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Didn't Expect to See You

Edward was hunting when he met Bella. Instead of killing her, he chose to kidnapped her. Bella had a secret that Edward thinks might be useful for him. Who is Bella? Would they fall in love with each other? Or Edward would kill her when she wasn't useful anymore?

Genre : Romance/Hurt Main Character : Edward and Bella

1. Prologue

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Didn't Expect to See You


I didn't expect to see him nor to love him. Nothing made sense, but it happened. My heart was his. Love was beyond what did I think it is. It was indescribable, it made me felt wanted and worth for someone and it made me happy when we were together and made me fell pain and empty if weren't together. Although it was hard to admit it at the first time, love had changed our lives.

I used to be a lonely person and he used to be obbsesed with his revenge. It was our past and we have determined not to dwell in it anymore.

I knew what he had done to me and I should hate him. I used to hate him, but it changed. We had to move on and build our live together. I believed if we were together we could survive.

I had forgiven him. Forgiveness caused our happiness and his love words healed me.

What should I say to him ? His question made me shocked. Yes or no? Was I sure about that? I love him, but.... what if he just use me? Then I looked at his eyes, he looked serious and honest. The sincerity was emitted from his gorgeous eyes. He was waiting me to give him my answer. I could say that he was nervous. I took a deep breath.

“Yes, Edward.” He smiled and dazed me. He was the most gorgeous creature that I had ever met.

His lips met mine. I loved and would never get tired of kissing him and fell his cold lips against mine. The kiss was so sweet and loving.

“Thank you!” he said.

“You're welcome”. I replied and smiled.

We hugged each other tightly as if our lives depend on it. I was so happy and my tears coming down from my eyes and made my cheeks wet. He wiped my tears away. What was bad at the beginning not always ended badly and love could turn around even the worst situation.