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The Power of Love

Exactly how strong is the bond that Edward and Bella share? Join Bella and Edward as they embark on a journey where their love is challenged. Watch as Bella and Edwards' roads cross and divide. Can they each handle their mistakes? Will Edward abandon Bella or will their love survive the hardships life has to offer? This is set right after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon and begins with Bella in a deep depression.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of the characters in this story. This story is written for fun. I am an enthusiast and a fanatic of the lovely Stephenie Meyers. Also please be patient. This story is already written. The first 5 chapters are short; they are glimpses that help set up the story. As the story progressed it seems that the chapters get longer and longer. Also this story is told from various points of view. Each view will be posted to avoid confusion.

19. Bella's visions

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Two men dressed in rags came clear into my mind. I could taste the stale air and smell the raunchy smell that emitted from their bodies. The sun came in full blast from the stained windows causing me to have to shade my eyes. The first man coughs up phlegm the second is sitting by the light of the window sharpening his army knife. The first man is wearing a black tank with dark blue cargo pants torn at mid calf. The second man is smoking cigarette wearing what was left of a white polo tee and black sweats covered in mud. I could smell their blood coursing through their veins. My head swayed with the power of their scent. I wanted nothing more but to taste. I scanned the room and saw a bed with chains protruding from the head of the bed as well as the feet. The sheets were white with brown spots, smelling like caked up blood. But this blood was different. It repulsed me. I only wanted them. A video recorder sat on its tripod only three feet away from the bed. I could still hear the screams from last night's thrill kill. The sign outside the second man's window gave me enough clues to determine their location.

I followed Bella enchanted by this vision, by the thought of the feeding to come. I licked my lips in anticipation. Somewhere, deep inside I heard reason struggling to get out. I didn't care. All I wanted was pure ecstasy. I knew that this I would have with Bella and her visions.

Again, I heard my cell phone vibrating in my pocket. A distant recollection of a pixie like girl flickered into my periphery. I felt a longing to hear her voice, but I simply refused to listen to my inner conscience.

Bella tugged at my arm. She was as excited as I felt. She had jumped out the window pulling me with her. We landed with a thud and ran full speed to our next destination. I wanted nothing more but to be with my angel. However nothing seemed right anymore.

I couldn't understand.


I could still hear the blood curdling scream of their next victim. She helplessly cried for a savior; yet no one came. I wanted nothing more of this. I could feel it in my heart. But I continued. The alluring quality of their blood motivated my actions. I came barreling into the somber room and was met with two wild eyed glares from the men that haunted my visions. The first man simply stood there, confused. He then looked over at Bella and smiled. New thoughts of what he could do with her and the other victim came rushing into his mind.

The potential...

I closed my eyes, I didn't want to hear him finish that thought. I lunged at him first. It seemed that the dirtier his thoughts became, the more I lusted to drink from his elixir. I killed him quickly. I snapped his neck and drank directly from his chest. I bled him dry.

On the other side of me, Bella toyed with her meal. She allowed the man to watch in horror as I attacked his mate. She provoked him and egged him on as she accentuated my actions with her words.

"Is he drinking from him?"

"Oh look he's bled him dry!" The second man looked on in horror.

He did not hesitate to scream and struggled uselessly in her arms. He watched as I came up to the first man and grabbed his neck twisting it as quickly and effortlessly as if it were twig. The second man gasped in agony as Bella sadistically smiled. She giggled with excitement. As my eyes met hers, I struggled to see the joy she felt. As she realized that I was not taking the same pleasure as she, her vision came stumbling back stronger than before. All of the visions we had had since the beginning were crowding at me. I fell to the ground with emotion.

I remembered the first vision of the old man. He was a priest who preyed upon the faithful children that served him. He treated them like little Gods and then when they were his for the taking he beat their spirits down. This evil man singled out his followers and lowered their self-esteems. They were worthless in the eyes of the lord unless they did as told. And they did. The filth of the tasks he made these children do, penetrated horrendously in my brain.

