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Light of Sun

Light of Sun continues where Breaking Dawn ends but it's four years later. The Cullens are living their happily ever after but after a while; they are reminded of the Volturi and their promise to one day return. And this time it means war. I have not changed anything in the characters created by Stephenie Meyer. This is just my way of going further ;) In my story, i have no chapters but parts that are "told" by different characters.

Disclaimer: I do not own. I'm simply inspired by the awesome Stephenie Meyer.

1. Part 1 - POV:Bella

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Part one – Bella

Four years. And only three years of plain ole’ childhood. Nessy was already playing her role as a fifteen year old perfectly and she loved it. For people that didn’t know us; she was my little sister instead of daughter. Very frustrating. I wasn’t done cradling her and I miss her baby year’s every single day. It doesn’t make it easier when she is the one consoling me.

“Everything will be okay, mom” she says.

I’m her mother for crying out loud!

Last year when she decided to leave Forks, I truly hated not being able to cry, but I could argue - although, that did not get me far.

Edward tried as hard as I did and better but still not enough. Ness was smart and being home schooled since the age of two by Edward and Carlisle suddenly seemed stupid to me. She had gotten too smart for me and I felt helpless.

After years of measurements, Carlisle had come to the conclusion that Nessy wasn’t aging any faster than a human would, and in a year or so, she would stop aging all together.

Frozen in time at the age of 16. Frozen at the age of five to me and Edward.

Her way of compromising was to choose a school not five hours away from us but one hour away.

She settled for Neah Bay for our sake. Edward started to relax but I never did and I couldn’t hide my chagrin. Edward bought her an apartment five minutes from her school and suddenly my whole family was happy.

Esme saw her chance to decorate, Alice wasn’t slower; she took the first flight to London and her seventh sense took over. Shopping. Jasper and Nessy went with her of course.

And for three days Jacob was very restless. Not seeing Ness for that short period made me and Edward worried about her going off to school. Would Jacob follow?

Rosalie and Emmet went down to Los Angeles to buy her a car. A car! Imagine a four year old driving! In my human body I would pass out or cry or throw a fit. The only support I had was Charlie’s.

Thanks to Jacob - my dad always knew there was something special with us Cullen’s. And when Nessy visited her grandpa every week looking older than last time - his suspicions didn’t exactly decrease.

It was hard for him for a long time but he was getting used to it and when he saw me being happy and not worried, he stopped to worry as well.

He was in many ways happy; being in the know since he loved being the grandfather of the most adoring child ever.

The most adoring teenager now, apparently. “Hmph” I whimpered.

I knew this was inevitable so I might as well get over it. Easy…

Edward and Carlisle had told Charlie about the aging and how it would stop soon - Charlie was very relieved.

He always wondered and had questions but he still preferred not knowing everything in detail.

He will never get the image of Jacob phasing in front of him, out of his head.

Edward and Charlie were quite close nowadays – to my delight - and every now and then, they would go fishing with Billy and Jake.

Since my father was getting used to Nessy’s growing, he didn’t even bother to look twice when Seth or the other Quileute’s got even bigger.

The only ones noticing were the people in Forks.

We never really had any business there except the few times we visited The Newton’s Store to buy camping supplies but we sure knew how to turn heads whenever we were in town.

Edward was of course keeping tabs so there was never a reason for us to worry. The people mainly thought about our beauty or the Quileute’s eating habits. They wondered sarcastically if La Push had turned into a gym.

We never had difficulties keeping up the charade in Forks.

Renée was another story.

Shortly after our dreadful day with the Volturi, almost four years ago, I’d been starting to prepare myself for visiting my mother. I didn’t have any problems with humans, I could easily control my thirst but there were other things to worry about.

We decided after a couple of days talking about it that Renée could never know Nessy as her granddaughter.

Since Ness looked a lot like Edward we came to the conclusion that they would be related.

Our first story about Nessy that had crashed and burned with Charlie’s disbelief, worked better on my mother.

Nessy would be Edward’s niece but since we were too young to adopt, Carlisle and Esme would be her guardians.

And I suggested that her last name would be Masen.

The name Edward was born with.

Jacob added that her name probably couldn’t be Renesmee either but Vanessa was close to Nessy.

Vanessa Masen. Vanessa was the name I chose for her when it was a possibility that she and Jacob would run away from the Volturi four years ago.

Nessy would be practically giddy about her new name.

The only thing topping this would be Vanessa Wolfe. I shuddered at the thought of having Jacob that close to my daughter, my four year old. That was also inevitable but hopefully I would have a few years left before I would keep Edward from snapping Jake’s neck.

For six months I spoke to my mom over the phone almost every day and she was feeling less worried. And when it had gone a year since the last time I saw her we bought her and Phil tickets to come visit us.

After three hours in Alice’s massive salon of a bathroom I actually looked awful. Well, I looked like the old me. I hadn’t hunted in ten days so my eyes were very dark, closer to the chocolate brown eyes had when I was human. Renée would notice if I wore contacts.

After my crimson red eyes had turned golden, I never bothered with contact lenses when I saw Charlie but that could never be the case with Renée.

The first time Charlie came to visit and I didn’t have contacts he obviously noticed but I laughed a bit and told him “the last change, I promise dad”. He frowned at first but I could see the relief in his eyes when I said last change.

At the same time my mom and Phil came to visit, it was time to celebrate mine and Edwards first year as a married couple.

Alice, again, wasn’t slow in her thoughts and by the time it was time to meet Renée and Phil at the airport the house looked like a junior version of the wedding. Twinkle lights lingered everywhere, flowers in beautiful vases stood against the walls and candles were lit on every table.

The kitchen was now always packed with food.

Seth and Jacob were here everyday and Charlie, Billy and Sue came over every weekend. Dad and Sue were really close nowadays and Edward had told us that it wouldn’t be long until they would confess their feeling toward each other.

When Edward returned with Renée and Phil it was twilight.

The dinner party would seem strange when only two people were eating without making faces; so Charlie, Sue, Billy, Seth and of course, Jacob came as well.

Hugging my mother was also inevitable so before I put on my black jeans and a long sleeved blouse that Alice had given me, I took a two hour long hot shower. After that I was ready to at least give my mother a human hug after not seeing her for a year.

After a tearful Hello - tearful on her part; we sat down in the dining room and we all talked and laughed for hours. It felt like old times in many ways. She eyed me suspiciously at first as I expected - a year in Alice’s bathroom would never conceal everything that had changed but she was just so happy to see me. I was blissful about seeing her as well and it wasn’t that hard to ignore the burning in my throat even though it had been ten days since my last hunt.

It was however hard to introduce Ness to my mother but Edward and Nessy herself, made it easy. Nessy was just glad she could have Renée in her life one way or another.

The dinner went on very smoothly except for the part where I had to eat.

This was the first time I ate human food since I became a vampire.

My mom thought nothing of it, why would she.

Edward and Alice felt a bit sorry for me but they couldn’t help not chuckling.

They all hated human food of course but to them it was all part of the charade and they’ve gotten used to it.

Jacob and Emmet pretended to laugh at a joke someone told but I knew they were laughing at me. I made them pay later though.

Even though Charlie didn’t exactly know what we were, he still some how looked at us in disbelief as we ate and drank. Our eating habits were something he always questioned in silence. As the evening went by everyone settled in different parts of the house. Emmet, Rosalie, Charlie, Billy and Phil talked about sports, Esme and Renée were reminiscing in the kitchen about the wedding. Carlisle, Edward, Sue and Seth were talking about something in La Push. I drifted around and settled later on a couch feeling very content.

Four faces disappeared though. Alice and Jasper were probably getting the yucky food out of their systems and well; then there was my Nessy… and Jacob. At the time I was only little anxious but as long as Edward knew everything I didn’t worry too much.

Over the last three years we made it into a tradition to have this dinner in August and every year whenever Alice could see rain in Florida, Edward and I would visit them in Jacksonville. The last four years truly had been wonderful.

Esme and Carlisle loved having people over and everyone could relax because of the simple facts that we had no secrets. We played our parts when Renée and Phil were here of course and we were a bit more careful with the words around my father but still, we could feel at ease. And every night I had my Edward next to me. Nessy had taken Edwards old room in the big house as her getaway and many nights were like a slumber party to her. She and Alice could be twins. They both loved shopping and travelling. At first I was worried that she would become spoiled but Alice was not the biggest problem there.

It was Edward. He never said no to the girl! But Nessy was wonderful.

She showed such gratitude and loved to give things to the people she loved.

By the time she played the part of a thirteen year old, Alice helped her with the stock market and soon she wouldn’t need daddy’s money. I couldn’t say I was thrilled about this but it was the Cullen way and it turned out great when Nessy one day even asked if she could get a job. Surely this had nothing to do with money but she wanted to help out in some way and interaction with other people was something she craved so Carlisle offered her a job as helping hand in the cafeteria at the hospital. She worked there for a while before she started talking about school.

