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Renesmee is living happily with her friends and family, and she's not even bothered too much by the fact that her and her family are moving to Castle Rock, Washington. She's not bothered because... her best friend Jacob is coming with her. Something she doesn't know? She has a stalker. With feelings for Jacob developing and a certain member of the Volturi stalking her, will she live through it... literally?

This is a re-write of Summer Solstice minus Dylan, its in the Solstice Saga, and its the first in the series. Enjoy and please review! bigger version of banner:

1. Preface&Castle Rock

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I sighed in contentment.

I had lived a good life, that I was certain. With my family, my friends, him. They had all made my life as perfect as it could get.

That was why I knew that dying in his place would be the best way to go. To save him, I would give up my perfect life. His safety was more important to me then anything.

I could feel my heat dropping with each unsteady breath I took. My chest was aching at the intake of air, but I refused to give signs of my pain. They would let me go, and he would die. The men stood over me with their piercing eyes, digging into my sides with the shear power they held. They were talking amongst themselves, discussing the plans, and the banging and screaming outside the door didn't seem to bother them.

Could I really give up everything I had just for one person? Would my family and friends be grateful that I gave up my life to save them? Would he be grateful?

I wasn't sure, in that moment, if I would ever know.

Castle Rock

It was a sunny day in Forks. Completely rare.

I was upset that it would be my last day in this green town, the one I had grown up in. I was moving to the small town--smaller than Forks--of Castle Rock.

I didn't want to leave the cabin I was used to, or the big mansion that my parents had stayed in before I was born. I didn't want to leave behind La Push and its wolf pack. I didn't want to leave Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Sue. I didn't want to leave everything behind that was just home.

I sighed. Face the facts, Nessie, I told myself.

But the fact was, it was hard to do just that.

I could hear Jacob's motorcycle and his care free laugh coming up behind me and my stomach tingled with delight. My best friend was here, finally, and I couldn't wait to see him.

I turned around and ran towards him. The wind whipped through my auburn curls and they flew behind me, the tendrils tickling my neck as they left their trail along my soft but hard skin. My hair had darkened with age, a mixture of my parents. It was darker, not brown but not bronze. Red, almost.

Jacob hopped off of his bike and opened his arms, as if I was still a little girl. To me, being physically sixteen wasn't young, but to him I was still five. It annoyed me to no end.

"Nessa!" he yelled in joy, and I laughed as I ran into his arms. They surrounded me with a burning heat I had come accustomed to.

Jacob had been my best friend for years, since I was just a baby. He was like my older brother, my confidant. I told him anything and everything. He was always there for me whenever I needed him. All I would have to do was say his name and he would be there in a heartbeat, literally. He never left my side since I was a baby, and because of that I trusted him with my life. He was my secret keeper, my everything. A life without Jacob seemed like an impossible one, and I still wasn't sure why. I figured it was a change that I would become used to, the feelings I was having towards him. They had confused me in so many ways that I wasn't sure what to do with them. I knew one thing; I was going to figure it out soon, because the tugging feeling I felt towards Jacob needed to stop before I exploded. I could only come to one conclusion of what I felt for Jacob.

I didn't want Jacob to be my brother anymore, but much, much more.

"How's my Nessa?" he asked, smiling and nudging my scalp with the knuckles of his hand.

"Jake," I whined, pulling away.

His new nickname for me, one he had started using about a year ago, was from the name my mom put on my fake ID. Vanessa. Take away the 'va' and you have Nessa, what Jake called me. He started calling me that because everyone started calling me Nessie, and he felt the special nickname for me that only he used was ruined. He wanted a special nickname for me, something no one else called me.

And so, for that very reason, Nessa was born.

He laughed, his stomach rumbling with the movement. Jacob's laugh was contagious, and so, I just had to join in. My mom, Bella, came out of the house at that moment, carrying three full and big boxes of household memories.

"Hey, Jake," she called, her voice the lovely sound of bells that no one in the world could resist, "come help me with these boxes." She winked.

Jacob rolled his eyes and I crossed my arms over my chest in jealousy. "As if you need help, Mom."

"Well," she shook her head, piling the boxes into the moving truck, "I would love some help from a big strong man even if I don't need it."

"Get Emmett," I mumbled, kicking the grass with the toe of my flats and uprooting it. The tone of jealousy that only a vampire could hear had seeped through my voice and made her look up.

She eyed me curiously, but I gave her that look that said 'please don't ask'.

She didn't. Instead, she laughed and smiled. "He's hunting with the boys. Come on, Jake, give me a hand."

He walked over to her and reached for one of the boxes, both of them smiling and laughing at some joke I hadn't heard.

I huffed. I knew my mother and Jacob were the greatest of friends, and I also knew that he was in love with her. It was one of two reasons he stayed around. The other was that I was his "baby girl" and he needed to be around me to make sure I was safe. Of course, this made no sense to me, for I lived with a family of vampires. In fact, my best friend was a vampire.

