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Because he never found her

what if Edward had never found Bella in the dance studio, what if james had changed her instead of trying to kill her. what if they met again, 200 years later? in bellas point of view and hello? could someone please bother to review? is it really that crap a story?


4. Chapter 3

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Two weeks later.

Me and Edward still aren’t together, not really. But I guess I have confession to make.

I kind of slept with him, as in I had sex with Edward freaking Cullen!

I still hyperventilate at the thought. The problem I now have is that he’s ignoring me. Has been since that night…

Flash back.

I stared at the Greek god in front of me, he was scowling, it was the night after Hunter and I had “glowed” and Edward was demanding I talked to him. So I did, I told him everything about my life, I even told him that I wasn’t still a virgin. I thought he’d explode with rage when I mentioned that. He asked who but I wouldn’t answer so he started shouting at me.

“Why? Why the hell can’t you tell me? Its not like they’re still alive!” he shouted after bombarding me with questions.

I would have been in tears if that had been possible but it wasn’t so I had to settle for screaming at him.

“I’m sorry!” my voice broke “but it’s not like I had a freaking choice” after yelling in his face, I sank to the floor and dry sobbed into my hands. The tension, confusion and horror in the room seemed to cover me like a blanket of black snow, dark and forbidding.

“What…” Edward cleared his throat before continuing” What exactly do you mean when you said you ‘didn’t have a choice’?” his voice was trembling with unseen power, and unseen rage and torrent of emotions welling up inside him.

It was too late to take back what I said, it was too late to laugh it off because I’d already frozen and I knew there was a look of horror on my face because his eyes swept my every feature.

“I…I just…” I tried to speak but he shook his head venomously, trying to deny a fact that I knew he understood.

“No, NO!” He dropped to his knees, his face heart wrenching with guilt, sorrow and pain. “No” he whispered forcefully.

“Edward…” I started quietly.

“Bella, please, tells me I’m thinking the wrong thing! Tell me I’m wrong and that someone didn’t…didn’t do…THAT to you” he begged me, hands clutching the material of my night dress.

I didn’t answer.

“Please!” he was full out sobbing now and I was grateful that everyone had gone out.

“I’m sorry” I whispered.

Suddenly he lunged at me, hugging me so fiercely that I lost my breath along with my train of thought. He was whispering my name over and over again. And then, once again with a sudden movement. His attitude changed. He became more angry then sad, more full of rage then I’d ever seen him or any other vampire. He was shaking so hard that I thought that hi might burst.

I blushed when I realised that an angry Edward turned me on, Edward saw my blush and a strange look came over his face.

His next words surprised me because they had nothing to do with the subject or rape, and were seemingly random.

“I want you” he growled as he gave me a feral smile.

And then we were on the bed, somehow naked, he was stroking my hair and kissing me in typical Edward fashion but I knew that this time, the kiss wouldn’t end. Wouldn’t slow down. Wouldn’t stop at just a kiss.

And it didn’t.

It escalated to something I knew I didn’t regret something that, although it didn’t erase the previous memories of Mike Newton raping me, it did ease them a little bit. He was gentle, yet in control.

Passionate but caring.

Loving and lusting.

With that undercurrent of anger that was still running through

When we came, we came together, in a rush of joy and passion, Edward panting into my shoulder, shaking with happiness and fulfilment.

End flash back.

Sighing, I sat up straighter on the bed where I had been sitting. I sighed again and glanced around my room.

The shelves and wardrobe (walk in, Alice must have rubbed off on me) were a deep dark colour, matching the colours oh my bedroom, as the carpet was black and the walls cream. Everything looked perfectly neat and in order. It was beautiful and warm.

I hated it.

I hated everything about that stupid house, including the white walls, the huge T.V, the library…okay, maybe I liked the library.

Fine! I LOVE the library; it’s the only place in this god damn house where I feel comfy and happy.

But this bedroom. Ugh, it’s the place where Edward started ignoring me. Maybe hating me.

Flash back

I smiled at him as I opened my eyes, expecting to see his face. But his back was turned from me and he was sitting on the side of the bed, glaring at the wall, I was surprised and confuses, I was cautious but not really worried yet.

“Hey” I said softly, my voice saturated with love.

He grunted and stormed out. I stared at the door once he slammed it shut. My eyes poring non existent tears because the emotion in his voice had been so far away from love and devotion, it was more like hate.

He ignored me for the next two weeks, not talking to me, not even glancing at me.

I didn’t know what I did wrong and ended up crying into Hunter’s chest every night. Every god damned freaking night.

I had to stop Hunter from going and killing Edward.

End flash back

I went down stairs eventually, but stopped at the sight at the bottom of the stairs, a gasp tearing from my throat.