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Welcome to Volterra

"Caius, surely you see the potential. I haven't seen a prospective talent so promising since we found Jane and Alec. Can you imagine the possibilities when she is one of us?" - Aro Edward is gone. Jacob never came to Bella's room. She is alone. What happens when she goes to Italy for her senior class trip?

This is my second fic and my first attempt at a multichaptered fic.

6. 6: Meet the Volturi

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"No!" I heard Alice scream, as I felt a sudden jolt of anger, sadness and fear. I was instantly by her side ready to comfort her when she pulled out of her vision. After the vision faded, she looked up at me with pain filled eyes, guilt coming off her in waves, and whispered, "I was wrong, Jasper. I was wrong and now it's too late."

"It will be okay, Darlin'. What did you see?"

"It was Bella. She was being sucked dry by a huge vampire I've never seen before. It was so disturbing, Jazz. She wasn't screaming or trying to fight; she was smiling."

"Bella's going to die." I gasped, as my own guilt overwhelmed me. This is all my fault. If I had better control, we never would have left. We could have protected her. Bella would be safe. And Bella and Edward... Oh God, Edward. What was this going to do to him? He is already in so much pain.

"Are you listening to me?" Alice's voice brought me out of my self-loathing.


"I said, ‘stop it,' Jasper Whitlock Hale. I know what you are thinking and it is not your fault."

"Sorry Darlin'."

"You have nothing to be sorry for. And so you know, Bella is not going to die. As fast as that first vision came, it disappeared and was replaced by another, the same one I had before."

"Then, what's the problem?"

"Don't you see? I was wrong, Jasper. I never saw Edward change her. I just assumed..."


Felix and Demetri each grabbed me by an elbow, lifting me so that my feet were a couple inches from the ground. They followed Jane, carrying me at a quick human pace into the dark alley. Once we were beyond the view of the crowd, they began to move at vampire speed. We traveled through a series of dank underground tunnels made from the same stone as the rest of the city. The tunnels ended at a series of thick doors, which were bolted shut as soon as we passed through them.

On the other side of the doors was a long hallway ending at an elevator. After entering the elevator, Felix and Demetri set me back on my feet without releasing my arms. I cringed as Felix brushed my hair behind my ear with his free hand and bent down, sniffing my neck. "You smell simply luscious." He said, as a compliment.

"Uh. Thanks." I mumbled, my cheeks turning pink.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped out into an upscale lobby. My jaw dropped when I saw the receptionist. She was human. I wondered if she knew.

We continued past the reception area into another hall. Halfway down the hall, Jane opened a secret door hidden in the wall paneling.

We entered a circular room furnished with three large thrones. Two of the thrones were occupied. In one sat the white-haired member of the family; in the other sat one of the members with long dark hair. I recognized them from the painting in Carlisle's office. Their appearance was different from the other vampires I have seen. Their eyes were red, but coated with a white fog. Their skin was pale, but appeared almost translucent.

They were not the only vampires in the room. And I quickly glanced around at all the other faces. I immediately recognized the third Volturi. He had the same odd skin and was dressed in the same long black robes as the other two.

"Master," Jane addressed the one standing. He must be Aro.

"Ah, Jane, my dear, what have you brought me?" Aro asked, seeming pleased.

But Jane did not answer him. Instead she crossed the room and held her small hand out to him. Aro clasped it between both of his. After a moment, his eyes lit up with what looked like intense curiosity. "Very interesting," Aro cried.

What was going on? Obviously, some exchange must have taken place. I wondered if Aro could read minds, like Edward. Of course, I thought. The Volturi are royalty among vampires; it makes sense that they would be talented.

I began to worry. What if he could read my thoughts? Edward couldn't and that gave me some hope. But we didn't know why. And Alice could see my future and Jasper could mess with my emotions. So, I wasn't immune to everyone's talents. My hope faded. Maybe it was just Edward. I guess I will find out soon enough.

"Come here, child." Aro said like a grandfather calling his grandchild, but I knew it was a command.

Felix and Demetri released me and I stumbled forward, apprehensively stopping about a foot in front of the ancient vampire. "What is your name?" He asked.

I am not sure why, probably because of the power and authority that he exuded, I felt the need to be formal. "Is...Isabel," I managed to nervously choke out before my throat closed, causing me to omit the last syllable of my name.

