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An Unknown Cousin

One day, the two half-human half-vampire daughters of long-lost twins shall meet for the first time. The Volturi tried to assassinate them, thinking them criminal creations. Little do they know, those two shall kick Aro and the rest of the Volturi out of their thrones, and, with their shape-shifter husbands, rule the world of legend estimable and lawful, for liberty and even-handedness for all. ~ One stormy afternoon six years after Breaking Dawn, Renesmee Carlie Cullen was in her cottage when she heard a knock on the door. Guess who she finds? She sees a girl named Chimalis Angel, and her parents, Zale and Shenwelle Evenson. They were having car troubles and they needed a place to stay the night. Two days later, stories were told, and the Cullens discovered four things. First, Shen is Bella's twin sister. Second, Zale is Esme's biological baby boy. Third, Bella has a vampire lineage, and forth, Renesmee and Chimalis were to, by a envisioning, boot Aro out of his throne, and begin to rule the vampire world courteously. How will the Cullens take all this news in one day? Meanwhile, an imprint will occur that will change everyone's lives...forever. There will be more problems than that, ladies and gentlemen, I will see to it. Book 1 of the Destiny on a Golden, Diamond-Encrusted Platter saga. Jacob/Nessie Seth/OC Chapter 2 is up!Chapter 3 is in validation!COMPLETE!!! Look out for Sequel.

Characters I own: Shenwelle aka Shen Zale Chimalis aka Chi-chi The Road-Kill Brothers (Chapter 2) (mentioned only) Nikki (Chapter 3) (mentioned only)

2. II: Stories

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II: Stories

POV: Chi-chi

It has been two days since our gold Ferrari's engine broke and later erupted. We are still at this vampire family's permanent house. I hoped my family would have an everlasting place to live someday. I wished my family did not have to have a strict diet of reptile and amphibian blood. I wished I was destined to do something civil, brave, anything of those sorts. I desired to do something favorable for commonwealth. When I came out of the sofa bed, I went downstairs to sit on the day bed. I felt a cramp in my stomach. I went to the pantry, disappointed with myself wanting human cuisine. I was shocked when I found the pantry completely stocked.

"What are you doing?" a voice canvassed.

It was Bella. From my gift, she admired everyone-except people who tried to harm her soul mate, Edward-, matriarchal, slightly amused, brainy, outrageously defensive, benevolent, humble, gracious, affectionate, blissful, bold and blameless. Renesmee is a blessed girl. Both of her parents are the most extraordinary people I have ever read.

"I was famished, and I was looking for some food" I said, quavering.

"Ah, your family is in the living room with Rosalie, Emmett, Renesmee, and Edward" Bella said, "We're about to start transferring stories. Would you like to join us?"

"Sure" I replied.

Bella and I were in the room when I saw the same exact birth mark that I have on my left shoulder on Renesmee's right shoulder. That was unimaginable. This mark was one of a kind, heart-shaped with what looks like "SC" in the middle of it. I was about to speak when I heard a knock on the door.

"It's Carlisle and Esme back from their hunting expedition" Edward said.

Esme? I thought to Renesmee, That was the name of my father's biological mother, Esme Evenson!

I felt my heart skip a beat. My biological grandmother had committed suicide and died because she thought my dad had died of lung infection 93 years ago...or did she?

Edward came back with a man with totally blonde hair and a woman that looked tons like my father but with caramel-colored hair and golden butterscotch eyes.

"Shen, Zale, Chimalis, this is Carlisle and Esme" Edward introduced.

"Hello" The couple said together.

"We were about to share our stories" Mom continues.

"Oh, please, tell us!" Esme begged.