When Nessy started at Neah Bay High; Edward wasn’t worried at all. It took me a month to figure out why he was so calm.

Every other day he suddenly decided to go out for a few hours and there was always a weird reason behind his decision. Shopping and some crazy driving; I could believe but when he started talking about golf I became suspicious!

A week later I followed him all the way to Neah Bay! For a month he had been spying on our daughter! I was so mad at him. How could he do this to me?! Wasn’t he smart enough to know that I would want to spy as well?!

But after a brief fight about it, he dazzled his way out and he had my forgiveness. After that we spied together and we felt content when we noticed that Jacob didn’t visit too often. We should have known better though…

When Nessy came home for the holidays she was one the verge of exploding. Renesmee Carlie Cullen actually yelled at me and Edward.

She totally chewed us out! She pointed and waved and screamed and for a while; both I and Edward felt like we were her children.

Shortly after; Nessy transferred to a school in Vancouver and said in her confident voice “If I catch you spying on me again I will find a new school…Maybe in China!!!”

Emmet and Rosalie laughed so hard that it was difficult not to join in.

Our daughter was right, we were so embarrassed and we did obey from that moment; we never spied again. With a new apartment and a new wardrobe, she left for Vancouver. After Ness left, we all noticed all the food we had to throw away. Jacob didn’t eat… because he didn’t visit anymore.

One night when I was curled up in Edward’s arms in our little cottage, we talked about Jacob and Renesmee.

When Nessy turned one, she showed us a development of her gift.

From birth she could let us know her thought by touching us with her hand.

But that was not the only thing she could do anymore. She could also shield her own thoughts. Edward could no longer read her mind when she decided she didn’t want him to. At first we were surprised since these gifts never really developed, they would be there from the start.

But then again, this only applied to vampires. Nessy is half human and can there for change. Carlisle and Edward made studies but can still only speculate. Carlisle believes this to be one more gift from me or Edward. I shield myself and people around me from other mental gifts. And now Nessy can do that too with one exception; my shield is always there, I chose to move it if I want Edward to read my minds. Nessy turns her on. It’s not in function until she chooses. And what teenager wants her father to read he mind? This all made sense to me but Edward was annoyed.

Every time I saw him trying to read her mind I couldn’t keep myself from laughing. However, we are still wondering. Could she do more?

The problem now was; not knowing what state her relationship with Jake was in.

“Do you think Jacob is with her in Vancouver” I asked. I already knew the answer but maybe, just maybe he had another theory.

He clenched his teeth. “Probably”.

I used the words he had asked me so many times before; “Tell me what you are thinking”

He sighed and continued. “My guess is something has changed in their relationship. We haven’t seen Jacob in months and I believe there is only one reason”

I knew his thoughts and finished; “you think he is hiding from your mindreading”.

It was more of a statement than a question so we didn’t speak for a while.

Ness was coming home for the summer and in two days we would pick her up at the airport. We all had a surprise waiting for her and we knew that we had to include Jacob in those plans. I loved Jacob very much and if my daughter were to date… I shuddered at the thought. Well, then Jacob would be perfect.

And there had never been any doubt that Jacob wouldn’t do everything for Renesmee. The only thing bothering us was Nessy’s age. To us; she was still only four years old. She may look like a fifteen year old and she is no doubt smarter than an average college student.

But still, it had only been four short years since Edward sang her to sleep.

I sighed again and decided not let my anxiousness ruin this night with my husband. He was still feeling bothered but I knew what to do to make that go away.

When the sun started to rise, we looked deep in each others eyes and as he dazzled me with his gentle touch on my arm; he sighed and rolled his eyes.

It only took me a few seconds to understand, and another second later; I heard Alice walking toward our little haven. She knocked on the door and waited.

Edward got up unwillingly and flitted in to our huge wardrobe.

A second later he was dressed in a pair of black khakis and a moss green shirt. After he closed the bedroom door behind himself, he went to open the door for Alice. I got up and walked slowly through the walk-in closet trying to decide what to wear. Edward and I were driving to Seattle with Alice and Jasper.

We had some shopping to do before we could surprise Nessy.

As I got dressed; Alice entered and started with my hair. I was still her make up doll and she just loved to fix, pull, braid and dress me. When she was done with my hair I looked in the mirror and she waited for my reaction.

While I smiled and thanked her, Edward came into view smiled my favorite crooked smile. If I was human I would blush. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me intensively. Alice faked a cough and yet again I would blush if I could.

Edward chuckled and took my hand.

“Let’s go shopping!” he said sarcastically. I sighed and followed them out.

“Bella, do you honestly still hate shopping?” Alice asked.

I looked at Edward for my answer but he gave me nothing.

To be honest, shopping was like dancing. It was awful when I was human but with my senses enhanced as a vampire I could now follow Edward on the dance floor. But I was still me.

Maybe I didn’t hate shopping now and maybe I had gotten better at it but I still didn’t like it. But when it came to Alice it was always better to sugar coat it.

“Well, kind of, Alice… but when I’m shopping with you, it’s bearable” I lied.

Alice is the last person I wanted to join in a shopping spree.

She could walk around in a mall for hours.

Edward smiled at my lie in approval and Alice lit up at the compliment.

Jasper was already in the garage when we arrived at the big house.

Esme stepped out on the small porch and handed Alice a list of things she needed from Seattle. She smiled and told us to have fun.

Yeah that’ll be the day, I thought. Edward had for long, pressured me to pretty much just spend some money.

He really didn’t care what I would spend it on, as long as I did it.

But how could I ever crave anything when our home had everything I wanted and more. Money was close to nothing in the Cullen family.

They all had enough money to lead their own country.

I looked at my car where it stood covered with a top in the back of the garage. A lipstick red Ferrari… didn’t Edward know me at all? I chuckled at the thought as we drove away in Edwards Volvo. Edward looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing” I said and smiled.

He gave me that car after I became a vampire hoping that I would love it.

I didn’t love it at all; it was too flashy for me. Jake did however love it!

But a car like that had no business in Forks. Sure I did like speed nowadays and I would probably hate creeping up the road in my old Chevy but a red Ferrari? No thanks.

Hmm, he wants me to spend money… and taking his Volvo every time I needed to go somewhere suited me just fine but he would be happy if I wanted something materialistic. In a flash of a second Alice knew what I was about to ask Edward and she immediately thought about something else so that Edward would get the question from me instead of her.

“Edward?” I said.

He answered beautifully as ever; “Yes, love?”

Okay, here we go, lets spend some of your money. If I said that out loud he would just say “our” money.

“I was thinking… well, there is one thing I could actually need” I lied just a little.

He smiled while I fumbled with my words. Had Alice slipped?

“You might not think I do but I really do think the Ferrari is very cool, but I don’t really think it fits me so I was thinking…”

“You want a new car!” he interrupted in a very enthusiastic voice.

Jasper and Alice chuckled. Alice knew I didn’t exactly want another monstrosity and Jasper could feel that Edward was dead wrong.

“Uhm, well, yes but before you get too excited honey… I was thinking… discrete, inconspicuous and not too expensive. In fact I wouldn’t mind a used car” I said. I should have known better than to say used… Edward would never let me drive anything older than a milk carton in Charlie’s fridge.

Edward frowned at the word used but his grin was soon back on his perfect face. I could feel a compromise coming my way.

“Hmm. Bella, love. I am very happy that you finally want something and I will not decide anything for you. However, I have one simple request” he said.

Oh dear. Here he goes. He continued “Can you at least decide on a car that is new?” He said the word new in a pleading voice and I knew he would get his way. It could have been a lot worse though. I’m sure a can find a cheap car that’s new.

“All right, but can you promise me that you will not go against whatever my decision will be?” I asked.

He smiled and nodded “As long it’s not used

I leaned over to his side and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks for not being all Edward about it” I whispered and chuckled.

He sighed and rolled his eyes and for the second time today he smiled his crooked smile. And as I let my thoughts wonder it was Jaspers turn to fake a cough. “Sorry, Jasper” I muttered embarrassed. Edward just laughed.

When we arrived in Seattle I couldn’t exactly hide my feelings. When Edward glanced at me I moved my shield and let him know.

This was very convenient and it was my way of dazzling Edward. He was always mesmerized by my mind.

I guess that’s because whatever I was I letting him know; there was always an under current of thoughts about my undying love for him.

Anyway, he knew what I had on my mind. And of course, so did Alice.

“Oh come on, Bella!” she complained. “You are not actually leaving?! We just arrived!” A moment of silence while she pouted and then continued “So much for bearable” she snapped.

Jasper and Edward laughed and received a crazed glare from Alice.

I tried to explain. “Alice? It’s just that… well, you are so much better at shopping than I am. Especially when it comes to shopping for Renesmee. We are not leaving it’s just that maybe I could stand in the background? You know how I am in a clothing store… remember LA last winter?”

