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The Power of Love

Exactly how strong is the bond that Edward and Bella share? Join Bella and Edward as they embark on a journey where their love is challenged. Watch as Bella and Edwards' roads cross and divide. Can they each handle their mistakes? Will Edward abandon Bella or will their love survive the hardships life has to offer? This is set right after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon and begins with Bella in a deep depression.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of the characters in this story. This story is written for fun. I am an enthusiast and a fanatic of the lovely Stephenie Meyers. Also please be patient. This story is already written. The first 5 chapters are short; they are glimpses that help set up the story. As the story progressed it seems that the chapters get longer and longer. Also this story is told from various points of view. Each view will be posted to avoid confusion.

21. Words of Wisdom

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We were meeting Edward at the airport. He sounded utterly confused on the phone. I hope that he can hold on until our plane arrives. Alice got the earliest available flight. The plane flew steadily in the stormy sky. I could already make out the outline of the coast through the threatening clouds. My mind began to go over the conversation I had had with Edward over the phone. The whole time I couldn't shake the bad feeling I had that jaded the usual peaceful aura that I typically carried. Jasper, only a few rows ahead could sense my discomfort and squirmed impatiently in his seat. I was baffled by the presentation that Edward had given over the phone. It was as if he were in a trance. He had said that he was under her spell.

But Bella?

The pieces just didn't fit. The Bella I knew and came to adore was not a heartless monster. Edward sounded terrified and as if his heart were split in two. No doubt he loved her and would be willing to sacrifice himself for her.

But exactly how far would he go for love?

He said that although he was in a trance, he could still remember his actions. He sounded repulsed by what he had seen over the past month. Perhaps he was terrified by his own actions. He said that he could see himself from the inside but that he couldn't control himself on the outside. Jasper had alluded that it sounded all too familiar. He had mentioned similar feelings when describing his half a century of preying on humans. Edward had also mentioned that he felt that if he did not have the ability to make rational decisions then how could he possibly care for Bella. It sounded so odd. She was a vampire. A very powerful vampire.

What was Edward so afraid of?

Were they eating humans?

Edward wouldn't dare. But would he? Would he do it if she asked him too?

Perhaps we were going about this all wrong. How strong is Bella? Could she potentially infect the rest of us with her spell?

This was definitely something that needed to be addressed and quick. We needed to find Bella.

Oh but this doesn't make sense!

How could Edward lose it so quickly? He was not an impulsive being. He thought everything through. He would have succeeded where Bella would have failed. He would have stopped her and helped her to the right path.

How powerful can she be?

Perhaps its the connection that the two of them share. It is possible that their love may fuel whatever power Bella has. Alice had said that he had spoken with Jacob and that although they wrestled around for a while, Jacob didn't seem as concerned about Bella's actions. He was more upset about being rejected.

But Bella feeding off humans?


It simply wasn't her.

She would feel too much. It is possible that she would take on their human emotions and feel that as a burden. She had so many emotions as a human.

Although I honestly don't know what being a vampire has done to our Bella. But one's morals seem to carry over into this existence.

There is absolutely no reason for her to be so out of character.

Our airplane began to descend. Before I knew it we were on the ground and out popped the Cullens. We scurried with the crowd, all eager to get their parcels from baggage claim. Once we reached our destination we headed out the doors into the outdoors. There was Edward. He was sight for sore eyes. He looked like he hadn't slept in an eternity. The bags under his eyes seemed to have puffed out and his eyes were blood red. I only caught a glimpse from his glance when he peered over his night-time driving glasses. But that was enough. He had drank from humans.

Oh Edward!What have you done? The disappointment rang from my heart as I saw his shoulder slump even more as he heard my last thought. We all paused as we caught sight of his eyes. He could fool all those around us, but he couldn't pull one over his family.

We all came to, after a ghastly shock and flooded towards Edward; all of us bustling around him, bombarding him with questions. He remained silent and motioned us to follow him. He led us down the escalator and to a shabby shuttle bus that took us straight to hotel. No one even bothered to take a second glance that we carried absolutely no luggage. For the first time in a while no one seemed to even notice us.

As soon as we were in the suite, Edward slammed the door with a loud bang, he plummeted onto the bed and began to tell me his tale of woe. He told me how he had found Bella. He said that he had been having these visions however couldn't seem to make them out.

