on the Cullen's faces. "You didn't tell your new coven yet? This should be easier than I thought."

"What should be easier?" My voice was a shade sharper.

"Your death," Sebastian hissed. Instantly, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, and Esme dropped into a crouch beside me. Darius and the newborns immediately did the same, and Sebastian lunged for my throat.

I twisted to the side. Sebastian wheeled and lunged again, seeming to aim for my face, but turning and diving down to attack my arm at the last second. I easily evaded him. Vaguely, I noticed Emmett roaring with laughter as he wrestled with Gonzalo. Where was Alice? I turned to look for her, and Sebastian took his chance. He sunk his teeth into my shoulder, and the sudden jolt of pain was enough to make me concentrate.

With a grisly snarl, I turned back to my opponent, and the battle began in earnest. My experience stood me in good stead, but Sebastian was also a surprisingly good fighter. Again, he snapped at my arm, but this time I let him bite me. I winced when I felt his teeth hit bone, but it gave me the opening I was looking for. With my free hand, I tore off his right arm and flung it away.

Sebastian roared with agony. He swung at me with his remaining arm, but I ducked under it and bit his shoulder, tearing away a large chunk. He swiped at me again, but I danced lightly out of the way, using his momentary hesitation to look for Alice. I caught sight of her just as she was tearing off the head of Antonio, the other newborn. I sighed in relief as she turned to me and grinned to show that she was unhurt. Rosalie and Emmett were fighting Darius; I saw the remains of Gonzalo being burned by Esme, who was tending the bonfire.

By now, Sebastian's venom was starting to burn through my veins. I needed to finish this fight before the venom could further incapacitate me. I sensed Sebastian trying to sneak up on me from behind. I whirled around and tore off his other arm. In the next moment, I launched myself forward and wrenched his head off his shoulders.

A cry of anguish caught my attention. I turned around.

Darius was holding his teeth at Esme's neck, his back to me. Esme stood paralyzed with terror; Rosalie, Alice, and Emmett surrounding them, their emotions panicked.

"Don't move, or I'll rip her head off," Darius hissed.

"Let. Her. Go." Rosalie growled back.

"No can do, darlin'." He grinned, his southern accent suddenly much more pronounced.

Emmett snarled.

Alice's eyes quickly flashed over to meet mine; she gave the tiniest of nods toward Darius. I began moving closer, my feet making no sound against the soft grass.

"Now, I'm just going to back away slowly," Darius continued. "You will not follow me, unless you want her to die." I was now only a few feet from his unprotected back.

Rosalie had now caught sight of me, but was smart enough to look away quickly. She nodded rigidly. After a second, Emmett grudgingly did the same.

"Good." Darius grinned a predatory smile. He started backing away from them- and closer to me.

I leaped forward, knocking him away from Esme and tearing off part of his hand at the same time. He howled, clutching his injured hand to his chest. I easily tore his head off and dismembered him, throwing his head and torso into the fire.

Once I finished, I looked up. Emmett was staring at me, eyes wide in astonishment and admiration, tinged with a bit of jealousy. Alice danced over and out her arms around my waist. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I answered automatically.

She growled softly. "I saw him bite you, Jasper."

"He bit you?" Esme gasped. Her emotions flooded with sympathy. I grimaced. Unfortunately, Alice took this as confirmation of her statement, and started dragging me back toward the house.

"I'm fine," I protested. In truth, the wounds were starting to burn, the venom circulating through my arm.

"Hey, uh, Jasper," Emmett called. "Aren't you supposed to suck the venom out? You said that it was supposed to help…"

"It doesn't matter," I said through gritted teeth. Alice was critically examining the tears in my shirt.

"How are you supposed to suck the venom out of that by yourself?" she asked pointing to my shoulder.

"I don't need to," I repeated.

Alice rolled her eyes. "We should probably get Carlisle to look at it."

I snorted. "Carlisle can't help."

"He's a doctor, Jasper," Emmett responded. "Of course he can help."

"Has he ever treated a bite wound?" I retorted. Emmett looked blank. "Then he can't help." I turned and darted up the stairs.