Alice frowned at the thought of me accidently trying on a men’s shirt in a dressing room. I never really thought of it but Alice freaked and actually looked embarrassed.

After a few minutes, she finally softened and agreed to me standing in the background of today’s event. I actually did have some shopping to do but I had to do that alone and as soon as Alice would see, I hoped she could distract Edward. Our daughter’s homecoming wasn’t the only thing I looked forward to.

In a couple of weeks it was Edwards’s birthday.

Obviously I hade no idea what so ever on what to give him but I wanted it to be extravagant for once. It was more his style. So what I needed was something materialistic but still personal. I shrugged and thought “too bad I’m no Rosalie, then I could build him a car” I would need help with his gift. Definitely.

And it would have to been soon. We’re leaving in a week so we wouldn’t celebrate Edwards’s birthday in Forks. Maybe I could give him his present before we left?

Maybe I should ask Alice anyway, she was after all quite good at hiding information from Edward. We entered the department store and I could feel this was going to be a long day. I felt it, there for Jasper felt it and Edward read his mind and was apparently going to say something to me but before he could…

“Get over your self, Bella” Alice snapped. Okay, now I felt bad.

I would suffer in silence from now on.

And then I knew exactly what to say to make her happy again. I took Alice aside and whispered my wish, and shortly after; a request about her not letting Edward know. Her face lit up like a child entering Willy Wonka’s Factory.

Even though she could irritate me to my very core, I loved her very much and her happiness meant a lot to me. Edward joined us; he was curious about what Alice was hiding.

“What is she translating this time” I chuckled.

He laughed and answered “Right now she’s alphabetizing the names of every shopping mall that she’s visited so I’m assuming you two are hiding something from me for quite a while?”

“You assume right” I answered. “And Edward? If you love me, you’ll let this go” He kissed my forehead and promised. Alice sent Jasper and Edward away with Esme’s list. And swiftly, she led the way until we stood in front of a huge pink sign. Of course she would choose Victoria’s Secret.

We spent about twenty minutes in there and though she was happy to help me, she wanted me to decide on my own lingerie.

I was kind of counting on her decision, I owed her big for the last time she bought me this stuff. And as I remembered what kind of lingerie that did the trick for Edward - I just went with my instincts.

I found one black piece, lacy, very promiscuous and with French tags.

I actually liked it in a way. Mostly because I knew Edward would go crazy. He may be a perfect gentleman but like he once said himself; “I’m still a man” I held it up and Alice nodded enthusiastically. She was impressed. I found a pair of matching stockings and felt ready to leave. But Alice had other plans. “Shoes” she said.

“Ah, shoes with lingerie, of course, that make sense” I murmured sarcastically. She ignored my comment and led the way again. Shoes at Victoria’s Secret… Yeah, they probably don’t sell sneakers here.

This time she decided for me, thank God! She found a pair of black stilettos, very glossy and a death trap to a human with the coordination skills I once had. I didn’t exactly approve but she was known for being right so I just smiled.

During this time she had found a number of items her self and together we walked toward the registrar. Alice was obviously used to women glaring at her in envy but this was still new to me since I never really left Forks for no special reason.

For the first time in months, I used the credit card; Edward had given me before we got married. We left the store and Alice grabbed my bag, folded it and placed it at the bottom of her much larger bag.

“Thoroughness is the key to fool the likes of Edward and myself” she said and winked.

“Oh, and Bella? You look kind of excited; you might want to trade that in for boredom if you want to fool your husband”

I smiled ruefully at her comment and tried to relax in order to look bored.

It was hard though. I could not wait to show Edward. But right now I had to come up with the larger gift for him and I had an idea.

“Alice, you’re quite good at hiding things from Edward, right?”

“As long it’s not too many things, I manage well” she said and chuckled.

“I sort of need some help with a gift for Edward”

“What a great idea, Bella! He will love that!”

Over the last four years Edward had not been playing his piano that much because of the simple fact that it stood in the big house.

A grand piano of his liking would consume our little cottage.

So adding a new room and placing a new piano there was to be my gift for Edward. Extravagant but still personal.

When we left the mall, we saw that our husbands waiting for us, smiling.

At first I became suspicious but Alice smiled and said “Don’t worry, I wont slip” A second later she got a bit distracted and started alphabetizing again.

Edward opened the car door for me and kissed my hand as I got in. This time, Jasper drove and I noticed that we weren’t leaving Seattle.

Another mall… Edward was also done shopping so he and I waited in the car this time. With Edwards arm around me, we became perfectly still and just appreciated the moment.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow. It seems like forever ago, we saw Nessy” I said.

“It will be interesting to see Jacob. Or should I say hear Jacob” Edward answered. I could not agree more but tomorrow was to be a joyous event.

“Don’t start anything tomorrow” I pleaded. We kissed in agreement and fell into silence.

When we got back to Forks it was dark and from the garage, we could hear troubled murmuring inside the house. Billy and Charlie were there.

Edward stood still for a second and then he speeded in to the house with a tortured face. Was it agony?

He slowed down, just in time as he came into view for Charlie.

In a heartbeat the rest of us followed while Alice followed more slowly; looking confused.

Even though Edward knew everything, he had to wait patiently for Billy, Charlie and Carlisle to tell the story and that’s how the rest of us non-mind readers found out. First we heard the censured version from Billy and Charlie.

The two of them got back from a fishing trip in La Push and Sam had been waiting for them at Billy’s house. He had spoken to Jacob who to no surprise was in Vancouver. The previous day, Jacob and Ness had gone out to eat and when they came back to Nessy’s apartment someone had been there.

To Charlie, this would most likely be a burglar but we all knew.

“The Volturi?” I whispered to Edward.

Edward was in pain but composed him self in front of my dad.

I started to freak and Esme put her arm on my shoulder.

“Dad, can you maybe go down to your office and call the police department in Vancouver? Maybe they’ve heard anything” Not likely but in I needed him out of the house.

“We can drive Billy home, Charlie” Carlisle offered.

Charlie put his professional face on which meant a deep crease between his eyebrows. “I’ll call as soon as I know anything, Bells” he tried to soothe me. When the door closed, Edward actually had to hold me in place as I was about to fall to pieces.

Since Edward knew everything, he told the story and Billy added a few things.

“I can’t be sure until Jacob is here, but why would it be the Volturi?” Edward asked. He noticed my hysteria taking over and calmed me a bit.

“Jacob is on his way home with Nessy as we speak, they’ll be here in a couple of hours”

“They’re running?” I asked.

“Yes. But don’t worry, love. Embry, Paul and Sam are meeting them.”

“Let’s go then, I can’t just sit here and wait Edward! Why are you so calm?” I started to panic.

“She will be home soon, safe and sound, I promise. But of course we can meet them.”

Edward concentrated for a second and was able to pick up the voices of the pack. They had gotten far already. Edward kissed the top of my head stroking his hand on my back. I took a deep breath to compose myself.

Carlisle and Emmet went with us. The second we were out of the house, I saw Alice through the window. She was upset, confused and concentrating.

I knew it was hard for her not being able to see Nessy and Jacob but she always knew that the two of them were the blind spots in Vancouver.

We ran as fast as we could; Edward determined, Carlisle worried and Emmet ready for anything.

It didn’t take long before we caught the scent from the pack and from there on it was easy to follow. After about twenty minutes we could see the city lights of Port Angeles and shortly after that the lights of the smaller town Sequim.

When we got closer to Port Townsend, I expected us to swim across the sound but just before I could take the leap; Edward stopped and listened.

“They will be here in a matter of minutes. They are all on the ferry” He continued “Jacob and Nessy have been running in circles to distract an eventual tracker” And then he looked confused. “I can’t hear Jacob or Nessy”

If this was a cartoon; I would look like a freaking question mark.

“But I can see them through the minds of Sam, Embry and Paul” he finished.

“Renesmee is probably blocking you, son” Carlisle stated.

“That doesn’t explain the absence of Jacob’s thoughts though.” Edward prompted.

“We will know more soon, the ferry is closing in”

I just stood still, waiting impatiently for our daughter. Our four year old girl.

I took Edward’s hand. A minute later; the ferry docked and we walked toward the arriving passengers. Sam, Embry, Paul, Jake… “Nessy!” I could see her in the crowd.

“Mom! Dad!” Nessy ran to us with a face of relief.

The three of us hugged for quite a while and I met Edward’s eyes.

If he could cry, he would. Nessy hugged Carlisle and Emmet but didn’t let go of Edward’s hand.

I felt warm and happy again. Whatever we had to deal with now, we would do so together.

We ran back home in silence. Nessy looked happy.

Edward - Distraught and irritated. Jacob; worried! Even in his wolf form it was evident that he was nervous. About what?

When we got closer to the house, Nessy pulled some fabric out of her backpack and put it in Jacob’s mouth.

He took off into the woods to phase back.

