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1917. Isabella Swan met the love of her life, Edward Masen, Jr. After a year, Chicago is on Spanish Influenza Outbreak, and he became ill. She was then told by Dr. Cullen that he's dead. Heartbroken, Isabella wanted to die. Someone gave it to her but in a different way. She became a vampire. After years of trying to move on and get over her Eddie, she moved back to Forks ,and a lot of surprises welcomed her. He was alive after all, or is he?

Lots of heartbreaking stories of Isabella Marie Swan but she will have a HEA in he end.

1. Ch1: Never Gonna Be Alone

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Chapter 1- Never Gonna Be Alone

Late 1917

I am Isabella Marie Swan, 15 years of age.

This is the happiest year of my life.

My father and I just moved in Chicago from Forks because my father was told by the police that he is more needed here. I don't know why. But the time that he told me that he's leaving me to my mother at Forks so he can go to Chicago alone, I insist that I should be there with him for reasons like he can't cook, he can't do household chores and etc. He told me that it's too dangerous and he can't risk my life. Of course, I, being a stubborn girl, insist until he gave up and told me to pack clothes right away.

I have never been so excited in my whole life. I always wanted to travel. So, I hurriedly packed all my dresses, shoes, and books. My mother cried and kept pleading my father to not bring me with him. I told her that it's alright and my father really needed someone to look after him.

After my mother sighed and told me to take care of myself, my father and I went to the train station to Chicago.

When we get to the train and sat on the chairs, I pulled out my Romeo and Juliet book and read it for the nth time.

Finally, when we reached Chicago and went to the house where we are supposed to live, we unpacked.

I looked around my room. There's a bed, a closet, a table and chair, and a window.

I looked outside the window, and that's when I saw him.

He is furiously scribbling to his paper; eyebrows mashed together, lines appearing on his forehead, his eyes deep in concentration and his lips are formed into a straight line. He, sometimes, moved his hand through his reddish bronze hair, or pinching the bridge of his nose.

I don't know how I long I've been staring to this beautiful man, until my father called out from downstairs. "Isabella?"

The beautiful man looked up from whatever he's writing and his green eyes bore into my brown ones.

I blushed, embarrassed, but I can't look away. He is staring intently, like he is seeing through my soul.

I heard footsteps going to my door and a few knocks. "Isabella? Did you already unpacked? Are you ready to make supper?"

"Yes, Father." I stuttered, and grudgingly looked away from the beautiful man next door. I opened the door quickly, and in my haste to get out of the room before I died of embarrassment, I bumped my father and I fell on my rear.

"Ow." I muttered.

He helped me to get up and smiled. "What am I going to do with you?" he smirked.

I rolled my eyes and proceeded to the kitchen to make supper.

After supper, my father told me that I should clean myself up after that long journey.

I did what I was asked and get ready for bed.

I peeked to my window but the lights are off.

Maybe he's asleep already. Oh well.

I went to my bed and fell asleep.

I woke up with a start and automatically looked at my window. He's gone. I sighed. I brushed my teeth and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Just then, someone knocked at the door. I slowly opened it.

A beautiful bronze-haired, green-eyed lady is waiting by the doorstep with a breakfast tray.

"Good morning! I'm Elizabeth Masen. I live next door. Welcome to our neighborhood!" she smiled, handling me the tray.

"Uhm, hello. I'm Isabella Swan. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Masen. Come on in." I smiled back and took the tray and brought it into the kitchen.

"Hello, Mrs. Masen, good morning." My father greeted her, kissing her hand.

"Hello, Mr. Swan. Good morning to you, too." She replied.

We talked and ate the breakfast that she gave us.

She reluctantly looked at the clock and sighed. "I must get going now. My family must be starving." She joked.

We laughed and stand up. I walked to the sink and begun washing the dishes.

"How about this? Why don't the both of you come with me to our house and get to know more about each other? My husband and son would be thrilled to meet both of you." she suggested.

I dropped the plate I'm washing to sink by surprise. She's inviting us to go to their house? And to meet her family?

"Is something wrong, Isabella dear?" she asked, worriedly.

"We will be delighted, Mrs. Masen." My father agreed as if nothing happened. "We just need to dress up and we'll knock at your door in no time." He grinned.

‘'Look like it's settled then. I'll go and get ready." She smiled at me and walked out the door.

