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Sunny In Seattle

Alice, Rosalie, Edward, Jasper, Emmett, and Bella have been best friends for years. But now, they are all entering a time in their lives when the everyday routine begins to change. Their feelings toward each other change, their relationships with each other change, and even their views on life and love change. Alternate Universe and All human.

I'm not dead! Woot! Okay, so bad summary, no? Yeah. So this is basically a long running account of the AU, AH lives of our folks here. As canon and in-character as possible. They'll be a lot of drama, romance, angst, worry, excitement, etc. just bare with me. Enjoy, people! DISCLAIMER: I am not Stephenie Meyer (wouldn't really wanna be) so therefor I do not own anything associated or owned by her. Everything belongs to it's respective owners.

1. The Yellow Umbrella

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In Seattle, there was a quaint little restaurant called The Yellow Umbrella. It was a small café that was painted bright yellow. It was family owned and had been since it was built in 1907. It flourished well, considering the fact that it was surrounded by larger restaurants and other modern establishments. The usual customers were older folks who relished in it's old fashioned hospitality, young lovers who wanted a quite place to bond and eat, and a group of friends who had been coming since they had been taken there by their parents.

The group normally sat at a large booth in the front corner. The waitresses had nicknamed it the Wonder World because of how apart it seemed when "the youngsters" were using it. Those "youngsters" were fond of the little establishment and used to stop by every day. After they all took off for college, the old waitresses began to miss them. Pretty soon, they all moved back and became regular customers again. They often stopped by in ones or twos. Once a week they all arrived. They were just a natural part of the café atmosphere.

On a normal Friday like today, a blonde man always walked in first. He carried a calmness around with him, just like the messenger bag he carried. He was tall and had clear grayish blue eyes. Normally, his blonde curls hung in his eyes and the younger waitresses giggled about him behind the counter. He was a thirty three year old, accomplished therapist named Jasper Hale.

Usually twenty minutes after he arrived, a soft brunette stepped through the door. She always had a large bag in her hand and her nose buried in a book. She was short and curvy with long, dark, wavy brown hair that was usually pulled into a high ponytail. She had large brown doe eyes and a meek smile on her lips. She was a intelligent third grade English teacher who enjoyed motherhood vicariously. Her name was Bella Swan and she was twenty six.

They would chat over ice water for ten minutes until a blonde woman strutted inside. She was always chatting into a ear set and tapping at a Palm Pilot. She was a statuesque woman with hair that flowed down to her tiny waist , unless it was in a elegant up do. Her eyes were brilliant violet blue and she was always dressed in top-of-the-line business outfits. She was a well known lawyer named Rosalie Hale. She was also Jasper Hale's fraternal twin, so therefore thirty three as well.

Rosalie would barely have time to sip her preordered water before a dark haired man came barreling in. He was tall and well muscled with short, dark brown hair. He was always smiling and always messing with a handheld computer. He had expressive, large hazel eyes. He was a animation and cartoon director named Emmett McCarty. He was thirty three.

About twenty minutes later, a tiny black haired woman would skip in. She was almost always laden with shopping bags and carrying a sketch pad beneath her arm. She couldn't be more than five feet and had short black hair that stuck up in every direction. The spiky hairdo was styled though, and went well with her clear, ghostly, blue eyes . A I-spent-hours-to-get-it-to-look-like-I-could-care-less style. She always dressed her lithe, petite body in expressive colors and styles. She was a peppy twenty six year old. Her name was Alice Brandon and she was a fashion designer.

They would munch on crackers and sip their waters for about thirty minutes and then a man with bronze hair would rush in. The man always carried a black briefcase around and had a cell phone in his hand. He had disarrayed red-brown hair that could be considered bronze. He was kind of tall with emerald green eyes. He was a doctor who worked at the local hospital with his father. That was impressive as he was only thirty, yet almost as good as his father. His name was Edward Cullen.

Now that they were all there, they would hail whichever waitress' turn it was to have the pleasure of serving them. Today it was Agatha. She was young and had only just moved in with her grandmother, who was the current owner. Because of that, she had only known them for two years. Even so, she knew their usually lunch choices. She also knew nothing really changed about it except for maybe the drink choice.