"I was born to Renee and Charles Swan on September 13, 1987" Mother prolonged, "I was a twin, but my twin and I had to be separated because when we were in our mother's stomach together, I bit her, leaving a bite mark right above her left knee. It turned out that I had my great-great-great-great-grandfather's teeth, which was, unknown to my parents, a vampire who fell in love with a human and had a child with her. She had died in childbirth, and, leaving his half-human, half-vampire daughter to his sister, killed himself by throwing himself in a burning fire. His daughter had decadents, and the vampire in them had gotten less and less, and I had more vampire in me than my sister did. A few days after birth, I was taken to the Forks Orphan Villa. I was browbeaten by my bunk-mates. I lived there until I was six, and that was when I first met Zale. He had some sort of attachment with me, and pleaded his coven, which we called the Road-Kill Brothers because after they drank their prey, which were snakes and stuff like that, entirely dry, they would run them over with their car, to adopt me, believing that I would someday be his lover. We were the best of friends, and when I was 15 they told me all about vampires, and that was when I realized I adored Zale. That dusk, I asked him if he would transform me. He said yes, but he said I would have to wed him first. I said yes, and during our honeymoon, things went a little bizarre, and that was when my little Chimalis was born. I was turned into a vampire when she was out of me. When I awoke, I had much self-control, which surprised everybody. Then, the Volturi came, insisting that Chimalis was an Immortal child. Chimalis, Zale, and I got away alive, while our coven brethren all deceased to protect us, and here we are now"

"Mommy, did Daddy bite you there?" Renesmee asked as if it was not a bizarre inquiry.

"Where, sweet pea?" Edward asked, worried.

"Right there, above the left knee" Renesmee said.

"No, uh, Bella? How did you get that?" Edward said, even more worried now.

"I do not know. I've had it since I was a baby. It's an unsolved mystery. I always wore pants to hide it because I thought people would tease me and say that I was bitten by a vampire. Shen, wasn't that the spot where you bit your twin sister in your mother's womb?" Bella explained.

Everyone gasped. Two people came into the room just then.

"Alice!" Renesmee yelled, giving the petite woman, who I figured was this Alice girl, a big hug.

"Ness..." Alice choked, "Crushing...SPINE!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Sorry!" Renesmee said, "Sorry, sorry, so sorry! Guess what? I might have a cousin!"


"Well...this is...it's...wow" I shuddered.

I never thought I warranted a cousin. I almost killed my own mother. That fact makes me feel like I did not deserve to live. Just then, I heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" Renesmee said sickeningly sweet.

When Renesmee opened the door, I saw a boy that was about 7'6, and he was here two days ago at Bella, Edward, and Renesmee's cottage.

"Jacob!" Renesmee squeaked in the same, melodious tone, pulling him into a secure embrace.

"Hey, Ness!" Jacob greeted. When he passed by me, I smelled him. His scent was barbaric.

"Jake, I think I...I think Chimalis is my cousin!" Renesmee chirped excitedly.

"What?!?! How?" Jacob asked nervously, yet brightly.

"Well," Renesmee squealed business-like, "Since Mom and Mrs. Evenson look a lot alike, and when I noticed a bite mark above her knee that Daddy did not do, and apart of her story says that she bit her twin sister right in that same spot, they have the same parents and Chi-chi is her daughter, so she is my cousin!"

I was in complete shock. Renesmee was proud to have me as a relative? It did not make sense to me.

"Chimalis Angel Swan/Evenson!" Renesmee yelled like a parent, "You're great and you know it!" I realized that I had forgotten that Renesmee could read my mind.

"Zale, why don't you tell us your story?" Esme asked, curious about my family.

"First" I said, recalling memories of my early years, "this story may be depressing at some parts, and you may cry like I did the first time I heard this story"

"I was born sometime in 1921 to Esme Ann and Charles Isaac Evenson in Columbus, Ohio" my father recalled, "I had a lung cancer problem, and my mother thought I had died of it. She jumped off a cliff and died. I was sent to the Columbus orphanage. I lived there until 1933, and that was when I first saw the Road-Kill Brothers. They were all tall and very, very big, like extreme weight lifters. One was staring at me like I was a prized, undiscovered gem worth more than all the money in existence. They were whispering and suddenly, the one named Zanster Droverson, the one who was staring at me, says, "That one looks like a decent one" pointing at me. Then, the other man, who was named Kevendithas Fletcher, asked me, "Want a better life, little boy? One with adventure and danger at every turn?" I responded yes, being the daydreamer and ever-fascinated with the medieval world, for they looked as if they came from that time. They adopted me. The other one's name was Adoben Darksbane. Adoben and I were great friends. I was great friends with all of them actually. In 1938, they all told me about vampires and that they were a coven of them. I begged them to change me. I begged and begged and pleaded and begged them to change me. Three days later, I was a vampire. They told me how to hunt rattlesnakes, diamondbacks, crocodiles, anything cold-blooded. In 1993, I first saw Shen. She had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. Her skin was snow white. Her hair was a river of dirty blonde. She was so beautiful, and I remembered thinking I had to have her or I would die. So I begged Kevendithas to adopt her and he asked why, and all I said was that she was my star, my guiding light, my one and only, my angel, the one I would throw myself in flames for, my soul mate. Only that persuaded them to adopt her. I slowly fell in love with her from then on. I loved her more and more every day. In 2002, we told her our secret. She asked me to change her, and I told her I would on the condition that she would marry me first. Three months later, Shen and I were married. A few weeks later, something unattainable befell, and then our little Chi-chi was born. I changed her after the newborn Chi-chi was out of her. Then, the Volturi came and tried to execute Chi-chi, and Zanster, Kevendithas, and Adoben died to defend us. We got away, and now here we are"

