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The Power of Love

Exactly how strong is the bond that Edward and Bella share? Join Bella and Edward as they embark on a journey where their love is challenged. Watch as Bella and Edwards' roads cross and divide. Can they each handle their mistakes? Will Edward abandon Bella or will their love survive the hardships life has to offer? This is set right after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon and begins with Bella in a deep depression.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of the characters in this story. This story is written for fun. I am an enthusiast and a fanatic of the lovely Stephenie Meyers. Also please be patient. This story is already written. The first 5 chapters are short; they are glimpses that help set up the story. As the story progressed it seems that the chapters get longer and longer. Also this story is told from various points of view. Each view will be posted to avoid confusion.

1. My Insanity

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Here it comes

A wave of utter, disappointment

No matter what you do, you can't stand up to it
It's coming so fast, you can't hide, you can't run
You have been here before
The coming darkness, a symbol of the overbearing sadness that will rule your world soon

A remorse so deep and heavy, not even the strongest can battle
Behind you still lies the shimmering light embedded across the sky, spread thin, a last remembrance that there is such warmth... such hope
You don't want to give up, not yet.
Each time it's harder to fight, easier to give up.

Misery knows your weaknesses and there are simply too many of them to fight away.
It's contagious.
A plague.
A kindling effect.
No one understands.
No one can see your pain.
Better to just let it come.
Better to be alone; in the dark in the rain.
Once you're consumed with the horror, it becomes your only friend,
all that you know

So difficult to climb out.
Impossible to move.
It's the mono of life sucking at every limb of your body.
A lifeless zombie you are.
No one understands.
The anger begins.
Remorse thickens.
Hibernate till next spring and pray you do nothing.
Push the feelings away. Do nothing.
Nothing at all until the light returns.

MY Insanity


I awoke with a sudden feeling of alarm. At first I could only hear my heart beating through the vein in my temple; a thick, deep throbbing sound, resonating profoundly from inside me, causing me to cringe methodically. Darkness overwhelmed me. I felt through the puddle of blankets and slowly pulled myself out of the web of satin sheets that engulfed me. I slowly opened my eyes.

Then I realized that the pulsating vibe in my head was rhythmically beating to the sound of the alarm clock. I groaned.

God it was still dark out!

What time was it?

Where am I?

I never use an alarm, I wearily reminded my self. This was so strange. I felt myself arise from an overwhelming despair. I began to breath as I became more acquainted with my surroundings.

After feeling around in the dark for the obnoxious sounding box, I jaggedly arose out of bed and clumsily made my way to the dark square emitting light in the corner. Wispy white curtains hung desperately from the top. The fresh, cool air burst into the room as I jabbed the window open. The harvester moon illuminated the walkway below. Shadows skipped in the night. An eerie tree scratched its branches softly against the glass. Sudden realization hit me.

I am not in my own room!

Where... am... I?

My heart leapt into my throat as I became increasingly more aware of the atmosphere.

I softly whimpered to myself that this was all a bad dream as waves of memories came flooding back into full view. I swallowed an empty mass as I began to take in the smell of stale air and hopeless tomorrows. An agonizing rip in my chest pounded to the echo of the alarm clock’s lingering shadow. I felt the numbness rising as I understood that I was no longer home.

I walked over to the mirror and stared at the figure before me. A slender, pale face glared at me with huge bruise like semi-circles under her eyes. Her lifeless chocolate colored hair appeared crisp and fragile, like leaves on the last day of autumn. Her eyes were black abysses, reflecting nothing and absorbing all light.

I barely recognized myself in the mirror.

I looked down at the dresser and saw the evil object that had jolted me from my dreams. The brightly lit dial stated clearly that it was 6AM on February 26th. I began to take inventory of the objects in my vicinity and came to the understanding that these were all my things.

As I began to process the new events, I realized that I had no idea who I was, where I was or what time of the year it was. If it weren’t for the fact that I had a viciously bright red light glowing from the alarm clock I would’ve thought that it was still fall.

I frantically began to search my mind, memories, and flashes of what I am. The last I could recall was instances of Charlie beckoning me, pleading with me to snap out of it.

I had a bad feeling growing from the pit of my stomach, engulfing me with rabid flames of desolation. My heart slowed to a steady rate and I remembered.

My name is Isabella Swan.

I once knew of a love so great, I was willing to sacrifice it all; my family, my friends, my mortality. He took that away from me. He broke his promise. For the past few months I believed his lies. I so eagerly agreed with the venom that poured from his mouth. Of course he still loved me. Edward is a coward. He wasn’t willing to fully commit to me, to the love that we share. It is now 5 months later and I have just now come up for air. How could he leave me and think that this was for the best? How could he take his family away from me?

All these unanswered questions he would soon answer. I will find him.