But no, today they all chose the same thing they always chose. Edward smiled at her and glanced at the unneeded menu. "Agatha, I'll have a turkey sandwich. As always, mayo and lettuce. I think you know the rest." He smiled a weak smile at her. Agatha nodded. Yes, she knew what else. A diet Coke and some cucumber slices with ranch dip.

She scribbled on the pad, "Edward's usual" . Alice spurted out her order before Agatha had even asked.

"Sothat'llbeasaladwithlightly - isaidlightly -toastedchickenbreastandlotsoftomatoesand....." Her mouth continued on as Agatha mentally registered the order. "Don't forget the extra sweet tea and chocolate brownie! Please, that is." Agatha nodded, smiling.

"Okay, Aggie, I'll have the usual hamburger and french-fries with my favorite cookie. Pepsi, please, and I'm designing a character after you. Her name is Colene." Agatha blushed at the news and said, "Thank you, Emmett. I imagine she'll turn out well. I'm guessing you want cheese on the fries?" Emmett nodded, grinning as Alice shuddered.

"Rosalie?" Agatha asked, brushing the red wisps of hair from her face. Rosalie smiled and set down her Palm Pilot.

"I'll have a chick filet with french-fries, a slice of that chocolate perfection your aunt makes, some apple slices, a glass of Mountain Dew, and make sure I have some extra napkins. Refill my water and thank you a bunch, hon." Agatha blushed again at the thought of fit Rosalie's monster appetite. What's more, she always ate that way. Agatha smiled and said, "Of course, Rose." Then she turned to Bella.

"Um, I'll have chicken nuggets," she paused to slap a sniggering Emmett's arm, "and some grapes. Could I please get some Dr. Pepper and some more water?" Agatha nodded and scribbled down the orders. Jasper was staring at her when she looked up. The intensity of it made her blush.

"Agatha, I think I'll go with that tasty roast beef sandwiches you make, some orange slices, and more sweet tea. If that isn't to much to ask...I know you're busy." Agatha shook her head and scribbled it down.

"Let me just get all that to the cook and then I'll bring you guys your drinks. Also, Granny says high and Aunt Janie wants to know Phoebe is behaving." Bella smiled. "She's not a devilish as Janie and Sheldon make her seem." Agatha nodded and walked away to the kitchen. When she was gone, Emmett thrust some papers onto the table.

"These here are those designs for Aggie's character. I wanna get together a little skit then give a CD of it to her for her birthday next week. If you all contribute some ideas, I'll add your names to the card." He grinned. Everyone inspected the pictures. Rosalie huffed.

"Why is it that all I got from you was a freaking bust of myself? I want a cartoon me!" Rosalie grinned and everyone burst out laughing.

"Yeah, Em, all I got was a flat screen T.V! What good is that?" Jasper kidded. Alice nodded.

"The cheapo only got me some fabric from China!" Bella grinned.
"What about the useless gold necklace I got?"

Edward playfully punched Emmett's arm. "And those darn orchestra tickets you got me aren't worth the paper they were printed on!"

Emmett flushed red and smiled. "What does Aggie get from us for working her butt of to please us? I know you guys were kidding, but really! Sure, Rose gave her some shoes and Edward gives big tips, but she's pretty close to us....for a person we only see here."

Everyone nodded and began churning out ideas. Alice even began molding with some clay while after they ate, leaving everyone wondering why clay was in her purse.

Later on, around four in the evening, they were all preparing to go home. Edward put his arm around Bella and announced,"I'm going to walk Bella home because we all know how unsafe she is alone on the streets."

Everyone chuckled while Bella blushed. Alice playfully pushed Jasper‘s hand away from her. "Don't tickle me!" she laughed. They parted in good spirits, Rosalie headed to her BMW, Emmett strutting away with her so she could drop him off. Alice headed to her Porsche, Jasper started off toward the bookshop, and Edward and Bella headed off toward the nice apartment complex they lived in. All in all, it was a pretty usual Friday.