Carlisle's POV:

"Something's wrong." We were about five miles from home- Edward was driving my Mercedes-Benz 300SL, his hands clenched tight around the steering wheel.

"What happened?"

"Something about Jasper…" Edward trailed off, straining to hear the minds of my family. "He's hurt."

"Hurt? How?" Had he gotten into a fight with Emmett or Rosalie?

Edward snorted. "Hardly. A group of vampires caught our scent in the forest. They followed it to our house. One of them recognized Jasper, and wanted to kill him. He attacked him, and the rest of his group attacked Esme, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie. We won the fight, but Jasper was bitten. No one else was hurt."

I released a breath that I hadn't realized I was holding. Only Jasper was hurt. But then, as his words fully registered in my mind, something struck me as odd. "Why did he want to kill Jasper?"

My son frowned. "That's the strangest part. I can't get anything from Jasper, and no one else knows exactly why he attacked, even Alice." He paused. "At least, she's not thinking about it."

We drove the rest of the way in silence. When we pulled up into the driveway, Esme was there to greet us.

"You know what happened?" she asked softly.

I nodded. "Is Jasper okay?" Her worried eyes were answer enough.

I gave her a reassuring smile. "I'm going to go check on him." I headed upstairs while Edward drifted away to his new room.

Before I had a chance to knock, Alice opened the door, dragging Jasper along behind her. His turtleneck was ripped open in several places.

"Jasper has agreed to let you look at his bites." Alice nearly growled, shooting her mate an irritated look.

"Jasper?" I looked to him for his opinion. Jasper nodded stiffly, his eyes seething with some indefinable emotion. I nodded back, and motioned to my study. He all but marched into the room, then spun around to face me.

"Where were you bitten?" I inquired gently. With his chin, he indicated to his left arm and shoulder. I stepped closer and reached for his arm. "May I?" Jasper nodded again, his tense, wary eyes watching my every movement.

Slowly, I took his arm and began rolling up the sleeve. He stiffened, but managed to keep his instincts in check. I carefully maintained a steady calm, hoping to help him as much as I could. But as I rolled the sleeve past his wrist, I couldn't stop a jolt of shock from running through me. His forearm was covered with layer upon layer of white, crescent- shaped scars. Not one inch of his granite skin had been spared. I had already seen the scars on his face and hands, but never would I have imagined the sheer quantity of them on his body.

Jasper felt my shock, my sudden fear, and the corner of his mouth twisted up into a wry smirk. Slightly abashed, I quickly rolled up the rest of the sleeve to his shoulder, exposing the raw wounds. I examined them carefully; his attacker had torn deep into his arm in both bites. The bone was clearly visible- the lacerations must have been causing him considerable pain.

"You'll need to suck the venom out," Jasper's voice was devoid of emotion. "It's too late for the one on my shoulder- the venom has already spread. The wounds will heal by themselves."

I nodded wordlessly and lowered my mouth to his arm. He drew in a sharp breath as I began the procedure, but otherwise did not make a sound. As soon as I finished, he quickly stepped away from me and rolled down his sleeve.

"Thank you, sir."

"Are you sure there is nothing I can do for your shoulder?"

"No, sir." He smiled sadly; though it was just a small, one-sided twitch of his lips, it was the first real smile that I had seen him give to anyone except for Alice. My heart swelled with joy. "Thank you," he repeated, and stepped out of my study.

I slowly lowered myself into my leather chair. I wanted with all my heart for Jasper to be able to accept us as his family. He was still keeping secrets from us, of that I was certain, but I would let him reveal them of his own accord. Evidently, he had been forced to live through horrors that I could not comprehend, much less face, before he had found us. It was obvious that he had once been a soldier- I did not miss how whenever he entered a room, he would examine it for potential escape routes, memorizing the layout with one sweep of his eyes.

But the smile he had given me today had bolstered my hope. If he was capable of bonding to Esme and Alice, then, given time, it was entirely possible that he could learn to accept the rest of our family.

Slowly, but surely, we were making progress.