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Edward Cullen, Love of my Life :)

This is my take on the often done story of Edward and Bella's first meeting. I wanted to make it realistic, so the readers at home may relate to Bella more easily. Hopefully you like it ! :)


1. Breath, Cold as a Winter Sun

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Sadness overwhelmed me, as I sat alone on the floor in my well kept room. Life was so hard, being the only child of a relatively well set family from Forks. Having everything handed to me on a silver platter only went so far, and at this point in my life, it was no longer enough. To hell with the college fund, set away for me since childhood. To hell with the nice things, and the car my parents bought for me.

I didn't want any of it. Rather, I wanted some change. Some action.

Perhaps I could take up boxing. Or maybe...

I could become a vampire.

I noticed him long after the other girls at school. Many said this was because I was a lesbian, but father tells me that I just developed later than they did. The first time I saw him, interestingly enough, coincided with the first time I got my period.

It was true love. That, or I was finally old enough to become aroused.

Either way, it was something I'd never felt before.

I knew he was a vampire by the way he walked. It was a subtle walk; sort of a sway. For this part of the story, dear reader, I will have to ask you to imagine what I describe (as though that weren't the point of a piece of literature to begin with).

Imagine if Lil Wayne had actually been from Mars, and on his way down, had had a threesome with the Beastie Boys and a pre-Russell Brand Katy Perry. Now imagine that child had an orgy with the olsen twins, Perez Hilton, and the cast of Different Strokes. And then they had a baby.

That child wouldn't hold a candle to the way my Edward walked.

The first time we talked I felt as though my very soul was coming out of my vagina. Or I might have been having an orgasm. Either way, his voice was fucking awesome.

He approached quietly, spittle, leftover from the lunch ladies, hanging on his well manicured brow.

"Is this seat...taken?" He said, with an air of authority

I timidly replied back, as only a gifted, intelligent young girl with no self esteem could,

"No. Please sit down. I long for your cold, oddly corpselike presence"

"Thank you." he said.

As he started on his nutrigrain bars I could only sit and stare. After several minutes of this, I decided sitting and staring may scare him off, so I decided to flirt.

"So, uh what's your name you fuckin' queer?" It was how all the football players got girls, so I figured it was worth a shot.

"Edward. And I'm not a queer. I've had more pussy than a Petsmart, thanks."

Than a Petsmart! There were a lot of cats at Petsmart! They were a national chain! I imagined he had the abs of a racehorse. Hopefully, however, his bladder would be slightly better equipped.

It was then that I noticed it. It was slight, at first, like rumors of a Tila Tequila pregnancy, or John Mayer knocking a paparazzi flat. He was...

Shining. No, that was more of a sparkle, Im sure of it. It wasn't the spittle either, no, that had been wiped clean when I insulted his sexual orientation, moments ago.

"Excuse me...Edward Cullen?" I said, miraculously knowing his name in a way that could only mean we were soulmates (or potentially that I'd been stalking him for months prior, which I assure you, I had only been doing as a hobby)

"Yes, wench?" He replied, a sense of masculinity in his voice

"Are you absolutely sure you're not a queer?"

"Yes. Like I said. Pussy. Knee Deep. Elbow deep. Petsmart."

"Right, well, uh, then why are you sparkling? I thought only girls wore glitter."

He looked at me, with two emotions I knew very well : contempt, and bloodlust.

"Well, you see, you fine little sassy piece of meat," He said, topaz eyes meeting mine, as his granite skin exposed the bone structure of an Adonis,

" I am..."

"A music theatre student? I'd like to say I'm surprised but I mean, with the sparkling and the..."

" No...I... I can only tell you if I take you out to the middle of a forest with intent to kill you, and possibly rape you. Would that be okay?"

" Well, I mean, there's only another 20 minutes left in lunch, but if you can have me back for fourth period, I don't see it being a problem."


And with that, he finished his nutri grain bars, leaving nought but wrappers in his wake. It was all very masculine, the way the crumbs clung to his sparkling brow. I think I had an orgasm, right there in the cafeteria. How wonderfully romantic.


"Are you sure this is the right forest?"

"Shut up wench, before I break your other arm"

He had, in fact, broken one of my arms earlier in our walk. To be fair, I had been trying to wipe the glitter off of his face when he did it, so I probably deserved it. I'm such a hussy.

It was nothing a little Oxycontin couldn't fix, of course, and considering my recreational addiction, I didn't mind the arm at all. I threw a couple of pills back as he continued his speech, which, interestingly enough, sounded like rejected dialogue from Spider Man 3.

"You see, wench, when I was younger, a miraculous thing happened to me. I wasn't sure what to do with my great power, until a man came to me. Do you know what his name was?"


"...Are you this impartial to your other arm, Bella?"