I passed over that comment. He said that he had a run in with Jacob who told him that Bella was outside of Jacksonville in the swamps. Then he went into detail regarding the state of mind he found her in. Edward believed that she was in shock. The devastation in the background triggered his attention however he quickly dismissed it after he really took a look at his Bella. Edward described her as filthy, drenched in dry mud. He said that at the time it really hadn't occurred to him that she was the cause of all of that devastation.

But how did he know that she caused a whole city to blow up?

"Carlisle we spent a month together. I saw what she could do. She can control us all. She..."

"Enough, Edward. You are definitely traumatized by what happened. Tell me what powers she has exactly."

"She can control the elements; however it seems that they are tied into her emotions. I guess it seems more likely that she has a strong handle on her emotions. She can hide them completely and then release them. For example as she releases her anger, an orange energy wave consumes her extremities and she can emit the flames as she sees fit. If she focuses her attention on a tree, it will light on fire. She can set bodies on fire." He continued to tell us with great concern.

"Edward, what can she do when she is afraid or upset?" I thought aloud.

"Honestly, I am not sure. I mean she was more difficult to read than ever before. When I found her she was definitely upset and scared. But she wasn't using any powers. I think that she can control the wind when she is threatened, in other words in fear. At one point she sense that I might leave and I felt myself gravitated to a wall. It was as if a strong, wind blew me aside. It has been raining since I left her. I wonder if that is her." He bowed his head and peered away.

"Edward, why did you leave her?" asked Alice. "I don't understand what drove you to not want her anymore."

In astonishment, Edward popped his head up and looked quizzically at Alice. "Alice can't you see what Bella and I have done? Can't you see what she has become? I left her that is true, but I still want her. She probably believes that I don't love her anymore".

"And why would she think that?" Alice continued to pry.

"Because I had said that before when we left her in Forks"

Oh no Edward.

Edward glanced at me as I thought about the devastation that Bella must be feeling.

"Edward if she is as strong as you say she is, then we need to get to her now." I ordered.

"No! You have to know what she can really do. You don't understand. I just didn't know how else to control myself. So I left."

Edward told us about the visions that had consumed his world for the past month. He told us in great detail. We came in closer to hear each word more clearer when all of a sudden, Edward stopped. He seemed fixated on a point on the bed. Then he brought his knees to his chest and screamed, "Bella please, stop, no more."

Alarmed I felt completely useless. What was happening to my son?

He seemed to be talking to Bella and wanting her to stop.

"Edward, if that is Bella, tell her that we want to talk to her and that we love her. Edward tell her!"

Edward seemed incapacitated. He remained motionless. Soon he sat back up again slowly and continued on his tale. He didn't want to talk anymore about what had just occurred. Perhaps he felt that by telling his story, the pieces would come together. Maybe he was hiding the worst for last. Unfortunately he didn't understand that we were running out of time. The final piece of the puzzle still remained to be heard.

Bella had apparently been creating these visions at least according to Edward. For some reason only he could see what she saw. He said that these visions were so enticing that all he could think about was being with Bella as they hunted their elixir. He explained that these visions were not at all like Alice's visions.

"Well at first I thought they were Alice's, then I i thought that God had granted me a glimpse of my angel in order to help me be closer to her. But finally I realized that she was summoning me to go to her. She showed me where she was. Each time I saw her as if I was right there." He looked around as he described each sensation that the delusions brought.

"Hmmmmmm, Edward tell me about the other visions some more. These people were evil, correct?"

"Yes, we would only hunt those that appeared in the vision." He said unprovoked.

"But, Edward, you would go through towns and not feed on a single soul in search of the one that called for you."

"Well, yes. But Carlisle that was Bella's way of convincing me that it was alright to kill. She skewed my world and let believe that they had all created a crime so heinous that it was better if they were dead. And I enjoyed it. I was fueled by their death. I soon became addicted to the high that came as a result of these feedings".

"Edward, I disagree." I pondered for a moment before continuing.

"Edward you need to tell us more. Who did you kill? What exactly happened right after the swamp?" Jasper inquired.

"I can't I am too ashamed!" Exclaimed Edward.

"But Edward, we can't help you or Bella if you don't tell us." Emmett tried to justify.