As if on cue, Scarlett appeared from the back of the house, skipping and humming with lilies in her hand. She lifted the lilies to her nose and sniffed, her eyes fluttering closed.

"Hey, Scar!" Jake boomed, smiling.

Of course, no vampire could be frightened, or sneaked up on. Scarlett's eyes slowly opened, an annoyed expression etched across her pale face.

Scarlett was physically seventeen, even though she was killed when she was fifteen. Her height and the shape of her body gave the impression that she was older than she really was.

She was 5'6", a good three inches taller then I. Her black hair flowed down her back in layers, dark blue highlights flowing through her wavy tendrils. She was an Italian princess, so the body she had was of course true to the description of her heritage. Her thighs were slightly larger then mine, which were athletic skinny, and her stomach was flat. Her breasts, though, jutted out past her stomach. It was clear they were there, for she was no B-cup.

Jake called her Scar for a reason. She had a long gash from the corner of her ear down the length of her neck; it was crystal white and easy to see. It was the only flaw on her perfect body, one we found out had been given to her when she human. Her past mate's brother was a werewolf; he had lost control one night when he found out she was pregnant. It was the night she was turned into a vampire as well.

I took in her outfit with an approving nod. She was wearing dark wash skinny jeans, bright blue stilettos, and a blue baby-doll top. The t-shirt slightly rose over her stomach, showing just a bit of her flat, pale stomach.

Unlike the rest of my vampire family, she had pinkish-purple eyes. The red had never completely left her when she started feeding on animals, and so the gold that was supposed to be there clouded over the red, creating a magenta color.

Jake, Bella, Emmett, and I had found her when she was just a newborn. She was three days old, wandering around with bright red eyes and bloodstains running down the corners of her mouth to her neck. The moment we found her was a difficult one.

She had been a newborn. She attacked Jacob and I, then my mother Bella captured her. It ended up happening that our whole family came to restrain her, and then she became part of our coven.

Scarlett sighed and began gliding towards me, her hips swaying and the lilies dropping from her hand as she rolled her eyes.

"Nice try," she mumbled to Jake. Sarcasm oozed in her voice and her fingers glided over his shirt as a smug grin appeared across her pale face, her fingers falling from his shirt and she walked past him. He reacted by laughing.

I growled lightly to myself.

Her eyes snapped to mine and she smiled wickedly, because even she could tell when I was jealous. And I was definitely jealous.

Bella smiled at the sight of us, and she proceeded to go inside of the house, with Jacob in tow. I felt the kick stand dig into the dirt at the weight of Scarlett leaning against the bike next to me, her arms crossed over her chest as she stared at Jacob and Bella. They were laughing and smiling--again--and Scarlett could tell I was pissed.

"He loves you, you know," Scarlett smiled, her voice soft and velvety.

I huffed and dug my nails into the leather seat of his bike. "Doesn't feel like it."

She laughed, and it was the sound of church bells being tapped on. It was the loveliest sound in the world, and she knew it. "You say that, but you don't see the big picture, Carlie. He may love your mother, but he loves you, too."

Scarlett hated both my name and my nickname so she decided to call me by my middle name, something that bothered Jacob and my mother, but not me.

"Well of course he loves me, I'm his best friend," I said, annoyed that I had to state the obvious.

My feet dangled above the ground as I sat on Jacob's bike. One of my hands was gripping the steel, silver handlebar, the other gripping the leather seat that I was currently occupying. Scarlett was on my right, her back inches away from my arm. She could feel the heat emanating off of me and I could hear her snort. And because the angel of hell knew how much it irritated me, she leaned back against the bike, pushing the kickstand further into the ground; it made my back sway to the point that I felt like I was going to fall off.

She knew that.

"You little--"

"Whoa, he's getting taller," she interrupted. She knew exactly what I was going to say, and she stopped me because she simply did not have time for my 'childish antics' as she once had so mildly put it.

I huffed in aggravation. She was trying to irritate me for her own amusement. And she was observing the man she knew I cared about, because she knew it irritated me more than anything else. She found amusement in my little fits of anger and irritation just like I found amusement in her embarrassment. We were in synch like that, because that’s just how friends, sisters, were.

I rolled my eyes at the thought.

"Aw, come on, Carlie. Cheer up. Look, see, he's coming toward us right now. Well, not us, you," she smirked.

I scoffed at her smug grin and focused my eyes on Jacob, who was walking towards us, me as Scarlett said, with a smile and his hands in his jean pockets. I smiled back, an involuntary action. His emotions spread to me, something I had never quite figured out why. I just assumed it was because we were close friends.

Jacob could clearly see my irritation as he came to stand between my opened legs. He put one hand on either side of my thighs and watched my expression.

