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Because he never found her

what if Edward had never found Bella in the dance studio, what if james had changed her instead of trying to kill her. what if they met again, 200 years later? in bellas point of view and hello? could someone please bother to review? is it really that crap a story?


6. Chapter 6

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No, not Hunter! My knees buckled and I heard a weird, mournful sound, it was a while before I realised it was me, whimpering.

“He’s not dead.”

I looked over my shoulder to see Carlisle hurrying towards me.

“Who?” I whispered, he didn’t answer.

“Who!” this time my words were screamed, agonised and loud. Carlisle watched me with sympathy.

“You have to understand, Bella,” He said slowly, keeping his eyes on Hunter as he bent to examine him, “That Edward has been through a lot, after you told him about-” catching my startled look he sighed “-Yes, Edward told us after we made him, anyway, after that he just couldn’t get the notion of tracking down the persons relatives out of his head.”

Horror poured from every atom in my body.

Did he know, who it was?

“Of course, soon enough he realised that it was Hunter’s twin brother. Dead now of course but it brought so much rage into his heart, he acted before he could think of the consequence, then fled before we could get to him.”

I stared at the ceiling, almost wishing water would leak from the fry tear ducts on my face.

It didn’t, it never would. Not whilst I was still all vampire-y.

“Can you, can…Hunter?” the words made no sense even as they left my mouth but I didn’t retract them, just looked imploringly at Carlisle. He understood, nodding as he lifter Hunter from the floor and skirted into one of the rooms up stairs, giving me the chance to bolt out of the door and search for the bastard who I loved.

He wasn’t easy to find, logic had seeped away as soon as I had seen Hunter, all rational thought put on hold as I ran as if the hounds of hell were at me heels. Who knows, maybe they really were. Demons of my past, secrets of my present, fears for what the future might become.

Still, I ran, and eventually, I found him

Hiding in the clearing he had taken me to so long ago. It was surreal how we ended up in the place we started, like the circle of life, running its course. Part of me hoped I was right, that it was the end, part of me knew I would fight, tooth and nail to keep him at least as a friend. Having lost him once, I wasn’t prepared to loose him again any time soon or in the far, far future.

He was silent as I approached. I knew he heard me, smelt me, felt me, his shoulders had tensed way before I had come into talking range for humans.

We, of course, were not humans.

Had we ever been?

Silly to think of it really, of course we had been human. I could still recall the taste of fish, chocolate and coke. Edward on the other hand, did I really know anything about him.

Another silly thought. I knew I was trying to make myself doubt as soon as I tried to make myself angry.

The anger wouldn’t come out in words of actions, the doubts were not even real enough to make me regret or fear.