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Renesmee is about five years old now, looking around the age of twelve of thirteen. The whole Cullen clan is doing great; but Jacob is antsy about Renesmee. He wants her to grow faster so he can be with her already, and is tired of waiting. What will happen between them when a new vampire comes?

Multiple POVs.

1. Chapter 1; Lake Greetings

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I walked out of my room, wearing a purple dress over my blue bikini. "Hey mom, dad, I'm going out to the lake!"

My parents walked out of their room into the hallway, "Why don't you just go swimming in the lake outside our room?" My mom asked.

I shrugged, then sighed. "Mom, I know that's in memory of when you went to Esme Isle, when it was just you two, not me. I'm not ruining your favorite memories."

"You wouldn't be ruining our memories," my mom pulled a curl behind my ear, "You're our best memory."

"Even though I almost killed you."

"Nessie," my mom whined with her perfect bell like voice.

"Don't call me Nessie," I said. "It's Renesmee. You made it up. You're going to use it," I put my weight on my other foot. "Just like your twos lake," I motioned in their room to the glass door that their lake was behind, "It's yours. You're going to use it."

"Renesmee, my memories are all perfectly clear, you can't ruin them just by swimming in our lake," my dad said.

"Yeah, your memories are perfect," I then pointed to my mom. "Hers aren't. She was a human then. Her memories are blurred. I'm not fogging them up anymore than they already are."

"Renesmee, I don't need those memories," my mom hugged my dad, "I have him forever now. Nothing could be better than that."

"Well, whatever. I'm going swimming at the other lake." I walked down the corridor-like hallway into the living room then exited. I wasn't going to the one you had to pass to get from the house that Carlisle, Esme, and the others lived in-I had found my own lake. But for all my parents knew, I was at the crossing one. I ran to my lake quickly-I knew I was there when I saw 'RCC' scratched into a tree. I walked into the opening- the trees had formed a big circled around the lake and left some land around the lake. I slipped out of my purple dress and jumped into the lake. Once I had submerged in the water, I opened my eyes-and almost had a heart attack when I did.
In front of me swam the most beautiful boy with blond hair, and the blackest of black eyes. My mouth formed an 'O', and water filled my mouth. I tried swimming back up for air, but he pulled me to him and kissed me. My eyes shot wide open, and he was staring at me with those crazily black eyes. He was a vampire;that, or he was a human wearing black contacts. I closed my eyes, and started kissing back.
He eventually pulled us both out of the water and on the grass. I was gasping for air by then. He blinked several times, and ran his right index finger over my cheek. It was freezing cold. Well, that settles the vampire/human argument that has previously went on in my head.

"Your eyes..." he said, locking his dark gaze in mine, "They're beautiful."

I gasped, still breathing heavily. "Mine? Mine beautiful? What about yours?" I said, shakily. "Black."

"Green," he said, stroking my face with his frozen hands.

I raised an eyebrow, "G-green?" I stuttered.

He nodded slightly. "They're beautiful...human. Haven't seen human eyes in a long time," he whispered very quietly.

"Half," I said.

He gave me a confused look. "You heard what I just said? About humans?" He quickly sat up and got off of me.

I pushed myself up with my hands, then crossed my legs. "Why haven't you seen human eyes in a long time?"

He stayed quiet. The air suddenly got foggy.

"I'm half vampire," I whispered, knowing he could hear. "And you're a full vampire. I could tell by the black eyes and the freezing skin."

The fog went away. In it's place, the sun glared down on us. Specifically him. His skin sparkled brightly.

"Half," he said. "A lebishomen is your father?"

I shook my head. "No. My father Edward married my mother Bella, and my mom was still human. During their honeymoon, they found out that my mom was pregnant with me. I almost kill-"

"I know. Same old story, but the male vampire actually loved the female," he interrupted.

I smiled, and then bit my lip. I crawled over to him, and pressed my hand against his face, showing him what I saw when I first jumped into the water. Then I showed him my father, mother, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. I removed my hand from his face.
He smiled a bright white smile at me, and then it became very dark and began to rain. I looked up into the sky, and it stopped.
I looked at him as it became bright again, "You can do that?"

"When I was human, I could always sense what the weather would be like," he said.

"Oh," I pulled a curl out of my face, "The girl with the spiky black hair that I showed you. Her name is Alice. She can see whats going to happen."

"Alice Cullen?" he asked.

I nodded. He started talking again, "Married to Jasper Hale?" he asked. I nodded once again. He seemed to think for a second before his face rose, "You're Renesmee Cullen!" he said.

I raised an eyebrow. How would he know that? I don't even know him!I thought.

"I'm William," he said. "I've heard of your family. Alice was invited to join the Volturi."

"I-I didn't know other vampires knew that," I admitted.

"Yeah, well-" William got cut off by someone shouting his name.


We turned our heads to see 3 boys. Two were actually adults, while the other was younger than William. The two old ones both had long black hair. The young one had short brown hair. The taller old one nodded his head, "C'mon."

William sighed, and looked at me. "Bye Renesmee. I'll see you later." He bent down and kissed my cheek.

"Bye William," I said.

I watched him walk off with the other boys. I sat there for a while, then slipped on my dress and started running back to mine and my parents castle-like cabin. I stopped when I got about two miles from the house. My dad would be able to hear my thoughts about William. Heck, he could probably hear them right now if he concentrated enough. I ran back to my lake. William was standing there in front of the lake smiling. "Ditched my brothers."

I smiled and we both sat down again, continuing our earlier conversation.