"What's wrong, Isabella?" my father asked. I shook my head.

"Well, okay then. I'll just go upstairs and get dressed. You should do the same, too, after you cleaned the dishes, okay?" he asked.

"Yes, Father."I said.

After we get dressed, we walked to the house next door.

My father knocked at the door.

The door is opened by no other than him.

"Good day Sir, Ma'am." He bowed and gestured us to come in. I blushed and he looked at me and smiled. Oh, dear Lord, I think I just died.

"Good day to you, too. You must be the son of Elizabeth Masen." My father said, inclining his head and looking at him.

The beautiful boy-man looked away from me and said, "Yes sir. That would be me. I'm Edward Jr." he bowed again.

"Nice to meet you Edward Jr." my Father said, smiling.

"Hi! You must be the Swans!" a man exclaimed, going down the stairs.

"And you must be Edward Senior." My Father smiled.

"Why yes." Edward Sr. extended his arm to us when he reached us.

"I'm Charles Swan and this is my daughter, Isabella." My Father shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Charles." Edward Sr. said, shaking his hand. Then, he kneeled down until he is eye-leveled with me. He reached my hand and kissed it. "Isabella." He smiled.

I reached my dress and bowed, "Nice to meet you, Sir Edward Sr." I smiled back.

"And you probably met my son, Edward Jr." he said.

"Yes. He is very gentlemanly. He is taught well." My Father said, smiling.

"Indeed."Edward Sr. said proudly.

"Pleasure to meet you, Isabella." Edward Jr. said, kissing my hand. There's something that shot through me and I blushed. "Nice to meet you too, Edward Jr." I smiled. He smiled back, looking puzzled. I think he felt it too.

"Lunch is ready!" Elizabeth called.

Since that day that Edward Jr. and I met, we are inseparable. We walked to the park, we played by the river, we read books by the trees and we talked under the stars everyday.

I call him Eddie now, because Edward Jr. is too long. He call me Bells, because to him, my laughter and voice are like bells ringing.

Early 1918

We are so happy together until his father got sick and eventually died.

We all mourn about it but Eddie took it so hard. They are so close. He never came down from his room even if I begged him.

After a few days, my father got sick, too. He was rushed to the hospital and I'm not allowed to visit ‘cause it's too contagious and he doesn't want me to get sick. Ultimately, he died.

A few days later, it is Spanish Influenza outbreak. My father told me in a letter before he died, that he wants me to go back to my mother so I won't catch the disease.

I mourn and ran to Mrs. Masen's house. Eddie comforted me, but ended mourning for our fathers.

"I don't want to die, Eddie." I cried.

"Me, too, Bells. But we need to be strong." He said. "No matter what happens, if I got sick, go back to your mom and be strong." That only makes me cry harder.

"No Eddie! I won't leave you! I can't just run away!'' I cried.

"Shh. Bells. It's alright. Shh. You'll never leave me. I'm always in your heart." He said.

"Eddie, I'm always in your heart, too." I said, looking keenly at his green eyes.

He stared at me, and put his hands on both sides of my face, cradling it.

"I love you, Isabella." He stated. He leaned slowly and brushed his lips on mine.

"I love you too, Edward." I said. He kissed me hard until we're out of breath.

I felt so peaceful that I didn't notice that I fell asleep on Eddie's arms.

I woke up quickly, remembering where I am. I am lying on Eddie's bed. But where is he? I looked at the covers and found a paper folded in half.

My dearest Isabella,

My mother is rushed at the hospital because she got sick. I'm staying with her right now. I'm sorry if I left you alone at the house, it's just that you looked so peaceful and I can't bear to wake you up.

I may not be returning due to possible circumstances. But please know that I will always be in your heart.

Go back to your mother at Forks immediately, (tell her, "Hi." For me.)

Please, don't linger long outdoors. You might get sick.

Be safe.

I love you.

Always and Forever Yours,

Edward Jr.

P.S. You'll always be my Bells and I'll always be your Eddie. Forever.


My Eddie will die. He will get sick and he will leave me. No.

I will never let him do that! I screamed. I need him!

But, his mother needs him more.

Yes. She needs him more. I repeat this as a mantra on my head.

In that case, I need to visit her.

Just a peek.

So, I walked my way to the hospital.