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A New Era

Takes place after/during New Moon. Edward never came back, and Bella decides to get angry. Just like any sensible ex-girlfriend would do. So, out of spite of what Edward told her to do that day in the forest, Bella starts a new life in extreme sports. She's pissed off and kind of mean, but what can you do? Payback's a bitch.


1. Chapter 1

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Dear Mr. Edward Cullen,

When you ditched all that time ago, I spiraled in to a very dark and horrible depression. I was basically a shut in. It was pretty bad. I could probably go on Dr. Phil. Well, actually, you would have to go too so that Dr. Phil could bitch and moan to you too... but that's not the point.

Anyways, I eventually got out and made a friend. Jacob Black. Perhaps you remember him? Yes, well we become friends and I started riding a motorcycle. I sucked, but I still rode on. Anyways, some things got... complicated with Jacob and I didn't see him as much. I won't reveal the details as to why to you. Mostly because i think I might be breaking some kind of ancient Native American promise or tradition or something. But, like I was saying, things got difficult. Someone who has been not so friendly to us in the past showed up, but we took care of her. Thanks to Jacob and his...situation.

So, I've recently graduated from high school, and headed off for college in the fall. Again, I will not be disclosing that information to you because I just don't really want to tell you. But since I have three solid months of summer to spend before I send off to said unnamed college, i've decied to pick up some new activities.

Remember the day you left me in the woods? You said not be reckless. And remember how I said I got all depressed? Yeah, well after that whole depression stage I just got pissed. Isn't it funny how things work out? So, like I said, I got pissed. And then I said to myself, "Bella, he ditched you forever, not leaving any clue as to where he would be. So, how do you get even?" Because of that saying, you know, don't get angry get even? Yeah, that's where I'm goign with this.

So despite the fact that we definitely hate each other, I'm going to do something out of spite of what you said like eight months ago. So, even though I was reckless with the motorcycles for an entirely different reason, (which again, I will not be disclosing) I was not quite as reckless as I plan on being now. So, in honor of you Edward, I will be living my life to the fullest, pulling all sorts of dangerous staunts. So far I've got planned sky diving, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, base jumping, hang gliding, zip lining, and so much more. And you know what? I'm very excited. So, so excited.

It will be fun. Especially since you won't be there.

So, I just wanted to fill you in on my life, and how much fun I will be having without you. Without you hovering over my shoulder, being horribly annoying and overprotective. Maybe I'll run in to you on one of my stunts. Preferably not.

Payback's a bitch, Edward.


Bella Swan

P.S. I am really good at riding a motorcycle now. Really good.

I sighed and looked at my letter. It was an impressive letter. I managed to hold it together, seeing as I only swore twice. In my head there were a lot more. But, I think I got my point across. Realy well, actually. I doubted Edward still actually cared about anything I did in my spare time, but it was all I had.

Jacob wasn't too pleased about my brilliant idea either, but I told him to suck it up. With Victoria out of the picturee, the only person who was a danger to me was myself and he can't do much about that. He said I only wanted to do this because I wanted to see my crazy Edward hallucinations. But I was done with those. I just wanted to have fun.

I sealed the letter in an envelopre and jumped out of my car. I had scribbled this letter rather last minute on my way to the airport. I was driving past the turnoff to the Cullen house and suddenly decided that I wanted to write him a letter. I walked up to their front porch and held the letter for a few moments.

The chance of him ever actually finding this letter were minimal, but I was still going to deliver it. Mail it? Whatever. I looked at the house and thought about my memories there. They were happy, and for a moment I felt sad. sad that that part of my life had ended, but then I got out of it and remembered that I had to move on. I missed them, I missed him. I didn't miss what he did to me, but I missed him. But, that wasn't going to stop me from giving him this letter.

"Um, Alice?" I said out loud, looking at the trees surrounding me. "I'm just going to take a big chance and hope that you're choosing to have a vision right now and that's it's of me. I'm hoping that you will be seeing me delivering this letter. It's for Edward. Please tell him to read it. It would make me feel a lot better if I knew that he received my hate mail. Alright, thanks. Maybe. Bye."

I shoved the letter under my door and as soon as I did I felt instantly relieved. I would have felt a lot better if I knew he'd actually read it, but this would have to do. I sighed and walked back to my truck, a weight lifted off my shoulders. I started it and got back on the track to the airport, a nice long drive away. I quickly glanced at my growing list of activities I carried on the seat beside me. I was headed to the Toutle River for whitewater rafting with Jacob and the rest of the pack.

I had originally intended that all of my adventures would be done solo and especially without Jacob. But rafting, something very high on my list, could not be completely alone. Plus, i figured if Jacob came with on my first trip and approved it, Jacob would tell Billy, Billy would tell Charlie, Charlie would tell Renee, and both my parents would calm down. They weren't too excited in my new found interest in a bucket list, but I talked both of them in to it. I told Charlie that a police officer was a very dangerous profession and if he could risk his life every day, I could too. That got me permission, but not a blessing. Like I said, I'd hoped Jacob could take care of that.

Jacob and the pack were already waiting for me at the rafting site. They'd ran. You know, cause they think they're all cool for being werewolves and what not. Once the rest of the pack found out about Jacob leaving for an advneture, they had to come along. I shouldn't have been surprised. They're brothers. Well, wolf brothers. Anyways, they were excited and i was excited. And the best part?

No hallucinations. This was purely for my enjoyment. I wasn't quite sure why I had gotten so excited about that hallucinations earlier. Did it make me feel better to know I was partially crazy? Besides, what I was doing.... it wasn't even dangerous! People rode motorcycles everyday. but that was back when I was a delicate little flower, and those days are totally over. It was a new era of Bella Swan, and it was going to be good.