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The story of Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen

This is my story! My name is Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen, I am 119years-old. This is the story of my life and my death. I am dead. Right?

I wrote this story when i was severely ill. i'm not going into details about my illness but this story really helped me to get through it.

1. pre-face

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I ran and I ran, I didn’t know where I was going to, or what I was running from. All I knew is that he told me to run and I was…

Edward was all I needed in this life and they took him away from me. Why?

Would anyone ever answer my questions? Why hasn’t he called me yet? He promised me that he would, he promise me that we’d never be apart after I was changed either…

Edward I need you!!!

Why isn’t he coming? Why can’t he hear me crying for him to come back to me?


Then I remembered why… He left me… He didn’t want me… He wanted HER! He wanted TANYA!

What’s so special about her? Blonde bimbo… Who the hell does she think she is? Coming in and taking him from me? But the truth is, it’s not Tanya’s fault it’s mine, I was never enough to hold him. I was never enough… I keep running… The dry sobs consume me… I wish I was still human so I could feel some kind of release… So I could at least feel the heat of the tears running down my face. That’s right I’m a vampire… My official name is now Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, but I will never be accepted by the family if Edward doesn’t want me. We got married and he took me to Isle Esme. He gave me my beautiful daughter Renesmee… Then he took her… As simple as that, he just took her, and there was nothing I could do while Tanya was there. She has the power of mind control and since everyone found out about my ‘shield’ Edward and I spent all of our time trying to find ways for him to penetrate it. We found one and he used it against me to take our child. Tanya told Edward that she wanted him and he obliged… I always knew he was a stupid shiny Volvo owner… Why did it have to be my blood that appealed to him? Why couldn’t it have been Jessica or Angela? Of course I already knew why, Carlisle had told me, it was because Edward and I had been destined from the day he was born, all those years ago in Chicago another Isabella Swan lived… It was me… Where as Edward was changed during the Spanish influenza epidemic I wasn’t… I was left to die… They told me that Edward had died to, but the truth was that he wasn’t dead, well not in the sense they meant. He was still alive and well. He was still my Edward.

I used to dream about him. I used to pray to whatever God there was that he would be waiting for me when I died. He wasn’t!

I am sitting here on my own. I am sitting here looking back on the pictures that show my life. I am sitting here wishing I could die.

You see because I am a vampire with an ability the Volturi refuse to kill me, and the Cullens, my so called family, they won’t kill me. Tanya wanted me to suffer. She took Edward. She took my daughter, my beautiful baby girl. She took my soul, my heart, my life! She gave the Cullens specific orders regarding what they were and were not allowed to kill me, to end my suffering.

I recieved a visit from Edward a week ago, it would have been our 100year anniversary. He told me he still loved me and wanted to come back to me but he couldn’t Tanya wouldn’t let him. He told me he had to stay with her to keep my baby girl safe.

Tonight is the night I am going to die. I know it is. I don’t know how I can be so calm, But I will die tonight and Edward and Reneesmee will be free from Tanya. They will be free to run far, far away from here. I think I should start my story from the beggining. My name is Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen, I am 119years old, I am a mother to Reneesmee Carlie Cullen and wife to Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. This is my story!