Nessy watched as he disappeared with a huge smile on her face. Disturbing.

We ran across the wild garden and Nessy entered the house first.

With happy faces on every member of our family, I felt warm again.

I went to call Charlie, to let him know that Nessy was safe while everyone gathered around Nessy who was telling stories about her semester in Vancouver.

I wondered where Alice and Jasper were though. Earlier today, she could not wait for Renesmee to come home.

When I entered the living room, so did Jacob.

He looked… nervous, scared? What was going on? I eyed him suspiciously and he avoided my stare. I needed answers, I needed my Edward.

Jacob sat down next to Renesmee and kept quiet. Mine and Edward’s eyes met across the room from each other and we both had a creased forehead. I moved my shield for a couple of seconds, “they look connected?” I thought worrying. And this did it.

Edward had been silent for a long time and I knew he was thinking hard about not being able to hear Jake. Because of Nessy’s fast growing, Edward and I only had about two years to act like real parents. We never had any problems with our daughter. She was a smart, adoring and an understanding child. We’ve never had any real arguments with her. This was about to change, I could feel it. So could Jacob. I looked at Edward. He had figured something out. He looked… well, he actually looked pissed. I’ve never seen him like this.

Edward clenched his teeth and spoke with a strict parental voice. “Jacob. Outside. Now!!!” “Nessy, you too!”

“Dad?” Nessy looked confused but followed Jacob when he; with his head bowed, walked out. She had never heard her father speak like this.

I knew that he must have a good reason, he would never show this side of himself in front of his beloved girl if he didn’t.

Everybody was on their feet and I flitted outside to be with Edward and also to find out.

Renesmee, stop blocking Jacob!” Edward spoke through his teeth and he had a hard time composing him self.

Blocking Jacob? Edward rarely used her full name. Carlisle materialized next to Edward, looking stunned. But not angry.

My thoughts were everywhere and I could almost feel faint. Almost. Then it hit me: NESSY BLOCKING JACOB?! She can do more?! Behind me, I heard Emmet and Rosalie barking out laughs. It had taken about two seconds since Edward told Nessy to stop blocking Jake. I glanced at Nessy who looked guilty but I could see, she was preparing herself for her first argument with her father. Edward waited for her response and I saw my window.

“No Renesmee!! You keep quiet and do what your father tells you to!”

For a brief moment I was actually startled by my own tone. Nessy apparently obeyed. Edward locked his muscles as he listened to Jacob who was still quiet.

After a minute Edward relaxed a bit but looked very determined and he still spoke through his razor sharp teeth; “Alice, Jasper. Take Nessy upstairs to her room”

Alice and Jasper came from the garage and silently walked Nessy upstairs.

Had they been hiding in the garage this whole time? Why? Jasper also smiled which was very frustrating. What made Emmet, Rosalie and Jasper giggling like school girls when Edward was so angry? Edward took a step toward Jacob, flexing his muscles.

“Edward, listen before you decide to fight me” Jacob almost pleaded.

It felt weird seeing Edward as a true parent, but weird in a good way and Jacob’s childlike pleading made him so small.

“It wouldn’t be much of a fight, pup but sure, let’s talk” Edward muttered but unclenched his teeth.

Carlisle gestured with his hand and we all followed him inside where we could sit and be civilized. Carlisle spoke first. “Edward, son. Why don’t you tell us what you know and after that we let Jacob speak?”

Edward interrupted “First I need a moment with Bella to talk tings over”

“Of course” Carlisle said apologetically.

“Keep Nessy up stairs until we return in a moment” Edward sighed and Carlisle chuckled. Edward grabbed my hand and in a minute we leaped over the river and shortly after that; we opened the door to out little home. Edward lunged him self in one of the two oversized chairs and I followed but a bit more gracefully.

Edward sighed and groaned “Jacob is no longer the best brother a girl can have. He is soin love with her and I can’t decide on how to feel. Jacob is a good guy but… Our daughter?! Couldn’t he imprint on someone else”

We both knew that thanks to Jacob’s imprinting on Renesmee, the support from the werewolves had come naturally, and because of the love Jacob felt for our girl; the alliance with the Quileute’s could not be stronger.

I left my seat and curled my self up with Edward.

“Tell me” I whispered.

“Like I said, Jacob is now in love with Nessy. And I doubt it will take long before she feels the same”

We knew this day would come.

“What made you so angry earlier?” I whispered.

“Apparently, Nessy has developed more when it comes to her talent. Not only can she block herself but she can block other people or at least Jacob.” I waited for him to continue.

“It was frustrating not knowing and I guess I overreacted a bit but I did feel very upset that they didn’t tell us about her new skill

“Have they known about this for long?” I asked.

“The past few months. That is why she was blocking him now. They knew we would be upset since they didn’t tell us. At first I thought she was blocking him because of his feelings for Ness but she doesn’t know yet.” He answered.

“Where do we go from here, I mean; she will be our baby girl for a long time but that’s just to us! And I doubt we can force them to not be together”

“I know, we will just have to keep our thought to ourselves when it comes to Nessy and Jacob’s bond, we don’t want to push her away. It’s not their fault. But I will demand honesty from now on, from both of them”

“Sounds good… I was very impressed with you today by the way. Very parental and…” I trailed off.

He kissed me briefly and then sighed. “We shouldn’t keep the others waiting”

I pouted but agreed.

We ran back a bit slower and holding hands and as we walked up the porch we noticed that the atmosphere had changed.

Emmet sat in front of the TV, watching a game. Jacob sat next to him with a large pizza. Esme came out from the kitchen and smiled her motherly smile at us. “You may have an argument to tend to but Jacob was hungry” she said lightly. Jacob smiled at Esme but still avoided me and Edward.

“The crabby parents are back to serve some ass whooping. I think Nessy, the shopaholic and Mr. Mood can come down now!” Emmet laughed at his own joke.

And a couple of seconds later; Nessy, Alice and Jasper walked down the stairs.

Carlisle came down from his study and took a seat at the end of the long table. Esme stood behind him with one hand on his shoulder.

On one side, Edward sat down and I settled in the chair to his left.

Jacob chose a chair across the table from Edward.

Nessy and Jacob exchanged a look of tenderness but also guilt as she sat down next to me. The others kept close but stayed away from the dining room.

Edward softened when I took his hand and then he began.

“Bella and I kind of knew that Jacob would follow you to Vancouver, Nessy but to keep it all a secret is wrong on so many levels”

And I filled in with; “Whatever you decide is your choice sweetie, but your father and I trust you to tell us important things… and same goes for you Jacob” It was weird having to treat Jake as a child when he was just two years younger than me but when it came to Nessy there had to be a line drawn.

Edward continued “I apologize for overreacting before but it was very frustrating knowing that something was going on and then to see Jacob muted

Nessy took over; “I’m really sorry dad and I see your point, I really do, it was wrong of me not to tell you and I’m sorry for making you and mom worried”

I felt the warmth and happiness again and I was glad everything had turned out well. Esme and I shared the same smile.

I knew this conversation was far from over but at least now there were no grudges. Carlisle joined in and our conversation took a new turn. “Nessy, can you tell us about your new talent and how you discovered it?”

We all listened intently when she told us.

A few months ago when she was home during spring break, she’d spent a day down in La Push. She and Emily were talking about the gifts some vampires possessed.

“Have you considered that you might be able to more?” Emily had asked her and then how Emily remembered her Sam coming home from one of his patrols, telling her about me and how at first I could only shield my self but as I started to work with my gift; I was later able to protect more people.

Nessy had thought it was an interesting idea but didn’t really know where to start… and then Jake had told her what I did to practice and Nessy remembered Kate and Zafrina very well - working with me, and that anger was the best way to sort of channel strength.

Nessy had spoken with confidence and knowledge when she told us. “I never had anyone with a mental gift to practice with but I tried my hardest and after a while I could feel some kind of energy shielding the person I was channelizing it towards. And that’s how I knew”

Nessy had smiled and was obviously impressed with her self.

Carlisle and Edward were fascinated but I felt quite irritated.

“Renesmee, do you really not know anyone with a mental gift?” I actually gave her a real glare and she knew why.

“I know, I’m really sorry, I know now I should have asked for your help dad, I guess I was just playing around with it at first and later I never really thought of it” she apologized.

Edward could never hold a grudge when it came to Nessy. He glowed with pride at the moment so I just let it go.

Jacob who had been very quiet had a new topic on mind and the most important one really.

“How should we deal with Nessy’s visitor last night?” He continued “I didn’t recognize the scent so I can’t really help out and I failed to follow the scent as it just disappeared outside the building”. Jacob hated feeling helpless.

“Well, maybe we should drive up there and see if we recognize it?” Carlisle suggested. I put my arm around Nessy.

Jasper entered the dining room. After talking it over, we decided that Edward, Carlisle, Jasper and Alice would drive up there to check things out.

It had been a long day for Nessy and Jake. The sun would rise in two hours or so.

