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An Unknown Cousin

One day, the two half-human half-vampire daughters of long-lost twins shall meet for the first time. The Volturi tried to assassinate them, thinking them criminal creations. Little do they know, those two shall kick Aro and the rest of the Volturi out of their thrones, and, with their shape-shifter husbands, rule the world of legend estimable and lawful, for liberty and even-handedness for all. ~ One stormy afternoon six years after Breaking Dawn, Renesmee Carlie Cullen was in her cottage when she heard a knock on the door. Guess who she finds? She sees a girl named Chimalis Angel, and her parents, Zale and Shenwelle Evenson. They were having car troubles and they needed a place to stay the night. Two days later, stories were told, and the Cullens discovered four things. First, Shen is Bella's twin sister. Second, Zale is Esme's biological baby boy. Third, Bella has a vampire lineage, and forth, Renesmee and Chimalis were to, by a envisioning, boot Aro out of his throne, and begin to rule the vampire world courteously. How will the Cullens take all this news in one day? Meanwhile, an imprint will occur that will change everyone's lives...forever. There will be more problems than that, ladies and gentlemen, I will see to it. Book 1 of the Destiny on a Golden, Diamond-Encrusted Platter saga. Jacob/Nessie Seth/OC Chapter 2 is up!Chapter 3 is in validation!COMPLETE!!! Look out for Sequel.

Characters I own: Shenwelle aka Shen Zale Chimalis aka Chi-chi The Road-Kill Brothers (Chapter 2) (mentioned only) Nikki (Chapter 3) (mentioned only)

1. I: Poor Girl

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I: Poor Girl

POV: Renesmee

I glanced out my heart-shaped window as the storm blustered on like a herd of antagonistic broncos galloping on solid earth. The aqua assaulted my window as light-footed as the strike of a diamondback. The thunder sang boisterously into my sensitive, but petite ears. Jacob and I were stuck inside. It was so wearisome that I may get Bored out of My Mind Syndrome. It looked like Jake already had it.

"What do you want to do?" Jacob asked.

I don't know, what do you want to do? I kythed.

"I don't know, what do you want to do?" he returned.

"I don't know, what do you want to..."

Then there was a clap on the door. Then I heard murmurs.

Why me? Why my family? the man "said", My vampire family other than my dazzling wife, Shen and sweet half-human half-vampire daughter, Chimalis, had deceased because the Volturi got the idea that we broke a law. How could my sweet Chi-chi be an Immortal child? She grows and discovers more and more each day. That is nuts of the Volturi to even imagine that, let alone say it out loud.

When I got to the door, I opened it. There was a gentleman who looked a lot like Gran-Gran (my nickname for Grandma Esme) except he has flaming blazing crimson hair, he was a boy, and had silver eyes, a woman, that was probably this Shen lady, that looked a lot like my mother except she had a blonde colored tresses, and a girl my age with the duplicate hair as the man and the same exact chocolate eyes I have.

"Hello, I am Zale Evenson" the man jabbered, "and this is my wife Shen, and this is my daughter, Chimalis, but she prefers Chi-chi. Are your parents home? My family and I have a little vehicle trouble, and we need a place to stay the night"

"Sure, I shall get them. Dad. Mom. There is a family of three at the door that needs aid" I cried.

In a few minutes, my parents were in the back of me, walking at mortal pace. They both had worried gazes on their faces. When the family saw my parents, their eyes became as bulky as bowling balls.

"Hello. I'm Edward Cullen, and this is my wife, Bella, and this is my daughter, Renesmee" my father said in his usual, polite tone.

"You're all vampires?" the man asked, Didn't expect that, not at all. Why are there eyes gold? They're supposed to be ether red or silver, but not gold!

"Vegetarian diet" I said.

"But you aren't a vampire" Zale said rudely, a human living with vampires? That's not normal!

"Actually, let's just say I'm like your daughter, sir Zale" I explained, "A mix of two creatures that you would never have thought to fall in love with each other, and yet, they turn out to be the most perfectly matched couple in all of history"

Wow, he "said", I have never thought that I would meet an equal to my daughter anywhere in the world. I guess her father and I may have a lot in common also.

"What?!?! I don't mean to be rude, but are you blind?!?!" I yelled, "Don't you see how unique my biological father is? Do you honestly think that my father, Edward Anthony Masen-Cullen, would, except the fact that you and my father are both vampires, would have anything in common with you?"

She has anger issues, he "said".

"I DON'T HAVE ANGER ISSUES!!!!!!" I screamed.

PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY!!!!! my father yelled.

"Um, Dad? Random much?" I asked.

"Ness, I need to tell you some thing" my father explained, "I didn't say that out loud. I said it in my mind. It was a test to see if you could read my mind, and you can. In fact, most of what you heard Zale say was in his mind"

I looked at Chimalis. She was looking at me, awestruck.

"Now that's out of the way" Father said, "Renesmee and I walk you all to the main house"

As I went, I thought about how much Miss Shen looked like a blonde version of my mother. Meanwhile, Chimalis was thinking about how my mother was a brunette version of hers. Then, Chimalis started to talk to me from her head.

Renesmee, Chi-chi thought to me, That was noble what you did for your father back there. I hate being compared to people, and especially my father. My gift is that I see the personalities of people that even the actual person I'm reading can't see. According to that gift, your father is a great man, and he is also noble.

Then, Chimalis thought something that I completely disagreed with.

I see were you get your good looks from.

Poor girl, she was as blind as a bat when it comes to her looks.