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"Caius, surely you see the potential. I haven't seen a prospective talent so promising since we found Jane and Alec. Can you imagine the possibilities when she is one of us?" - Aro Edward is gone. Jacob never came to Bella's room. She is alone. What happens when she goes to Italy for her senior class trip?

This is my second fic and my first attempt at a multichaptered fic.

15. Chapter 15: The Flight

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Alice was able to book us all seats on the first available flight to New York. TAM airline's flight 8082 was scheduled to depart from Rio de Janeiro at five after six. This left us little more than a half hour to run to the airport, get through security, check in and board the plane.

I pushed my legs harder, running faster than I ever had in my existence. The trees flew by in a blur of brown and green. Stray branches tore at my already dirty clothes. Leaves and twigs got stuck in my untidy hair. The continuous drizzle left me feeling damp. None of this mattered. We had a flight to catch, and I couldn't bear to wait the six hours until the next one. I pushed harder again. It felt good not be running away, but to be running to - to my Bella, my love, my life.

We arrived at our gate just in time to hear the flight attendant announce, "Last call for passengers on flight 8082 to Sao Paulo." Unfortunately this didn't leave us any time to call Carlisle. I made my way to my seat at the fastest acceptable human pace and sat down, pinching the bridge of my nose. I couldn't get his voicemail out of my mind. He had said that Bella wasn't in Forks when it happened. Did she move to Florida to be with her mom? The sunshine state is a highly unlikely place to run into a vampire, but then again Bella always was a danger magnet.

What if she didn't move to Jacksonville? Where was she? I hissed in frustration. Why couldn't Carlisle tell Alice where Bella was in the message? We could have been on our way to wherever she was. Why are we wasting our time going back to the house in New York?

Edward, you need to relax. I know this is frustrating, but I'm sure Carlisle has his reasons. He will explain when we get back.

Edward, you are scaring the flight attendant. Alice got out of her seat. A second later, I heard a ding followed by the voice of the captain over the loudspeaker, "It is now safe to unbuckle your seatbelts and move about the cabin."

Alice crossed the aisle and dumped Jasper's backpack into my lap. "Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up. There are fresh clothes in the bag." She must have seen the dirty and disheveled state I was in before they left. She was always prepared.

I made my way to the cramped bathroom, locked the door and stripped my clothes.

There is a plastic bag inside the pack for your filth rags. We need to do something with them until we find a trashcan, and I don't want them touching my stuff. Always prepared.

I unzipped the backpack and pulled out the plastic bag. I threw my clothes in the bag and tied the handles in a knot, carefully squeezing the air out. I grabbed a pair of jeans, black t-shirt, boxers, socks and shoes out and shoved the plastic bag back in the pack. I put on my boxers, and then washed my face and arms at the small sink. I finished dressing and picked the debris out of my hair. I can't say this made me feel any better, but at least I was comfortable.

You're welcome.

I returned to my seat, passing the pack to Jasper before I sat down. "Alice?"

Already knowing what I was going to ask, she closed her eyes and rested her head back on the seat, concentrating on the future. The only clear image in her head was of our family seated around the dining room table. When she tried to see beyond that, it was a swirling mess of shadows. Nothing was firm. There were too many decisions to be made.

Ignoring all other thoughts buzzing around the plane, I watched Alice's strange flickers of shadows for the remainder of the short flight to Sao Paulo.

We arrived at Guarulhos International Airport at seven twenty-five am. Our flight from Sao Paulo to New York wasn't scheduled to leave until eight forty-five am. We had an eighty-minute layover. Eighty minutes with nothing to do but wait at a complete standstill. This was going to be pure hell. At least on the plane when I had to sit there and wait, I felt as if I was making some progress, getting closer to see my Bella.

The only good thing was Alice had a chance to call Carlisle. She tried his cell first. It went straight to voicemail. There was no answer at the house either. She hung up and tried again and again. Where was he? And why the hell wasn't he answering his phone? Running my hand through my hair, I began to pace the length of the row of chairs set facing the large glass wall at our gate.

Relax, man. Carlisle is probably at the hospital and had to turn his phone off.

Sit down. You are making the humans nervous.

You're going to wear a hole in the carpet.

I ignored their mental commentary on my behavior. If any of their mates were missing and possibly in danger, they would be going crazy with worry also, not to mention the physical pain that comes with being separated from one's mate - the pure agony that I have been living with for the past six months.

That's it. I can't take it anymore. You're coming with me for a quick hunt. NOW!

Excellent idea.

I continued to pace.

"Edward, Come on man. You need to hunt. I've never seen your eyes so dark." I've never seen anyone's eyes so dark. "You need to hunt."

"Emmett's right. When was the last time you hunted?" From the looks of you,it has to have been weeks.

"I'm fine."

"You are not fine. Go with Emmett and when you get back it will be time to board the plane." Do you want Esme to see you like this? Carlisle? And you're going to need your strength to go save Bella. "I'll keep trying to reach Carlisle for you."

Alice was right. "Fine. Let's go, Emmett. I will not miss our flight."

