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The Hunter

I was just moving back to Forks, but it was only temporary. I didn't plan on staying, I had only lived here for a few months when I was a baby, and had visited my father only a few times since. I was here on a job, nothing more, kill the vampires, and then I would be on the move again. This was my first job without a chaperone, and I intended to prove myself. A different Twilight, one where Bella isn't quite so innocent, naïve, and gullible. http://i904.photobucket.com/albums/ac250/jadionanoish/as-bella-swan.jpg If the summary interests you, but you are not 18 or prefer not to read NC-17 stories. I have a T rated version on my Fanfiction account.


1. Return

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Ch 1 – Return

Bella POV

It had been four years since my last visit. This wasn’t a visit, though, this was business.

Nineteen years ago my mother had enrolled in Forks High, because she had been on a mission. A vampire had been stalking Port Angeles, and it was my mother’s first personal mission. She had been seventeen when she had enrolled as a senior but had gotten in over her head and not with the vampires. We could fight vampires; it was easy once you learned how. She couldn’t, however, combat young love. She had prematurely gotten married, ended up pregnant, and I had been the product.

I, Bella Swan, had been a mistake, an accident. I had had it drilled into me a thousand times; I never should have been born, at least not then. My mother had always planned that she would eventually have a child, but she had always believed it would be the product between another hunter–never this. I was never meant to exist, not that it mattered; I did, end of story.

My mother, Renee, was one of the strongest hunters in our group, and her husband, Phil, was the leader. I was on my first private mission back in Forks. My father himself had called and told us of the vampires in Forks. It had been Phil who had decided to send me here, and I had to admit that I was excited for my first true vampire hunt.

My father, Charlie, the chief of police, didn’t know that I was being sent out–he wouldn’t know until I knocked on the door. I knew he would freak when he realized that I was the hunter of choice.

I was driving my black Pontiac Solstice, which had been a birthday gift on my sixteenth birthday from my mom, out to Forks. It was probably going to be the sweetest vehicle that the town of Forks had ever seen.

I only had three bags and my purse with me. My purse consisted of my wallet with all three of my fake ID’s, my papers for school enrollment, my cash, my credit card, my cell phone, my iPod, some basic makeup, a small vial of Calts Oil, and one tampon. In my first bag I had all the clothes and toiletry items that I needed. In my second bag were my laptop and all the personal items that I take wherever I go. And in the last bag was my hunting gear.

Vampires weren’t like the old myths tell you. Vampires don’t burn in the sun, they sparkled. Holy water wouldn’t work, crosses wouldn’t work, a stake would only work to kindle a fire, and forget everything else that you had ever heard. A vampire was like rock, so a bullet would do no good. They don’t shy away from onions and garlic, and their eyes could be black, red, pink, or gold.

There was only one way to kill a vampire: burn it to ash, and spread the ashes. No matter how handsome or sexy a vampire looked, it’s deadly.

Vampires didn’t have heartbeats; they didn’t have blood running through their system, and technically didn’t need blood to survive.

Vampires were its, there were no he’s or she’s. No matter what sex they had had when they were human, they were no longer human, and were no longer of a sex.

A vampire didn’t have a conscience or morals, it wasn’t possible. Vampires could be convincing that they had emotions, but they didn’t have those either.

Our hunting group specialized in vampires, but we knew of the other creatures out there; we never lost sight of that. Our group was called Rose based off of Phil’s great great grandmother back when she had started our group.

I knew my father wasn’t going to like the fact that they had sent me, but we were currently short on numbers, and fifteen year olds were going out on hunts by themselves currently. We had been seriously depleted of manpower when one of our hideouts had been burnt to the ground, with six men, seven women, and twelve children burned alive. The police said it was an accident, but we all knew the truth. The soulless bastards burned one of our safe havens to the ground, and it only renewed my faith that we were doing the right thing.

On my left ring finger was a small diamond ring that I would remove before I started going to school. My fiancé, Valkron, was currently in Oregon on his own assignment. I loved him, but it wasn’t in the way that a marriage should exist by. He was only two years older than me and we grew up together, we had known each other our whole lives, but we were like brother and sister. Our marriage was more of a way to take one for the team, as less and less of the females chose to get pregnant. It took too much time away from our work to be pregnant for nine months and then raise a child for the next few years. Our group was slowly dying out, so Valkron and I decided to marry and have a child. It was a mutual decision, and at least we loved each other in some way.

I pulled to a stop in front of my father’s house. It was the same paint job that it had had the last time I was here, and I was shocked to feel a sense of relief. I hadn’t been in a place that I could even begin to consider as home in almost a year, and though this wasn’t really home either, it was the closest thing I had.

I got out, grabbed my bags, walked to the door, and rang the doorbell. A moment later Charlie opened the door, his eyes widened. “Bella, what are you doing here?”

“You’re the one that needed a hunter. Well, here I am,” I said mildly.