"I killed." He finally admitted. "I murdered more than 10 people."

The room was silent. We all knew he had fed off of humans.

"And I liked it." Edward added.

"She made me see these horrible visions of each one before. These visions grew in strength and they haunted me and then we tortured them and killed them. It was like a drug. I felt an incredible surge come over me and I thought how wonderful after each kill was and how I wanted more."

Jasper interceded. "That is not what I had felt after I killed. I had the urge to drink blood. I had the uncontrollable desire after a few weeks had passed and I finally gave in after a month. But the guilt that overwhelmed me afterwards is why I sought for a new lifestyle."

"I know, Jasper you are absolutely right. I hunted before based on their morbid thoughts. If I deemed them evil, then I would think that it was worth killing them just to have a taste. I was wrong. The lives I took back then still haunt me today. But that is why I am so troubled by these recent acts. Bella has some sort of hold on me. I feel nothing. No remorse. And this troubles me." Edward relaxed as he finally laid out his confession.

"So how come you have control now" Rosalie finally spoke up.

"Before the euphoria would dissipate, another vision would consume me and I would grow incredibly thirsty. It was unbearable. I was hunting more often then ever before." He whined with distaste. He swallowed and then continued. "Now that I am away from her, I feel horrible, but not from the atrocities I committed. I feel bad because I abandoned her again. She probably thinks that I never want to see her again, and then she summons me and I, like a coward, tell her to leave me alone. She is the one who is alone."

"Alright, calm down, Edward. We will figure this out." I said in order to steady his ramblings.

Again I thought a little more about what Edward had said and I decided to put forth my beliefs on this whole situation.

Edward, all of these visions were intense and made you feel like "murdering" these specific victims. When you got there, were they really bad? I mean with your own senses and powers were you able to decipher that they were in fact who Bella proclaimed them to be?"

Edward, paused and responded, "No their thoughts were clouded most of the time. But some of these people had physical proof of what atrocities they committed."

Edward explained about the victim on the video camera and then he seemed to remember the vicious thoughts of two men also lusting after Bella. He told us that their thoughts definitely fell into place with the evils they had committed.

"Ok, what about innocent people? Did Bella ever kill an innocent person.?" I asked.

"No it was the strangest thing. We could go through two whole cities looking for the person that was in our vision. It's like I was thirsty because that is what captivated me, yet I wouldn't even consider having a taste of the thousands of people we passed en route. Perhaps I really wasn't thirsty. It was all a rouse." Edward's voice lightened.

"That is interesting. Where is Bella now?" I continued to think aloud.

"Carlisle what are you thinking?" Edward demanded.

"Bella is a new born vampire with the ability to see. She is what some ancient books have talked about as the dark angel. She is a vampire with heightened senses. Placed here on earth to do justice. She is to remove evil from earth. She kills those she is summoned to kill. "

"But Carlisle there are so many". Alice whispered. "I mean two per week is too many".

"Yes I know. But if she doesn't gain control over this power, someone like the Volturi will abuse of it. It sounds like she brought with her from her human experiences the power to control her emotions. She converts her emotions in the elemental powers and then is able to share those emotions with others. She has always had the power to block her emotions it only makes sense that she gain full control to hide and share her emotions. She probably doesn't need to hunt as often as she does. She has to find her purpose." I finished up.

"So with these visions she is doing good? " Alice beamed.

"Well yes but she may not know that." Edward joined in with enthusiasm.

"She can step over to the dark side. The Volturi would do something to abuse of her powers. She can't be alone. Edward how will she feel after you've left her again? We need to go to her now. Edward, are you alright after feeding off humans?" I made a move for the door and motioned for my family to follow me.

"Yes. It doesn't seem to even faze me. It was as if I was helping her do her deed. And I abandoned her." Edward continued to oscillate between grief and motivation to help her.

"Yes, exactly and that is her power. If she gets this vision of an evil doing human she feels compelled to make it right. This in a newborn vampire appears as thirst and the reward is unbelievable as you have already experienced. But she can wait for another vision and have another human commit the crime for her. Ending both of their tyrants. She needs to learn to make use of her strengths." I managed to get my family out the door and realized I didn't know where we were heading.

Edward where would she be?

She is where I left her if we aren't to late. Carlisle, thank you" He whispered.

You're welcome, my son.