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The Power of Love

Exactly how strong is the bond that Edward and Bella share? Join Bella and Edward as they embark on a journey where their love is challenged. Watch as Bella and Edwards' roads cross and divide. Can they each handle their mistakes? Will Edward abandon Bella or will their love survive the hardships life has to offer? This is set right after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon and begins with Bella in a deep depression.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of the characters in this story. This story is written for fun. I am an enthusiast and a fanatic of the lovely Stephenie Meyers. Also please be patient. This story is already written. The first 5 chapters are short; they are glimpses that help set up the story. As the story progressed it seems that the chapters get longer and longer. Also this story is told from various points of view. Each view will be posted to avoid confusion.

2. Awakenings

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Chapter 2: Awakenings

In an agonizing world I depart those that do not understand my soul.

I can not bear to be around those that do not allow me to glow;

the stampede of vultures that pick at my brains,

fighting for stamina I venture closer towards the rain knowing fully that there is no salvation in the soaking wetness in the sadness, in the pain.

I lay here crying, ashamed.

For I am lifeless, a nobody, a zombie, a has-been, a shell.

Today, I long for tomorrow and wallow in yesterday's hell.

I am so sick of this battle, this constant denial, that I am in control who the fuck am I, a loser, so special, powerless with no role?

I took a deep breath as I rounded the corner of what I assumed is my bedroom.

"Bella?" a familar voice questioned.

I glanced up surprised at my father with the curiousity of unanswered moments on the tip of my tongue. A spark of genuine understanding passed between Charlie and me. He cautiously began.
"Are you hungry?"

A low growl sparked in my abdomen and I realized that I was indeed famished, "Yes, starved."

A wide grin followed. Charlie looked eagerly at me and slowly advanced towards me. "What would you like for breakfast?"

I realized that Charlie was all decked out in his starched cop uniform. Only his attire did not correspond with the simple town of Forks. No, this was different. He now wore one branded with the town of Willowcreek.

"Where am I?" I inquired.

"Why don't we discuss this over breakfast?" Charlie responded with a chuckle.

"Alright." I walked over to a small, dimly lit kitchen.

Charlie began cooking an unknown concoction I assumed to be an omelet as he began to recap the past 5 months of my life.
A thick fog lifted as the details concerning my life were slowly recounted to me. Apparently I had been so out of it since Edward's departure that Charlie had to move to another town. I had refused to return to my mother's and threw a tantrum every time the thought of leaving was discussed.
However I continued to sink into a depression so dark that Charlie began consulting a shrink. I refused any sort of medication. I began acting out. I had befriended Jacob and old childhood friend but I had become impulsive and reckless. Charlie explained that I kept ending up in the emergency room for random bruises and bumps. He told me that I had even jumped off a cliff once and almost drowned! The only alternative that was repeatedly suggested by every therapist was to leave Forks with as much of the comfort of home as possible. My father, the generous soul that he was, left the only town that he had ever known and moved us to a small apartment on the northern end of the state. I had been so stricken with despair that I had not even noticed my surroundings had changed. I was a walking zombie, a loser, a nobody, left abandoned to wither and die, alone.

Wait. No! The truth was that Edward had left me because he feared that what we shared was forever. He worried about all of the things that I seemed to be consumed by as well. He thought himself a monster, not worthy of my light. I had so readily believed that it was me that he did not want. In all honesty, it was he who questioned if he truly deserved me. I had had all of this time to myself to ponder the inner workings of love. I was now certain that what I had with Edward was indeed true love. I had to confront him; I had to find him. I had awakened a stronger and more courageous woman. I knew what I wanted and I'd be damned if anyone stood in my way.

I looked up with renewed strength at my loving father. "I am going back to Forks," I stated.
Charlie peered over at me over the kitchen table and smiled. "Are you sure that is wise?" He pondered. I could already see him preparing how to deny my request.
"Positive. But Charlie I don't mind going back alone. I just need to find some answers. I'll be alright"
"I don't know, Bells, I just don't want to lose you again, Bella" He said defeatedly. I am sure he only agreed because he didn't want to lose me again.
"You won't. I have to do this." I said with determination. I was going back to Forks.