“Nessy, sweetie. Perhaps it’s time for bed?” I smiled and stroked her hair.

I stood up and dragged my half a sleep daughter out of the dining room and headed for the stairs. “Mom, can I sleep in the cottage tonight?” I smiled and held her tightly “Never ask that, Ness. Of course you can”

I led the way out and Jacob followed. Jacob smiled at us and then darted into the woods only to arrive four seconds later in his wolf form. He would circle the cottage as long as Renesmee was a sleep.

“Jake, you need to get some sleep as well” I said. He chuckled with his husky voice and rolled is eyes.

“I know, I shouldn’t even bother telling you” I sighed and shrugged. He would get some sleep in the big house tomorrow when we were all there.

Edward came outside. “When are you leaving?” I asked.

“Right away. It will be somewhat sunny in Vancouver tomorrow so we want to get this over with.” “We will be back around sunset tomorrow.”

“Can Alice see anything? I asked.

“She’s trying, she is very confused. We don’t really know what’s going on.”

That freaked me out a little. Edward kissed Nessy’s hand and pulled her towards his back.

She climbed up and held her arms around his neck not even bothering to open her eyes. Edward kissed me and then we raced back to the cottage. Even with a sleeping fifteen year old on his back he had me. I could crush a lot of things but since Emmet beat me in arm wrestling, thirteen months after my change, I never felt strong again. I was no fighter. And whenever I tried to wrestle, even with Esme, Edward always had plans for us. Emmet was willing to help me but of course Edward caught him thinking about it and then that was out the window too.

Edward carried Nessy to her room and during two seconds, she woke up, looked around and lunged for the bed and then her eyes closed again.

I stood in the doorway while Edward kissed her goodnight and covered her in blankets. His perfect eyes met mine and we walked out to the living room. “Love you” I whispered.

“Forever” and then he kissed my nose. “Hurry back to us, and call me” My voice felt thick. I didn’t like it when we were apart. He smiled my favorite smile and then he was gone.

I had about thirteen hours before Edward, Jasper, Alice and Carlisle were back. I couldn’t just stand still all day so I decided to use this time well and Edward’s birthday gift needed some attention. I could hear Jacob outside the cottage and I opened the door.

“Jake, can you phase back and come inside for a while?” He was about to dart back to the place he had hid his sweats but before he could blink I was back with a pair of Edwards khakis. He rolled his eyes when I smirked and put the pants between his teeth. I closed the door and sat down in a chair.

Jacob knocked once and the entered. “Hi, Bells” he said a bit apologetically but his husky grin was still glued on his face. I gave him a quick glare but turned it into a genuine smile immediately. “I need to talk to Esme about Edward’s birthday and I was wondering if you could stay here with Ness for a while?”

Jake nodded and sat down in a chair putting his feet on the small wooden table and started searching for the remote. I just laughed. That’s the Jacob I know. ”I’m afraid we don’t have any real food here but there are sodas and snacks in Nessy’s mini fridge in her room”

Nessy preferred hunting when she was home but in Vancouver she ate mostly human food. She still kept her diet natural. She could enjoy a steak and a salad, or eggs or fruit but she couldn’t stand the smell of processed food like French fries or hamburgers.

Still she kept her fridge stocked with Coke or Mountain Dew along with snacks. Stuff that Jake loved, no doubt.

“Sweet” he said as he started flipping through the two hundred channels.

“I’ll be back soon” I grabbed my pink laptop, a gift from Alice and I was on my way out when Jacob cleared his throat; “Bella… I can’t say I’m sorry about the way I feel for Nessy but I would never disrespect you and Edward. My feelings towards her will stay hidden until she feels the same… If she will feel the same. And I will talk to you first”

“I know you will Jake” I smiled at him.

“And Jake… Se will feel the same” I closed the door behind me and shuddered before I leaped through the woods.

Esme was in the kitchen, making a list on things she needed to keep the wolves and humans full and satisfied for another week.

“Hello Bella” She said in her bright singing voice. She didn’t seem to worry about Carlisle. I was probably overreacting.

“Hi Esme, do you need help with anything?”

“No, but thank you dear. You seem to have a question though”

“Edward’s birthday is coming up and I need some advice” I started.

She sat down by the kitchen counter, smiling as always.

“I want to give him something he will really appreciate and I know how much he likes to play the piano. So I was thinking… about adding a new room to our cottage and place a piano there” I smiled and waited for Esme’s answer.

“What a wonderful idea, Bella! He will love that. When were you planning on giving it to him?”

“Well, I was sort of hoping to present it for him before we leave but I don’t know if that’s even possible”

“Of course it’s possible” she chirped.

Then she continued.

“I was talking to Rosalie earlier about Reneesme’s homecoming and how it kind of… Well there was no celebrating so to speak. And we thought about throwing a party for her tonight and then maybe we could leave earlier. We all need a vacation” she said. “Anyway, since we are already having a party, maybe you could give Edward your gift tonight? We could all give him our presents” She glowed.

A birthday party and a Welcome home party all wrapped up in one. Esme was a genius. Wow. “Wow, we have a lot to do then. How on earth are we going to finish the cottage so soon?”

Esme smiled and answered to my question with;

“Emmet! We need you” I turned my head and saw him coming from the garage. Rosalie joined shortly after. Before Esme started to fill them in she flitted up the stairs. Emmet and Rosalie sat down. Why was he covered in oil? With a huge grin on his face he took in my questioning stare. “Edward’s birthday gift” he said and grinned wider. Oh my god! They’re actually building him a car! Dang! Will my gift still be better? I hope so. Esme returned with a set of blue prints and she rolled it out on the counter. It was our cottage.

“We are adding a music room for Edward at the cottage and I think this is the best place to do it” she pointed on the left wall of our bedroom. On the other side was our huge walk-in closet. Esme continued. “We have about eleven hours” she looked at Emmet and he grinned.

“Destruction time!” He flexed his muscles.

Esme smiled but ignored his always ready-for-a-fight mode and turned to me.

“I suggest we take the piano we have here and then we can just buy a new one. Edward loves the one he has here. Plus, it will save us time.” She rolled her eyes at Emmet and went on “And with the living monster truck we have here…” she said jokingly “…we will have that new room done in no time and when we’re done, we can focus on decorating here in the house.”

Esme was a true lifesaver. And before I could think about material she went on both talking to us and planning out loud for her self. “Rosalie, can you drive down to the lumber yard in town and get this” she handed her a list but before she left;

“Rosalie, I know money is nothing to you but please.” I handed her my credit card. She chuckled but accepted it and then she was out the door. Did I ruin their gift now? “Emmet, do you have more to do in the garage?” I asked anxiously. “Nope, all done” he said.

This was all so easy, what was I supposed to do?

The idea was mine but the way think looked now, I was done… “Esme, I need to do something, otherwise it won’t feel like my gift” Esme understood and said; “Of course. Rosalie is getting wood for the floor. You could meet her there. You can choose the flooring. And then when we get back you can decide on fabrics for the drapes. Alice won’t mind if we borrow some fabric from her”

This made me feel better. Some of the decisions would be mine. “Sounds great” I said.

We all got up at the same time. Esme went up stairs to change clothes and after that she would go online to order our plane tickets.

Emmet went to the garage where they had tools and various machines.

I darted through the woods and when I got closer to town it was easy to smell the lumber yard. Oh! Shoot, I forgot to inform Jake. Ah well, I guess Emmet will take care of that.

I arrived at the lumber yard at the same time Rosalie pulled over in Emmet’s Jeep. I looked around and then stepped out of the woods and joined her.

Behind the clouds, the sun was rising. Thank God, the lumber yard opened at 6 am. There were always huge trucks driving in and out of Forks, picking up lumber as well as processed wood to deliver around the country.

“I thought maybe I could help decide on the flooring” I said.

Rosalie smiled and we went in to their small shop where they had samples. Okay, what will Edward like? The rest of the house used to have a stone floor but as Nessy was more sensitive than us we had replaced it with a honey colored wooden floor. Maybe we should have the same color scheme?

But then I saw a darker wood sample. Cherry. It would suit Edward, I just knew it. Rosalie nodded in approval and added; “Midnight blue drapes will be perfect with this” She was right.

We were a lot closer these days and I loved her like my sister. While Rosalie ordered the paneled cherry wood to be polished she handed me my credit card. “Is there any way we can get this today?” she asked in the most innocent and charming voice. I couldn’t help but to chuckle under my breath. I looked at the man and smiled while I tilted my head a little. When he was dazzled he could do nothing but to say yes. I paid for the wood and the rush order fee and gave the man my cell phone number. He told us, they would have everything done in a couple of hours.

While we walked to the car we talked about Edward’s new room. We had a couple of hours to kill. Rosalie suggested we’d go to Forks mini version of a Home Depot. We needed something to make the room more elegant. Like my Edward.