"What was your mother's maiden name?" Carlisle inquired.

It only took one surname for everyone in the chamber to turn wide-eyed and open-mouthed.


They all froze like plastered sculptures, molded from the finest limestone, bearing surprised expressions. I knew it all along that Esme Cullen was Esme Platt/Evenson. No one spoke.

Then, I heard glass fragmenting, and then I smelled...fresh...human...blood. Then, my eyes felt like I was looking straight at blinding lights, my eyes reforming from chocolate to sterling silver, reflecting my diet decision. Then, I heard a scream of pure anguish.

"Ness, what is wrong?" Jacob asked nervously, taking Renesmee's left alabaster hand and pulling it to his finely muscled chest.

"My eyes..." Renesmee shuddered, "they're...BURNING!!! The pain...it's too MUCH!!!"

"Nessie, Nessie!" Jake panicked, "Look at me! PLEASE!!!"

Then, when Renesmee looked up to look into Jake's black-brown eyes, he gasped.

"Ness" Jake breathed, "your eyes are...gold."

"It's the blood" I explained, "Bella and my mom had a vampire ancestry, and it affected us both. When human blood spills in front of us, are eyes change from our mother's eye color to crimson or silver or gold, depending on the habitual diet we have. It's very horrendous, but the change back is quick and painless"

"How do you change it back?" Renesmee said through clenched bicuspids.

"It's easy. Just clean up the blood."

"What are you just standing around for?" Jake asked brazenly, "Clean it up! She is in agony!"

Then, I did something I pledged never to do again.

"Chwith. Iawn" I quoted, "O s gwelwch yn dda, os gwelwch yn dda, yn lân i fyny y llanast"

Instantaneously, all the blood was gone. Renesmee was no longer suffering. That was commendable.

Two hours later, I told Renesmee it was time for me to go.

"NO!!" Renesmee bawled.

Then, as she clung to my hand, there was a flare of brilliance. Then, the glow of light preached.

One day, the two half-human half-vampire daughters of long-lost twins shall meet for the first time. The Volturi tried to assassinate them, thinking them criminal creations. Little do they know, those two shall kick Aro and the rest of the Volturi out of their thrones, and, with their shape-shifter husbands, rule the world of legend estimable and lawful, for liberty and even-handedness for all.

I was shocked at what Renesmee and I had discovered. We were the next queens of the mythological world! I am also going to have a shape-shifter husband, too! There is still one query left unanswered. Who is my shape-shifter husband going to be? Then, there was another knock on the door.

"Hey, Seth!" Jacob said after answering the door.

"Hey, Jake!" another exquisite, yet firm voice greeted.

The voice was so beautiful I could cry. I have only heard that voice in my dreams once. I still remembered it with perfect crispness. Renesmee and Edward gazed at me with muddled eyes.

"Seth, I would like you to meet Chimalis, Renesmee's long-lost cousin. Chi-chi, this is Seth" Jake introduced.

Then, our eyes met, and as we glanced at each other, the room was flooded with the sound of a thousand violins. After what seemed like an infinity, my Seth finally spoke.

"Hi, um...do you need anything?" my Seth asked.

"Um...I would love a glass of water" I answered, surprised, and dazzled.

"Right away" my Seth replied.

He ran into the kitchen and came back with a glass of water.

"Thank you, Seth" I thanked, feverishly, "I better go back to my room"

"I'll go with you"

As the love of my existence accompanied me to my room, I thought of nothing but Seth and his electric touch.