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Edward and Jacob : Partners in Love.

An older Bella reflects back on special moments with Edward and Jacob


1. Chapter 1

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Lava and Snow
Jacob and Edward
Boiling and Cooling,
Lava and Snow,
Damnation and Bliss,
Jupiter and Mars,
Lava and Snow
Snow and Lava,
Detroit and Italy,
Lava and Snow
To die, or to survive,
Detroit and Italy,
Lava and Snow


Edward held me close, smelling of roses and adoration as he stroked my neat, corn brown hair. He smelt like an orchard, a well tailored Adonis all my own. He had power in those grey, somewhat lanky arms, and I felt it surging through me as I clung to his strong, masculine breast. He leaned in, stoney features sparkling in the sunlight, and whispered

"You know I'm going to love you forever, don't you Bella?"

"Forever?" I said, removing myself from his peering topaz gaze, to look away for a split second, "that's a very long time Edward"

I knew from the silence that followed what he was thinking in that perfect head of his. Of course, just then a butterfly went by, and I couldn't look away.

The way it moved its wings reminded me of myself. For my entire life, I had been the victim of monotony and circumstance. I had been but a caterpillar, from my inception in the womb to my high school days. Thinking back on this,I reflected upon my life. The butterfly's wings created beautiful patterns in the air around me, wrapping me up like a christmas gift basket I'd given Edward this past year. Oh, how he'd loved that basket. It had all sorts of things he used to this day, from tanning lotion to a book documenting popular blood types. Thinking about blood, I thought about my future. I was considering going into blood spatter related work before him, but now it seemed a bad idea.

Just then, there was a loud crash, and my thoughts were torn away from my beautiful butterfly! As I turned around I saw a scene I was very familiar with. Edward and Jacob were tussling on the ground, shirtless and wet with water from a nearby lake. I imagined they'd been fighting for the past 20 minutes or so, during which I'd been focused on butterflies and bloodspatter. I felt terrible. But good GOD Jacob had a nice body. I can't really hold it against Edward, obviously. He'd be way hotter if he used the tanning lotion I gave him more often. Of course, this all brought me back to a conversation we'd had months earlier....

It had been on the dawn of my 19th year, and Edward and I had only recently become intimate for the first time. I'd been trying to get him to go to the beach for that whole summer, the weather being beautiful, and the water being perfect. It was also the only time he'd hit me.


"Bella" he'd said, patience in his voice, " I can't go to the beach. I twinkle like a christmas tree"

"But, Eddie-Ward! We have to go! "

"No," he said, putting both his proverbial, and physical, feet down " J'ai refuser"

"Oh Eddie-ward! I didn't know you speak french!"

"I don't" he said, a flourescent gleam in his topaz eyes, " but I know enough. Vous vous coucher avec moi?"

"OUI OUI!" I said, tipping my imaginary beret, and jumping into the arms of the stony man in front of me. He was so beautiful. Eternally 17, I felt a little odd, but his corpselike presence comforted me, somehow.

As I felt his strong, mason-like hands on my supple back, I brought my lips up to touch his in a strong caress. After this, he swung me onto the bed, and proceeded with the lovemaking styled things he was so good at in those days. That night however, I tried something different. As my hands slid down his spine, they got closer and closer before... I inserted them, one finger after another, into his most nether of regions.

"BELLA" , he screamed, " never again!"

And with that he hit me, throwing me against a wall with the force only an Adonis could deliver, and only a statue could carry through. The next second, he was next to me, cradling my broken body and telling me it would be okay.

"Bella," he said, " never again. I promise."

" I believe you," I said, as only the victim of an abusive relationship could, " I really do."

"Okay...but I think you should know something Bella"

"What's that?"