When we walked around in the small supply store I came across some beautifully carved wooden strips. They would look perfect where the glass walls met the floor. Rosalie actually beamed when she saw the wood. And soon I knew why. She showed me a big photo frame, it hade the same detailed carving. Perfect!

“It can stand on the piano and have a picture of you and Edward from the wedding in it” she suggested. Rosalie was perfect for this. “You are a genius Rosalie”

After I paid and we left, for once, I felt inspired. This was new to me. I chuckled under my breath again. The room was to be simple but yet glorious. The fabric and the carved wood would do the trick but Rose gave me an idea. A photo from the wedding… the only thing missing now was a vase that could stand in the corner with the same flowers I had in my wedding bouquet. We walked the ten minutes it took humans to get to the florist. Orange blossoms, freesias and roses. They smelled gorgeous and even though my human memories were dim, the scent took me back to that wonderful night we said “I do”.

It had only gone one hour when we were done. “All right, now what?” Nothing left to do. But then my phone buzzed. “Hello?”

“Mrs. Cullen? Your order is ready now” The man from the lumber yard had obviously called in help even though it wasn’t a huge room we were building.

“Thank you very much, we will be right there.” We walked back to the car and drove to the lumber yard. The men eyed us with raised eyebrows when we declined their help with loading the paneled floor into Emmet’s Jeep.

We drove back to our home, divided the wood panels in to four piles. With one pile under each arm we sprinted towards the cottage.

Without a single bead of sweat we arrived at the cottage a minute later. Esme heard us coming and spread out a large piece of plastic top on the ground.

I placed the wood on the plastic and Rosalie went back to the Jeep to get the rest.

“Oh, wow! You work fast Emmet!” From the outside we could see in to the bedroom. Esme was preparing the glass walls. With silicon she fastened metal strips on the edges of the glass. One of the Cullen’s trademarks were the huge wall sized windows so I wasn’t that surprised that Esme just happened to have massive pieces of glass lying around. Her passion was building stuff and decorating so the Cullen garage was always full of supplies due to the fact that Esme never wanted to wait once she had an idea.

Jacob came through the open wall of mine and Edward’s bedroom. “Hi, Jake. Sorry I forgot to tell you” I chuckled.

“No worries.” He laughed.

“Is Ness up yet?” I asked. The third world war could begin and end without her waking up.

“Nope, still sleeping” he yawned.

I wanted him to get some sleep but I knew he wouldn’t go home or even take Nessy’s room at the big house. And the only bed available in the cottage was pretty much outside at the moment. “Why don’t you move one of the recliners in to Renéesme’s room and get some more sleep? There are blankets in her closet” I suggested.

He was tempted but didn’t have an answer yet so I sweetened the deal; “I’ll wake you up in a few hours with breakfast” This did it.

“Sure, sure. Thanks, Bells”

Emmet got started with the foundation of the new room. He placed a massive frame of wood where the room would be and then huge concrete blocks inside the frame. When he was done with that he poured a thin layer of wet cement on top to hold the blocks together.

Later when the cement was dry we would isolate and lay the floor. I wasn’t really a carpenter so I let Emmet and Esme work their magic.

I went inside to find a photo for the new frame but had no luck. I waited for Rosalie, maybe she could help me. But of course she was one step ahead of me. When she returned the frame already had a beautiful picture in it. A black and white photo of Edward kissing the top of my head as I blushed and smiled. It was perfect. With a vampire mind everything went so fast. It was easy to think about several things at the same time while you were performing five other tasks.

I didn’t really have anything to do at the moment so I started packing for our departure but I didn’t get far.

My phone buzzed and it said Edward on the caller ID. If I had a heart, it would skip a beat. “Edward, is everything okay?” I didn’t even greet him.

“Yes, sweetheart, everything is fine. We could not identify the scent in Nessy’s apartment but we caught another scent outside the building and we don’t quite know what to make of it. It’s Amun”

The Egyptian vampire who wasn’t thrilled about helping us that day when the Volturi came. Confusion.

“Why would Amun visit Renesmee?”

“We have no idea but at least it’s not the Volturi. Carlisle thinks that maybe Benjamin wanted to visit. The only problem is that we can not smell him here” Benjamin was a lovely boy that lived with Amun and his wife, Kebi. Benjamin and his mate Tia adored Nessy and had kept in touch through letters.

“What happens now?” I asked.

“Carlisle is going to try to contact Amun and the rest of us are going to circle around the city to see if we can catch the scent again. We will be home around six.”

“How is Alice?” I was so worried about my sister.

“She is perfectly fine, she can see clearly again and she wonders if yesterday’s confusion had something to do with Nessy” he reassured me with his words and I felt very content. ”Well, Alice has had problems with Ness before so it sounds logical. Can I speak to Alice for a second? “ I asked.

“Of course. I love you”

“Love you more” a warming smile spread out on my face.

“Hi Bella! What’s up?” she chirped. I could hear that Alice was fine again. I whispered. “Have you seen anything happening tonight?”

“Haha, of course. But don’t worry, I’m at the moment translating The Koran in to Hebrew and Edward is giving me glares every now and then, it’s real fun” she laughed.

“Oh, and Bella, your bag is in my room under the bed” And then she hang up the phone. My bag? What bag?

“Okay, we will come back here around four thirty” Esme said from outside. I joined them and saw that Emmet was done with the foundation.

Now it would dry for the next eight hours. Not being able to sleep sure helped speed things along. It was only eight in the morning. I could hear Jacob’s snoring and Nessy’s even breaths.

I wrote Nessy a note;

Good morning angel.

I’m up at the big house. Breakfast is

waiting for both of you when you wake up.

Love Mom

Esme and I ran toward the house, Emmet and Rosalie went hunting. I was heading for the door but Esme flitted off to the garage. I slowed down and before I could follow, she return with three large boxes. The twinkly lights. She put them down next to the steps. The strands with lights were neatly circling thick paper rolls.

“I was thinking we could decorate the house and just a few trees this time” Esme suggested. Whenever Alice decorated with the lights, she went up and down the trees for miles. “It will look great, Esme” I grabbed a roll and a bag of plastic clips and started attaching lights on every window frame.

Esme in an enthusiastic speed, jumped up on the roof and started to hang short strands with lights on the edge of the roof. An hour later the house was fully decorated with lights.

We took a step back to appraise our decorating. Alice wasn’t the only party planner in the house anymore. Esme looked at the time. Time stood still for us. It was only nine thirty. But it was late enough to call our friends and invite them to the party. I took the now empty boxes and put them back in to the garage. Then I joined Esme in the kitchen. She had two notepads, a phone book and two pens waiting for us.

“Should we start with the guest list?” Esme asked.

“Sounds good, and after that we can decide what slimy stuff we will eat this time” I shuddered.

Esme chuckled with me but she loved taking care of others and even though she was repelled by the smell of human food, she loved cooking for Jacob and Seth.

We never really thought about the guest list. We knew. “Charlie, Billy, Sue, Seth and Lea, Sam and Emily, Quil and Claire, Jared and Kim”

Leah never came and Quil sometimes skipped it when he had the chance to spend the day with Claire.

Our alliance with the wolves was very strong but some of them could never relax. Esme handed me the phone and I dialed my dad’s work number.

“Chief Swan speaking”

“Hi dad!”

“Hi Bells! How are you guys today? ‘S Nessy all right?”

“Everything is great dad. Nessy’s sound a sleep. I just called to remind you about tonight, the party is still on…”

“I would never forget Nessy. And I didn’t know when you were going to celebrate Edward since you’re not here when it’s his birthday but I found something cool I think he will like. At lunch, I’m going to pick their gifts up at the post office”

“At the Post office?” I asked. Charlie could barely find the on-button on a computer. And what had he found for Edward?

“Seth taught me how to use the internet and I found her a gift on the internet last week” he was proud of his achievement. Seth taught him… Charlie sure spent a lot of time at Sue’s place.

“That’s great dad… and we will celebrate Edward tonight as well. My gift is nothing I can bring along with us. Anyway, I’m going to call Sue, Billy and Emily now to invite them too… By the way; what do you want to eat tonight? Esme and I can’t decide on anything.”

A human to decide on human food made sense.

“Hmm… You know how I am with food… I don’t know Bella, doesn’t really matter. But you know… Uhm, I can call Sue… and Billy of course.”


“Okay thanks but don’t forget Seth and Leah. Dinner at seven? Does that sound good?”

“Sounds great, See ya at seven. Bye Bells!” he was looking forward to the party. That was not like him…

Esme had of course heard the conversation and added Charlie, Sue, Billy and Seth as confirmed guest. We knew Leah would not come and it wasn’t all about us. She never felt comfortable being so close Sam and Emily.

Esme flipped through the Yellow Pages. She usually never had trouble deciding what food to order but she was thinking about Nessy now. “We could order from a steakhouse?” she suggested. I agreed with; “Yes, Ness sort of likes that, at least meat and vegetables so that will be perfect”

Esme pulled out her laptop, light blue, also a gift from Alice. While Esme searched for Steakhouses I called Sam and Emily. I told Sam to ask the others of the pack.

