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A Heart to Heart With Bella and Carlisle

okay well this is a few years after Bella was changed and its just Bella and Carlisle in the house and they got talking and it ends up with a very sweet heart to heart ending


1. Chapter 1

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A Heart to Heart With Bella and Carlisle

by: Crazy.About.Converse.

-"Hey Carlisle," Bella said.

-"Yes Bella?" said Carlisle

-"Can I ask you a question?" Bella said eagerly

-"Sure! Go ahead!" Carlisle said hoping it was something to do about her change.

-"When you were first changed," Bella said wishing she hadn't asked.

-"Yes, go on please." Carlisle said questioningly.

-"Well..." Bella said regretting everything.

-"Bella, you know that you can ask me anything." Carlisle said going into full father mode.

-"Yeah I know, it's just it's kinda personal for you and I'm not sure if I should ask you..." Bella said.

-"Bella just ask me. Please." Carlisle said.

-"Okay, I guess I will. Um...well...when you were first turned into a vampire, why did you try to kill yourself?" Bella asked.


*silence*crickets*more silence*

-"You know Carlisle, you don't have to answer if you dont want to. I just wanted to know..." Bella says as she turns to leave.

-"No, wait Bella. Just give me a moment to collet my thoughts..." Carlisle says thoughtfully.

-"Okaaaay." Bella said stretching out the 'A' sound in the word.


a few moments later

-"I guess I did it becasue I figured that if I tried to go out into the world and live a normal life that people wouldn't have seen me as Carlisle anymore, that they would have seen me as a blood sucking abomination sent from hell to destroy the human population. So to sparfe them, I tried to end my life." Carlisle told her.

-"Oh Carlisle! I'm so sorry! And you know what?"

-"What?" Carlisle asked her.

-"I bet that you were never a blood sucking abonination sent from hell to destroy the human populatoin. You were probably alwasy Carlisle." Bella said truthfully.

-"Aw. Thank you Bella. That made me feel better about my old self and laugh at the same time."

-"Your welcome Carlisle and you know what else?" Bella said again.

-"What else?" Carlisle said again.

-"I bet that there are people all over the world who are glad that you weren't able to kill yourself."

-"Who?" Carlisle said pressingly.

-"Your family of course. Me, Edward, Renesmee, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett Esme, Tanya, Kate, Carmen, Eleazar, Garret, Benjamin, and all sorts of other people. And esspecially Esme. Without you this family would have never came together and we all wouldn't have met out soulmates."

-"Awwww. Thank you Bella, again. Thank so much."

-"Your welcome Carlisle. I love you.

-"I love you too sweetie."



A/n: Okay i know the ending was kinda cliche' but it was like 3 am when i wrote this. R&R plz. I love constructive critisism by the way. So anyone with the gift of constructive critisism, I would love to read yours and anyone else's critisism.