Next came the school teacher. She seemed so average and innocent. She appeared like a librarian. A manipulative and conniving woman, she befriended many young girls in the junior high she taught. She spent late nights with each one and eventually turned them out. They actually believed that because they thought fondly of her, their wonderful teacher, that they were lesbians. And after these innocent girls accepted that they were different, this woman would shame them for going against what God stated was normal in the bible. The agony that these girls felt, perturbed my mind.

I looked up at our second prey and wanted nothing more but to taste his red fluid. But Bella stood in between me and my next meal. She laughed a hearty laugh. A strange glow emitted from her hands and I felt myself pushed back towards the wall. She had total control. She had me by her side and doing as she wanted. She was out of control. My head pounded, aching with the loss I felt for my beloved Bella and stressing over the acts I had committed.

I had to get away.

I was strayed away from my thoughts by a grunt set forth from the man that Bella held steady in her arms. She drank from his neck and he began to settle down as became weak from loss of blood. Bella had injected her venom and he collapsed to the floor stunned. Bella became distracted with her victim that I realized that I had a chance. I didn't think twice about it. I ran out the door of the shabby apartment, not looking back, not stopping to bid my love farewell.

I just left.

I finally pulled away from my dark angel, long enough to understand that she was controlling me, I had to leave.

I had to run away from those awful visions.

I don't know how she was doing it, but she was putting those thoughts in my head.

They couldn't be real.

Nothing so horrific could warrant what measures we had taken against them.

Bella must be a very powerful vampire.

I wonder how much she actually knows she can control. She didn't seem surprised when she pressed me up against the wall. She also appeared aware that her visions were being projected into my head.

Not only did she have the ability to share her thoughts and emotions with others in vision form, she could also enhance her emotions and project them as elements. Her emotions became elemental, they were shared with objects and people as Bella chose.

Bella was strong.

Bella was scary.

As my head was clearing, I realized that I had to get away.

I love her but I need to think and she isn't let me think.

I need Carlilse.

I ran and ran away. I left her, without a word, not even a goodbye, not even a kiss.

I simply abandoned her, again!

I dug into my pocket and found my cell phone. It was turned off. I hadn't charged it in over a month. I didn't seem to have a need to use it. I went to a pay phone and called collect. I dialed in the number that would lead me to salvation.

Alice answered and accepted quicker than I could have hung up the phone.

"Edward! Where have you been? We've been trying to call you. Edward, where are you? Why were you ignoring our calls? We 're so worried. I didn't have a single vision of you or Bella for nearly a month until just an hour ago! Are you with Bella? Is she safe..." Alice rattled off what seemed like an infinity of questions. I simply cut her off and responded.

"Put Carlisle on the phone."

Carlisle got on the phone, "Edward what is going on?"

"Carlisle, I don't know. I need your help and I need it now."

"Edward settle down. Now tell me what happened." Carlisle sounded worried on the phone. I couldn't blame him, I hadn't spoken to any of the Cullens in almost a month.

"I will. But I can't right now. Come down here and meet me in Florida. But come soon. I'll tell you everything then." My voice was on edge. I could hear it's pitch waver as I ordered my family to come down.

"Edward, that's fine. Alice is booking the tickets right now. But tell me something, where is Bella? Why couldn't Alice see you? It will be a while before we can reach you. Are you in danger? Is there something that we should be watching out for?"

Carlisle had a point. If Bella found me before my family, I could get lost in her world again. I was too ashamed to tell Carlisle what I had done. So I summed up the danger as best as I could.

"Bella IS a vampire. And her power is overwhelming. I have been under her spell for the past month. I can't explain it right now. I just came to. It's like I could see what I was doing but I had no control..."

"Edward, Jasper says he's really concerned. What you just described is what he felt when he lost control and fed off humans. What have you been doing?" Carlisle was always so smart. He had already figured me out.

"Look, I really don't want to talk about it. I just need to figure out what is going on before she finds me again. And I can't leave her alone; not again. She needs my help. I just don't know how. Please hurry." I looked around and realized I hadn't moved in a while. I was a ready target. "I have to get going."

"We'll be down there in 6 hours. Be safe, Edward" Carlisle's last words clung on to me. I ran into the street hailing a cab. I needed to kill some time before meeting my family at the hotel by the airport.

What was I going to do?

What had happened to my Bella?