Well that’s that. My mind trailed off for a few minutes. I was curious about what the others would give Edward. Alice always had good ideas. Alice!... a bag under her bed.

“Ah!” The lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. She had probably seen me packing for our trip. I took the bag and went downstairs again. In the distant I could hear a husky laugh. Jacob. Time to make breakfast. Esme was calling a steakhouse in Port Angeles.

I opened the fridge and grabbed some eggs, cheese and turkey. I poured orange juice in two glasses while I waited for the eggs to fry.

“Hi mom” Nessy skipped to my side.

“Did you sleep well?” I kissed her temple.

“Yep, but mom? What happened to the cottage?”

“Esme, Rose and Emmet are helping me with Edward’s birthday present. I’m adding a room for his piano” I smiled.

“That’s cool, it’ll go great with the gift from me and Jake” she smirked.

I raised one eyebrow but she changed the subject.

“What is with all the lights outside by the way?” she wondered.

“We are celebrating your homecoming and Edward’s birthday tonight” and I gave her a smile. And before she could ask anything; “Breakfast is ready, where is Jacob?”

“He’s just talking to Sam and the others, I’ll go get him” and she darted out.

While the eggs were still hot, I added cheese to Jacob’s eggs. I sliced the cold turkey, pulled out two plates from the cupboard and filled them with turkey, eggs and some lettuce. And for Jacob I found a basket of muffins in the pantry. He loved his sugar…

“Okay, the food is ordered and will arrive at six forty five. And I ordered a cake from the bakery in town and I’ll pick that up in a couple of hours. I will go to the supermarket as well to buy snacks and drinks. Those wolves sure know how to eat” Esme chuckled.

She had everything figured out “You are a lifesaver Esme. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Bella, relax. I love doing all of this and you know that” she said lightly.

Jacob and Ness came in and Jacob beamed when he noticed the muffins.

“Dig in Jake” I laughed.

Esme looked at the time “eleven twenty… the flowers will be here soon” she thought out loud.

Eleven twenty… I could continue packing. Lot’s to do but we had time on our side.

“Ness, I have some stuff to do at the cottage but I was thinking… After you are done here, maybe you could visit Billy? He hasn’t seen you guys in a long time” and then I whispered so low only Jacob could hear “Don’t bring her back until seven okay?” He nodded with a huge grin on his face. Jacob knew about Nessy’s surprise, he was coming too. And he was to say the least, excited.

He had never even left the state. Well, not in his human form anyway. I grabbed the bag with the lingerie and shoes from Victoria’s Secret walked out.

This time I didn’t feel the need to sprint for the cottage. I loved the woods and taking in all the scents. Pine, moss, the ocean and… I stiffened and concentrated for half a second. Mountain lion? They usually never came this close to civilization. I effortlessly climbed a tree and followed the scent flying from a branch to another until I was looking down on the lion.

This was the only game I could play. Edward couldn’t exactly forbid the animals from protecting themselves and he couldn’t read my mind.

I jumped and landed on my feet in front of the lion.

With human speed I started to run away from it, knowing it would try to attack. As it closed in I turned around and crouched. With a smug smile I took the lion down in a second. I didn’t really need to hunt but it was fun and it couldn’t hurt. A couple of minutes later the lion was drained and I felt full.

I skipped over the river and headed to the cottage. I walked up our little path and stopped at the foundation of the soon to be Edwards new room.

The cement was almost dry. A few more hours would do.

I went inside and found my black suitcase on the bed where I left it before Edward called. I walked around in our closet deciding what do bring. I wouldn’t need jeans. Sweatpants, to annoy Alice: “Check!”

Bikinis, tops, underwear, the newly purchased lingerie and stilettos.

I found a small make up case in a drawer and put mascara and a bronze eye shadow in it.

Being a vampire meant never having to worry about your skin. It was flawless. When I was done, I started to pack for Nessy. Her closet wasn’t as big as mine but it was full! It had everything. From the most girly pink to the subtle moss green. Maybe she should pack for herself. After tonight she would know where we were going.

I decided to pack some essentials for her in my bag just in case she would forget. Nessy never got sick just like we never did but except for that and thicker skin, her anatomy was human.

I don’t know what we would have done without Carlisle and his medical expertise. I packed some toiletries for her and her favorite pillow. I went back to our bed, folded everything neatly into the bag, making sure that my new outfit didn’t show.

Almost noon… I missed Edward. I could call him? I felt restless.

Once again I walked in to the huge closet. An outfit for tonight. Alice would be furious if I showed up in my jeans. In the back of the closet I had a few dresses. One of them was Edward’s favorite. It was a dark blue dress that went wide below the waist and ended at my knees, short arms that were a little bit puffy.

A very cute dress and not lavish one bit. After tonight I could pack that as well.

I found a matching hairpin… The hairpin with sapphires, my parents gave me before my wedding. Perfect! While I was back there I found a beige colored cotton dress and I packed that one as well.

Okay, what else is there for me to do? The room; getting the glossy black piano here. I knew I was forgetting something. The drapes! I took the dress, the hairpin and almost shoved it into a garment bag and rushed back to the big house. Emmet and Rosalie were back. They walked toward the garage with a huge red bow.

“Have you hunted as well?” Rosalie asked and noticed my eyes being the same shade golden as theirs were.

“I came across a mountain lion close to the river” I smiled.

“You found a mountain lion not two minutes from here? We ran for an hour and all we found was deer” she complained. I laughed and went inside.

“Esme it is so beautiful!” There were flowers everywhere and scented candles next to every vase. Lilies with pink and red roses were put together in tight bouquets.

“Thank you dear” she said and looked at my garment bag. I opened it and showed her the dress and hairpin. She smiled and put her hands together “Edward won’t be able to take his eyes off you” I looked down like I was going to blush.

“The cement feels dry now” I changed the subject. “I guess a couple more hours and then we can get going” I added.

“Sounds good. Should we take a look at fabrics?”

“That’s what I was thinking” and we went upstairs. I left the garment bag in Alice’s bathroom predicting I would get ready for the party there.

“Rosalie and I talked about something in dark blue; do you think Alice has anything like that?”

“I would be surprised if she did not” Esme laughed in her clear as a bell tone.

When a few minutes had passed I found the perfect fabric, it was midnight blue and out of thick velvet.

Esme approved enthusiastically and pulled the fabric out of the huge closet. “How do I do this? I don’t know how to make drapes” I whispered.

Esme patted my shoulder and sat down at Alice’s massive desk, opened a huge drawer and pulled out a sewing machine. “Don’t worry; I will take care of this. Why don’t you call Edward to see if they are arriving as scheduled?”

I felt guilty leaving so much work for Esme even though I knew she was happy to do it.

I went downstairs again. I looked at the time obsessively today. Twelve thirty… I dialed Edward’s number and he answered at once.

“Hi love!” he said in a happy voice. I missed him so much.

“I miss you Mr. Cullen” I pouted.

“No more than I miss you, love. I was about to call you but Alice told me you would beat me to it” he chuckled.

“Oh? Anything new?” I asked.

“There is nothing more we can do here, the only scent we could recognize was Amun’s and we would recognize if it was any from Volterra with him. We will be home around four instead”

He was coming home soon, he was coming home soon! My body felt warm. “Oh! I can’t wait Edward” I sang. He loved my enthusiasm. We said goodbye and I hang up the phone. Then it hit me.

“Esme! They will be home around four! We will never make it” I freaked.

Esme laughed as she walked down the stairs in human speed and out in the garage I heard Emmet’s barking laugh.

What is so funny” I demanded.

“Bella, there is plenty of time. I am almost done with the drapes and after that we can start with the room”

Emmet and Rose came in and grinned at me.

“If the cement is dry, I can begin right away… Before Bella drops.” Emmet offered selflessly but still, he couldn’t shake his grin off.

“And I can start with the glass” Rosalie added.

I felt relief. “Thank you so much and thanks for putting up with me, I will plan better next year” I apologized.

They just rolled their eyes and darted off. I sat down on the couch taking a deep breath while Esme finished with the drapes.

I never needed to take a deep breath but it felt nice while I pulled myself together.

After a few minutes, Esme came down the stair carrying a huge pile of velvet drapes. I barely saw her head.

The drapes were straight and would fall from the ceiling to the floor.

I held my hands out and she handed me half her pile.

“Feeling better?” she snickered.

“Yes, thanks” I did feel a bit embarrassed though.

Without a word, we were out the door. Esme didn’t feel the need to rush so I could relax a little.

As we leaped over the river I could smell sawdust.

When we arrived, a lot had changed. The room had a skeleton of wooden beams and the foundation was isolated and stabile.

I helped the way I could but with the super strength we possessed, it could have been a one man job.

