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Welcome to Volterra

"Caius, surely you see the potential. I haven't seen a prospective talent so promising since we found Jane and Alec. Can you imagine the possibilities when she is one of us?" - Aro Edward is gone. Jacob never came to Bella's room. She is alone. What happens when she goes to Italy for her senior class trip?

This is my second fic and my first attempt at a multichaptered fic.

16. Chapter 16: The Volturi

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We stepped off the plane, and I saw Rosalie waiting alone. The utter agony I was already in suddenly increased tenfold, nearly knocking me to my knees. I realized somewhere in my mind I had been hoping that they already found Bella and she would be here waiting to surprise me. That would have explained why they were hiding something from me.

Jasper was able to ease my pain some, and I was able to focus. I attempted to listen to Rose's thoughts to see if she knew were Bella was, but Emmett ran to her and was literally kissing her senseless. Her thoughts were a jumbled mess.

When they finally broke apart, I took another look into her mind. She was thinking of all the different ways she would like to welcome Emmett home. I suppressed a shudder and had to block her thoughts, or I would never be able to look my brother and sister in the eyes again.

In the car, I would periodically check Jasper's thoughts to get a read on Rose's emotions and see if it was safe to enter her head. Unfortunately, her lust didn't die down. Over the years, each member of my family developed their own ways to try to hide their thoughts from me. This was Rosalie's method, and it worked quite effectively.

The almost five hour car ride from JFK International Airport to Ithaca, NY took us three hours with Rose's driving. Because of the three-hour time difference, we arrived to our large secluded Colonial estate around seven pm.

Before Rose could put the car in park, I flew out of her M3 and burst through the front door, knocking it off its hinges.

"CARLISLE!" I demanded.

"We are waiting in the dining room." Calm down, son. We need to talk about this rationally. How dare he tell me to calm down! My mate is missing, and he is hiding information from me.

My siblings filed into the dining room behind me and took their seats at the table. I remained standing, glaring at Carlisle, my fists clenched.

Carlisle was carefully keeping his thoughts hidden. "WHAT'S GOING ON, CARLISLE? WHERE IS SHE? WHERE IS MY BELLA?"

Carlisle spoke in an irritatingly calm voice. "When Bella went missing, she wasn't in Forks..."


"I will if you will listen and stop interrupting me." I glared at him, and he continued, "Bella was on her senior class trip to Italy."

Oh my God! Alice.

This is very bad. Jasper.

"You don't think..." Emmett couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence. I didn't have to look in Carlisle's thoughts or in the file sitting in front of him to know it was true. I could see it on Esme's grief-stricken face.

"The Volturi," I choked. This was worse than even my most horrible imaginings on the plane.

How could you have ever thought she would be safe without us? Alice was right. What was I thinking? This is all my fault.

Talk about a danger magnet. Exactly. Bella travels to a foreign country and immediately the most dangerous creature there is drawn to her. I knew she was a danger magnet, and I thought us leaving would make her safe. How could I have been so stupid?

"Are you sure?" Jasper asked, although I saw little doubt in his mind.

Carlisle opened the file folder before him and pushed it into the center of the table, spreading the papers out so they were all in view. There was no need to move the papers closer for inspection. Each one of us, even those on the other side of the table where the papers would be upside down, could read the small print fine from where we were sitting.

The file detailed an elaborate cover up of Bella's disappearance. A substitute was found matching Bella's gender, age, height and build. Bella's past injuries were recreated in the poor girl's body, and dental work was done to match Bella's records. An automobile accident was staged. The resulting vehicle fire left the body burned beyond recognition and left the authorities without any usable samples for DNA testing. Bella's backpack containing her wallet and identification was found a few yards from the flaming wreckage.

There was no way a nomad passing through the country would have had the necessary capital and connections to pull off something this sophisticated. There was no denying the Volturi's involvement.

Fuck! Emmett.

Why didn't I see THIS?

"I've got to go!" I turned, but was blocked by Jasper. The damn empath sensed my overwhelming need to go protect my mate, and he knew what I would do.

"Sit down, son."


"Yes, I do..." Carlisle interrupted "...for now. You can't just go running in there alone. You could get yourself killed." And according to the vision Alice just had, that was exactly what would happen.

I will not lose another child.

Did you really think we would let you go there by yourself? I'm hurt man.

"We will get her back." We all want her back. We love her, too. Our family is not complete without her. "We just have to think this through first."

"Carlisle, you know Aro. Maybe if you just called and explained? She is Edward's mate," Esme suggested. I could see from Carlisle's thoughts that he very much wished it would be that simple, but had little hope that it would be.

"Alice, what do you see?"

"It won't work. Bella is talented." My Bella is talented. "Aro made her a member of the guard. He won't let her go that easy." Of course not.

"What do we do?"

I scanned everyone's thoughts for ideas. Rose's thoughts exposed her anger that the family was now on the Volturi's radar and blamed me. Emmett's thoughts revealed he was ready for a fight. Carlisle and Esme were hoping it wouldn't come to that. Jasper, the strategist of the family, was about to offer up the plan he had been working on in his head when he turned to Alice. She froze, her eyes glazing over as two images flickered back and forth in her mind.

"What is it, Alice? What do you see?" Jasper asked, pulling her to him and cradling her in his arms.

"The Volturi."