"I fucking hate being called Eddie Ward"


And with that I was brought back to the present, watching Jacob's bruised, sexually charged body fly through the air. With every movement he painted a picture. A wonderful, brilliant picture, the likes of which abstract artists the world over could only dream of. But then I noticed it. A small vole, burrowing into its hole for the summer, along with a half dead rodent it was carrying in its teeth. It reminded me of the first time Jacob and I had gotten intimate.


It had been autumn of this past year, nearing my twentieth birthday. I had been having thoughts about my relationships with Jacob and Edward, along with a new boy, a Fishman by the name of Mike. Mike had been the child of a merman and a huntress, and as such, was the only person trained to both swim marathons, and fight my other suitors. Thinking back on it, it seemed violence was a huge turn on for me. But really, isn't it for everyone?

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. There were rivets on the trees, which still, interestingly enough, smelt of urine. Jacob had been marking his territory earlier that day, a fact that kept Mike at bay (excuse the pun). It was in this most beautiful of moments, watching daffodils bloom in front of me, that I heard Jacob coming.

It was a slight sound at first, but got louder as it got closer. Reflecting upon this, I realize that this is true of most sounds, but that's not important right now. Glancing up from my copy of "How to lose a man in ten days", I saw a furry flash coming through the woods. It must be Jacob. No one else could dart quite like he could, aside from a flock of seagulls I once mistook for him. Of course, I was a little bit high, so that was understandable. That was the last time I ever had any of Jacob's "native herbs".

I think it was the abs I noticed at first, seemingly floating above the trees with the speed of an adonis. I coughed, as only an adonis would, and stroked my face with my firm, statuesque fingers. It was then that he landed next to me. I put down my book grudgingly. It was just getting to the part where the boys reject her.

"So Jacob, how are you doing today?" I asked, scratching him behind his ears like he liked " mm, sit boy, sit"

And so he did, cross legged, and looking me in the face like a happy puppy. He dropped the half dead rodent he had been carrying in his teeth, and looked at me with a large smile on his face.

"Look Bella! I brought you a gift!"

"It's very nice", I said, shuddering inwardly as only an Adonis would. " But I have a question for you Jacob"

"What's that Bella?"

"Have you ever really been with a woman?"

The silence hung in the air as if Magneto was controlling the very fabric of the chair I'd been sitting in until now. I stood up, displaying my full, naked body to the entire orchard. Specifically however, I was focused on Jacob, who was also very naked. In my case, I'd been tanning. In his, he was an animal. And my god, did I love animals.

"Oh Bella" he said, softly. " I have been with women. But none like you. None who were so.." he looked at me with a gaze of appreciation, "so...undefinably statuesque"

" Well Jacob," I said, slurring my speech slightly, " it might just be these wine coolers talking, but I really have wanted you for a long time. Do you want to..."

And with that he was upon me. He was beastial, angry, and a little bit vicious. He bit my neck, softly at first and then drawing blood.

" I'm sorry" he said. Clearly the boy didn't realize I was in an on again off again relationship with a vampire. This was not new to me.

What was however was Jacob. I felt his strong abdomen pushing against my soft, feminine features, and my strong, statuesque bone structure. Slowly, but surely, he held me closer, until it was truly like we were one. And then we had sex.


Back to the present, the two boys were still fighting. Interestingly, they were also now naked, and tussling parts of each other I didn't think had such practical uses. Jacob was whipping Edward with what appeared to be a belt, and Edward had what looked like a fishing bob in his mouth. I looked away, noticing a very pretty spiderweb. What a wonderful creature the spider was, spinning its webs as though no one was watching. The strands were shining in the blazing sunlight as I thought about how interesting it was that she could build something so beautiful upon such a weak foundation. Strangely, I was reminded of my love for Edward.

I should really stop the two boys' fighting, I thought. They had been on long enough, and it seemed to be bordering on a strange sort of camraderie by this point. Oh, yes, I had thought it at first to be contempt, but now it was a strange sort of respect. They even talked of going into film together.

Gazing back at the boys I saw them laying there, arm in arm and in love. I wonder what Mike was doing these days.