Even though I wasn't in the mood, I had to admit the hunting in the Amazon wasn't bad. I was able to take down a black jaguar and a smaller ocelot during our short hunt. Emmett also took down a jaguar and a capybara. I saw in his thoughts that he was trying to make me laugh with that one. The world's largest rodent - that can't taste good. Ewww! That's nastier than the time I lost a bet to Jasper and had to eat a steak.

When we arrived back at our gate, the flight attendant announced, "Now boarding flight 8082 from Sao Paulo to New York."

We were the first ones to board the plane and took our seats in first class. After the other passengers stopped scurrying down the aisle past first class and into the coach section of the plane, Alice told me she was able reach Rosalie at the house.

"Why didn't you get more information out of her?" I almost yelled, barely able to control my voice on a plane full of humans.

"You know Rose. She was being stubborn."

Ah, how I've missed my stubborn girl. I can't wait till I have time to... I had to tune out his thoughts.

"She would only say that she was going to pick us up at the airport and Carlisle wanted to have a family meeting as soon as we got back."

If I was suspicious before, I was certain now. They were hiding something from me and whatever it was it had to be bad. I was getting angrier by the second. What were they hiding and why? Obviously it had to do with Bella. It couldn't be her attack and change. I already knew about that. And nothing could be worse than that. Then, why keep it from me? What could it be? Did it have something to do with her leaving Forks? And WHERE THE HELL WAS SHE? WHY WOULDN'T THEY TELL ME?

I heard a crack. I had been gripping the armrest so hard the plastic split down the middle. I released the armrest and clenched my hands into a tight fist, causing my knuckles to turn impossibly whiter.

Edward, PLEASE! Jasper begged and sent some calming waves in my direction.

It was not a good idea to get Jasper worked up in such a confined area full of humans. For his sake I tried to think of something else - anything else. My mind settled on the only thing that could calm me - my Bella.

I thought about how she would smile and how her eyes would light up when she saw me again. I thought about how I would run to her and she would jump into my arms. Then, I realized her eyes wouldn't be the same warm brown that I remembered. I wouldn't have to be careful as I caught her no longer fragile body. She would be a stronger, faster and more durable Bella. She would also be a bloodthirsty Bella.

Would she blame me? She should blame me. Even if I wasn't the one to bite her, it was still my fault. I introduced her to this world, and then I failed to protect her from it.

Would she hate me? I could understand that. My existence in this world has doomed her to an eternity of night, walking the earth as a soulless monster. But Bella never did what I expected. At one time, she dreamed to be like me. Could she be accepting of this fate now that she truly understood its consequences? Would she still want forever with me now that it was possible?

What if she didn't want forever with me anymore? What if it's too late? What if she doesn't forgive me? I still can't believe how simple it was to convince her that I didn't want her - that I didn't love her. How could she believe the lie after the endless times I told her and showed her that I loved her? How could one sentence change that? I thought I would have to lie for hours until her stubborn mind wavered. Did she figure out the truth later? Would she believe me when I told it to her now?

What if she does believe the truth and forgives me, but it is still too late? What if, as I suspected, her human feelings were not as strong as my vampire ones? What if she already moved on? That was what I wanted.

What if she fell in love with this vampire and he was willing to change her? What if he was her mate? Was this it? Was this what they were keeping from me? Did they already find her and she had moved on as I intended?

My mind didn't want to accept this possibility. It scrambled to debunk it. Vampires mate for life, and Bella was my mate. It couldn't be possible for someone's mate to be mated to another. But if that wasn't it, what were they hiding?

Are you okay? Your emotions are all over the place. Jasper's thought slipped past my block. I didn't acknowledge it.

Another possibility, equally painful, sprang to mind. Bella practically begged me to change her. What if it was immortality she craved and not me? Is that why she could let me go so easily, without fighting for us?

I hung my head down. I couldn't think about this anymore.

Everything will be okay.

"You didn't see that, Alice," I spoke lowly so only my siblings could hear.

I don't need to see it; I know it.

I wished I could believe her. "Could you please look again anyway?"

Again, the only thing she could see was our family seated around the dining table, a family meeting.

"Why can't you see what Carlisle has to say?"

"I don't know. It is almost like he hasn't decided what to say."

That's it! He hasn't decided. He is purposely not making any decisions. That is why the future is a mess. He doesn't want Alice to see, yet. I could see in her mind that she was thinking the same thing.

What could it be that Carlisle would go to such lengths to hide it from us? He had to be worried about my reaction to the news. What did he think I would do if I knew? The only thing I wanted to do is go get Bella. He had to think that I would try to get her on my own. Why would that worry him?

Then I knew. Whoever Bella was with is dangerous. But Jasper, Alice and Emmett wouldn't let me go alone. Who could be so dangerous that we couldn't take him? He must not be by himself. How many could there be? Even James' coven of three was unusually large for human drinkers. We would still outnumber them. What made them so dangerous? Were they talented?

There was some static over the loud speaker, and then the captain announced, "We will be beginning our descent into JFK airport. Please place all trays in their upright position and fasten your safety belts."

It sounded like I would find out soon.