"Isabel, Jane, here, tells me that you know our secret." So he can read minds.

"Yes," I whimpered in reply.

"I am so curious. How did you come to learn our secret?"

"I...I..." I hesitated, not knowing what to say. I didn't want to get the Cullens in trouble. I could not imagine the punishment for breaking vampire laws.

Aro mistook my hesitation for fear. "Don't be nervous, my dear. You don't have to speak; just give me your hand." He said, trying to put me at ease.

I held out my trembling right hand to him. He gently took my hand and gazed into my eyes. I watched his face, unable to look away, and wondered what he saw. A brief look of disbelief crossed his face before being replaced by astonishment.

"Amazing!" Aro exclaimed, still holding my hand.

He remained silent for a few moments while everyone waited.

"Master?" Jane asked.

"Oh, how very rude of me. Of course, you all must be curious, particularly you, dear Jane. It is so very interesting for such a thing to occur, for anyone especially a human to be immune to your impressive talent. I wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't seen it for myself in your thoughts."

Okay, now I am very confused. Jane has a talent that she tried to use on me, but it didn't work. What is her gift? And why am I immune? I looked over at Jane. She appeared very put out.

"Don't fret, my dear." Aro attempted to comfort her. "She confounds us all."

So, he couldn't read my thoughts, either. I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders. The Cullens were safe. I didn't put them in danger. No one would be hurt because of me. I let out a sigh of relief, bringing Aro's attention back to me.

He noticed that he still held my hand and released it. Only to quickly snatch it up again and examine it. "Impossible," he said as he ran an icy finger along my crescent shaped scar.

"You were bitten." It wasn't a question.


"And you are still human." Again, it was a statement, not a question.

"Yes," I replied, blushing because all eyes were on me. Every vampire in the room was clearly intrigued by the mystery of my scar. I began to panic as I realized that I was expected to explain.

"How?" the white-haired ancient eventually demanded when I didn't continue.

How could I describe what happened without exposing the Cullens? Lying was not an option. They would know. Maybe I didn't have to give the whole truth, but I would have to word it just right.

"I was attacked by an abnormally pale man with strange red eyes. He didn't bite me at first, preferring to watch me suffer. After being knocked into a glass wall, I could feel the blood seeping into my clothes. I saw his eyes go from red to a ravenous black and he sunk his teeth into me. And then I knew what he was." I stopped to take a breath.

"Continue, child." Aro encouraged.

"As I was slipping into the darkness, a beautiful angel came to save me. He threw the monster off me. I was too far into the darkness to see what happened next. But, I could hear growling and a noise that sounded like the ripping of metal. I felt a burning pain in my hand, where he bit me. I remember screaming, ‘my hand is burning! The fire! Someone stop the fire!'" I needed another breath.

"And," he said, with a hint of impatience in his voice this time.

"Then, I heard an angel say, ‘there may be a chance.' I felt cool lips press against my burning hand. Then, I felt the crunch of teeth and the pain was worse. But, slowly the fire died out and the pain subsided. I thought I heard the angel say something like, ‘the venom's all out.' Then the angel asked, ‘Is the fire gone?' ‘Yes,' I sighed. ‘I want to sleep.' The angel replied, ‘you can sleep, I will carry you.' The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital bed." I concluded.

"Fascinating!" Aro exclaimed, sounding delighted. "I do love a good story."

The white-haired one didn't look delighted. "Who have you told?"

"No one" I answered truthfully.

He wasn't convinced. "How did you explain your injuries?"

"When I woke in the hospital, I was told that I fell down two flights of stairs and through a window. I decided to go with that. I mean, who would believe the truth anyway? Everyone would think I was crazy. Besides, I didn't think my angel would want me to tell. And I love him."

"Where is your angel now?" He continued to question me.

"I don't know." It felt as if someone slammed a fist through my chest, twisting and pulling, ripping my heart out, leaving a jagged hole in its place. "He vanished. That is why I came here, to search for my angel."

"And did you find him?"

"No." I tried to hide the disappointment in my voice.

"Happy endings are so rare." Aro sighed. "So what do we do with you now?"

"The law claims her." The white-haired one demanded.

"Caius, surely you see the potential. I haven't seen a prospective talent so promising since we found Jane and Alec. Can you imagine the possibilities when she is one of us?"

Before Caius could answer Aro, I yelled, pleading. "Change me!"