I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest, then watched Scarlett's figure saunter away as she waved goodbye and lifted her thumbs up in a 'go for it' gesture. I ignored her.

"What's wrong, honey?" Jacob asked, worry evident in his voice.

I shrugged. I wasn't willing to tell him what had just transpired between Scarlett and I.

And because he could read me like a book, he knew my unwillingness.

"Sorry, Jake, I just don't want to talk about it," I told him, shrugging.

He nodded, saying, "I understand."

I picked up one of his hands and start playing absentmindedly with his fingers. He seemed to like this; his eyes fluttered closed and a soft sigh of satisfaction escaped his mouth. A smug grin lit up mine as I continued the method I was using, circling my index finger around his palm and using my other fingers to gently glide up and down the rest of his.

"Jake, when we move to Castle Rock, I won't get to see you as much," I whispered sadly.

His eyes shot open and he looked down at me. My movements came to an abrupt halt as I waited for him to speak.

He did. "I'm coming with you, Nessa. I'm never going to let you leave if I'm not following behind."

My head snapped up. "You're coming with us?!" I asked in disbelief.

He nodded.

A smile lit up my face as well as one lit up his. I squealed and threw my arms around his neck, hugging him tight to my chest. He chuckled and his arms came to surround my waist.

I knew that giving up his wolf pack to be with my mother and I was a hard thing to do for Jacob. He was their alpha and they were his brothers. It was hard for me to understand what could be so great about my mother that he would want to give up his whole family for her. But I would never understand the mind of Jacob.

He sighed and pushed away from the bike. My arms fell from around his neck and I gave him a questioning look. His eyes diverted to behind me, where I could hear the sounds of distinct laughter. I knew, immediately, that it was my father, my uncles, and my grandfather. A smile lit up my face.

Jacob scooted away at the sight of my smile because he knew what that meant, and I jumped off the bike, turning around and running towards my father. He appeared out of the horizon, his bronze hair windblown and in his eyes. He was laughing joyously as my uncles and grandfather ran behind him and beside him. When they saw me, they all burst into smiles.

"Daddy!" I yelled in happiness. He slowed when he felt me coming closer, and just like Jacob had, he opened his arms. I ran right into them. His snow-cold body made me shiver compared to Jacob's burning temperature.

"Ah, there's my baby girl. Have you been behaving for your mother?"

I let out a snort. "As if I ever misbehave."

He chuckled and let go of me, opting to place his arm around my back and rub my shoulder with his hand. I smiled and leaned into his embrace.

We walked closer to the house and I could tell when Jacob appeared in Edward's view. His body tensed and he pulled his arm away from my body. I looked up at him but he didn’t give me an explanation because we both knew why. In Edward's eyes, Jacob was a threat to my freedom, as he had once put it.

"Be nice, Daddy," I whispered softly, for I knew only my father and I could hear those words.

A grimace appeared on his face. "I'll try, darling," he replied, before he kissed my head and walked off to find my mother.

With that, I joined Jacob on the wooden swing where he sat, slowly swinging himself back and forth with the heels of his feet. One of his arms was resting upon the ledge of the swing, the other on the armrest. I giggled at the facial expression of concentration he wore, looking down at his feet and trying not to push the swing too hard.

"Don't give yourself a brain hemorrhage, Jake," I laughed, placing myself closely to his side.

He chuckled and let his arm fall to where it was safely around my shoulders. He scooted me closer to his side and I rested my head on his shoulder.

To a person who didn't know us, the way Jacob and I were always together like this would make it seem like we were partners. He always had his arms around my shoulders, or hugging me longer then necessary, but he was always there right beside me. I couldn't think of any moment he wasn't there, except when I would sleep. But even then he was just outside my window.

"Never," he replied, brushing my hair away from my face with his fingers. The pad of his thumb lightly brushed over my top lip and I looked up at him in confusion.

"Sorry," he mumbled, before breaking my concentration and turning away.

My forefinger lightly touched my lip. "S'fine."

Jacob cleared his throat and I pulled my hand away, looking up at him. The moment was awkward, and I wasn't sure what to say.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, just swinging and watching the flower petals drift blow in the wind, creating tornadoes upon tornadoes of pretty pink floating around the yard.

"She looks so happy," Jacob suddenly said, and his tone was laced with relief and sorrow.

My eyes traveled to where his were and I huffed in annoyance. "Yeah, she does."

Bella. He was talking about Bella... again.

I crossed my arms over my chest and scooted away, his arm falling to his side.

"What's wrong?" he asked, confused and slightly hurt at my display of obvious anger and discomfort.

I shrugged and got up from the bench, turning to face him. "She's all you talk about, Jake. I realize your still in love with her, but please, at least refrain from talking about her for maybe a few minutes at that?"

He looked shocked with his jaw slightly ajar and his eyes wide. I shrugged once more, turned on my heel, and sauntered away. I couldn't explain my feelings to Jacob.