Esme and Emmet fastened the glass walls, two of them were slide doors.

Four pieces of massive glass were in place in a matter of minutes.

While Esme and I started with the floor, Rosalie and Emmet swished above us building the roof. The ceiling would be high and the inside would be rough polished wood. Laying the floor was not hard actually and Esme noticed.

“I have a few items I need to get from the big house, I’ll be right back” she said.

By the time she got back the floor was in place. We could kick any home improvement TV-show’s butt. I laughed under my breath.

Esme pulled out a small but detailed chandelier from a box.

When the roof was done I took a step back. Amazing!

The others didn’t pause. Rose took the detailed wooden strips and sawed them to fit the room’s size and put them into place with nails, no hammer.

Emmet walked close to the wall making sure his work was perfect and Esme fastened four long drapes at the high ceiling of the perfect square room.

Each drape fell like a garland from the top to the corners where the ceiling met the wall and let them fall down, lingering against the wall down to the floor.

In the middle of the ceiling; where the drapes joined together; Esme hanged the chandelier.

What would I do without their craftsmanship and creativity?

Emmet felt very satisfied and he should.

The new room was flawless and it became a beautiful addition to our cottage without looking unnatural.

“Me and Emmet will go get the piano” Rosalie said.

With a vase and the same flowers that we had on the wedding, the room was perfect.

I sure had changed since I became a vampire. I actually liked parties now… as long as it wasn’t my own party. Still couldn’t stand being celebrated…

I placed the vase into the right corner, closest to the bedroom and I caught a glance at the watch. Two forty seven. And the only thing missing was the beautiful piano.

I opened the slide doors when I heard Em and Rose returning.

They tilted the piano to the side and smoothly came through the doorway. The piano took up most of the space but the room still didn’t look too small. It was just perfect. I sighed in relief.

“Bella, you seriously need to calm down. You’ve been a vamp for a while now… when are you gonna learn to relax?!” Emmet said and leaned out the doorway, grabbing the piano chair.

“You’re right. I’m crazy” I rolled my eyes.

Rose placed the photo frame on the piano.

“One last thing” Esme said and disappeared behind Emmet.

In the box where the chandelier had been; Esme pulled out a couple of candles put them by the flowers.

“I think we are done” Esme smiled.

And with time to spare” Emmet added and grinned at me.

He pointed at his watch; three fifteen.

Edward would be home in forty five minutes.

“Thank you very much guys, it would have taken me a year to accomplish something only a fragment this beautiful if I were alone.” I thanked them.

“Well it’s time I tend to my errands in town. I will be back in an hour” Esme said.

She loved a busy schedule. When time stood still it could be hard to fill the day but thanks to my lack of planning…

Time to get out of these jeans. I always gave Alice grief for never letting go of her fashion sense when it came to me, but now I needed her.

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone…

I went outside with Emmet and Rosalie and in a sixteenth of a second I sensed something closing in. Sam and… Cody?

Cody became a werewolf during the time the Cullen’s house was full of vampires four years ago. He was seventeen now and huge. He had the same personality as Seth but he worshiped Sam and his authority, and could never really let his guard down around us even though Sam could.

“Hi Sam, how are you today” I said. I couldn’t see him yet but I could hear him. He came through the trees towards me, Emmet and Rose when he had phased back to human. Cody stayed back invisible. “Hello Bella!” He said in a warm voice.

“Thank you for inviting us today, Emily is excited to see you and Esme again” Sam was very friendly to us be he couldn’t ignore the genes that ran in his blood. And when we met in the woods he was never alone.

It was however another story when they visited us inside the house.

For one; he was far from alone; there were many wolves in our home all the time. It was civilized and not tense. But also; After a full meal and a beer, he loved settling in front of the TV, watching a game or two with the other men; Charlie, Emmet, Billy and Seth.

“I just came to talk about your daughter. She uhm… Well, everybody absolutely adores her but her giving is becoming extreme” he laughed a bit. I was confused.

“Giving?” I asked.

“Yes. Well you have seen Billy’s house…”

Last year, Ness had remodeled Billy’s house to make it easier for him to get around in his chair. The little house that had a conjoined kitchen and living room and then two very small bedrooms now had only one bedroom. That way; he no longer had to go down the narrow and small hallway in his chair to get to his room.

The new bigger room was his - Jacob didn’t have a room anymore. He had to settle for a pull out sofa bed in the living room. However, Nessy did not stop at the remodeling. She bought him new furniture, a flat screen TV, added tiles to his bathroom and polished wooden floor to the entire house.

And for his birthday she had a huge shower installed. It was a steam shower that he could just roll into and in there, he had a phone in case he fell or something like that. My crazy girl was like Esme and Alice more than she was like me… Billy tried to talk her out of it but whenever Charlie visited, Billy was bragging about his new TV.

Edward and I didn’t meddle in this because a few weeks after the remodeling and the installment of the new shower; Billy looked several years younger. There were so many insignificant things that made his life harder and Nessy had taken them all away.

But I did fear that Nessy wouldn’t stop at Billy.

“Oh! What has she done now?” I complained. Sam chuckled and I was glad the he at least could see the humor in it.

“Any other community would probably love her plan right now but we have our traditions. When our children grow up we use the nature as a playground, we make new things out of what already exists. Well, now Nessy is planning to build a huge playground near First beach… With multi colored swing sets and the whole shebang. We don’t want to hurt her feelings, we know she means well. I tried to talk to Jacob about it but I kind of knew it would be useless. He can’t say no to her” he finished.

“Haha, I’m so sorry Sam, of course I will talk to her. I know she can go to extremes… and yea; a multi colored playground will look out of place in La Push” I chuckled.

I could even hear Cody coughing laughs in the dark.

“I’ll see you tonight guys” Sam turned.

“Sam? Could you just bring something for Nessy with you?”

He nodded and waited as I darted inside the cottage again. In her closet I found a white cotton dress with a light blue satin ribbon around the waist. I stuffed it in a plastic bag along with some toiletries; Shampoo, toothbrush and some make up. She wouldn’t like showing up to the party underdressed and unlike me; she loved make up. I went outside and handed the bag to Sam. He took his belt off and Cody appeared in his wolf form. I gave Cody a shy smile while Sam strapped the belt and bag around Cody’s leg.

“Thank you both” I said

“See you tonight!” and they disappeared in the woods.

“Wanna race?” I said to Emmet. Before he could grin; I was off. I used all my strength and I pushed myself as far as I could. I was over the river and as I sat foot on the ground, Emmet and Rosalie blurred past me. Dang!

I was at the big house three seconds after them. I pouted while they looked victorious… They went inside to get ready.

I still pouted over my slow running. I could practice. Could I get stronger though? I could try to clock my self running.

I heard Esme’s car getting closer. What time was it? Four! He would be here any minute and look at me.

I ran inside, up the stairs and slowed as I entered Alice’s bathroom. I took a quick shower removing the sawdust and woodsy smell. While I waited for my hair to dry, I put on my dress and then looked confusingly at the million products Alice had. I recognized mascara, and a pale pink lip balm. So I just stopped there.

I loved my long lashes.

I could hear Esme on the phone speaking to Carlisle. Two minutes until I would be in Edward’s arms. I put my hair up in a bun and attached the hairpin. I let some shorter curl’s linger down. I brushed my finger on the strawberry lip balm and tapped it gently on my lips. I was done. I was no Rosalie but I was beautiful.

I heard Carlisle’s car when it made the turn on to the narrow dirt road the led here. It felt like my heart would skip a beat. I went downstairs where the others sat. Emmet whistled and Esme gave me a warm smile while I walked down the stairs.

“You don’t need Alice anymore” Rosalie complimented me. I just looked down.

“Try to think about something other than our gifts for Edward now” Esme reminded us. I didn’t bother since he couldn’t read my mind but I watched the rest of them while they tried to get themselves distracted. Emmet turned on the TV and got into a game quickly, Esme was preparing in the kitchen and Rose followed her. I couldn’t move. How lame was I? It had only been hours since I saw him!

The car pulled over and Edward, Jasper and Alice stepped out, Carlisle parked in the garage. Through the window I could see Alice smiling, holding hands with Jasper. Edward chuckled at something and before they opened the front door; “Don’t slip!” I whispered to the three Cullen’s who’s minds Edward could read.

Rose and Esme laughed and Emmet was so into the game.

The door opened and Edward entered. In a flash I smashed into him.

“Edward! You’re home!” I kissed him all over his face. He took my face in his hands “Bella!” he chuckled and continued “I missed you so, love” He kissed me and then put some distance to us. He gasped in delight “Sweetheart, you are absolutely breathtaking” He kissed me intently and then we walked into the kitchen where all the Cullen’s were gathered. Carlisle was embracing his wife, Alice pouted because she was left out while we planned the party, Esme explained about the party tonight for Edward and Nessy and why we couldn’t give him the gifts on his birthday.