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Maelstrom: Where the Heart Tells Lies

The first time I saw her I knew. I would have Isabella Swan. Even if it meant killing her. Isabella Marie Swan: A biracial 17 year old girl who grew up in Phoenix Arizona relocates herself to Seattle Washington, with her older sister Bree and nephew Liam. When they arrive, their father Charlie Swan takes a disturbing interest in Bella. She meets the Cullen household, where Edward, dark and seductive (somewhat sadistic) entrances her into his world of the undead. "He's so beautiful, but theres something he's not telling me, and if it's the last thing i'll do i'll find out what it is." Edward Anthony Cullen: Addicted to the beauty and scent of the exotic mulatto woman Isabella Swan. He wants her blood and her body, but can he keep his dark secret contained. His vampiracy. "To seduce or to drain, that is the question, but what is the answer Isabella." Bella and Edward POV. Major Lemons. Under the Age of 15 not advised.


1. Maelstrom: Prologue

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Definition of Maelstrom:


1. a large, powerful, or violent whirlpool

2. a restless, disordered, or tumultuous state of affairs


1550-60 for def. 3; < early D maelstroom, now sp. maalstroom, repr. mal ( en ) to grind+stroom stream.


2. tumult, pandemonium, bedlam

Act 1: Prologue

Isabella Swan. The first time I saw her. It was like I was the hopeless man enraptured by the innocent and erotic looks and scent of my own god sent aphrodisiac reincarnated in this exotic woman. I wanted her so badly. I could smell the blood running through her veins. Her subclavian artery pulsing under her creamy mulatto skin. It called to me, drawing me towards her every move. But I also wanted her, not just for her blood. That was painfully obvious from the venom pooling in my mouth, and the tightening of my groin just by looking at her. I wanted to taste her pouted lips, caress her abundant curves, tangle my fingers in her long wavy onyx colored hair. Her voice was like bells. She displayed a certain degree of shyness, but had a sharpness in her deep brown soulful eyes. Isabella Swan was different aside from her heritage. I would have her.

Even if it meant killing her.