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The Power of Love

Exactly how strong is the bond that Edward and Bella share? Join Bella and Edward as they embark on a journey where their love is challenged. Watch as Bella and Edwards' roads cross and divide. Can they each handle their mistakes? Will Edward abandon Bella or will their love survive the hardships life has to offer? This is set right after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon and begins with Bella in a deep depression.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of the characters in this story. This story is written for fun. I am an enthusiast and a fanatic of the lovely Stephenie Meyers. Also please be patient. This story is already written. The first 5 chapters are short; they are glimpses that help set up the story. As the story progressed it seems that the chapters get longer and longer. Also this story is told from various points of view. Each view will be posted to avoid confusion.

22. Tickling My Brain

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I hurried through the city at full speed. Carlisle, Emmett, Alice and Jasper accompanied me in the cool silver Mustang GT rental. My destination was the last place that I had seen my angel.

I could picture her still curled in a small ball on the floor with smoke rising all around. She appeared in need; in need of me. I told her to stop. She looked so hurt, so devastated by my plea. I may have lost her forever. I hope, I hope that she is still there.

I stepped on the gas harder even though it was already at full throttle.

I had no idea if Bella would still be there. My angel, the person who showed me that my existence could be so much more. I swore to never harm her; to be there for her and never leave her again. And in her moments of weakness I collapse. All I could think about is how I left her at her most vulnerable time when she needed me most. What kind of monster am I?

I was so confused. What Carlisle had said really did make sense. But how did he know? How could Bella's actions be considered good? When has Carlisle ever condoned killing humans? He hadn't even laid eyes on my Bella.

She could simply be a killer. Yet there were so many indescrepencies. I understood that I was wrong, again. I had thought that I was under a spell. How could killing humans be good? I am so confused. Here I go again doubting my love. But it was so enchanting to be with her. I had no control over what I was doing, or did I?

Desperation hit me as I realized that my Bella would not still be there. She hates me! She's going to leave and never come back. What would I do if I thought that I had lost the love of my life forever? Well we know that I would wallow in my own misery holding on to that ounce of hope that she is still there. But if I knew for sure that my Bella was dead or had rejected me, I knew exactly what I would do. I would find the Volturi. But Bella doesn't really know about them, does she? I glanced at Alice with worry in my eyes and she raised a curious eye brow at me.

"Alice can you see the Volturi?" I impulsively inquired.

"Edward, what are you thinking? Yes, I can, I'll try but why? What am I looking for?" She responded already going into a daze as she peers into the elites' future.

Jasper turned to look at me and attempted to comfort me, "Edward, she doesn't know about them. Why would she be there?"

"Look, I can't hear her, Alice can't see her. I am just thinking that is the worst place for her to be and I don't want her there. Carlisle mentioned that if they caught wind that she may be there then she can possibly turn to the dark side" Although a part of me already believes that is where she has turned. I retaliated more out of fear to what Jasper said than out of anger.

Alice's head bobbed up and she opened her eyes with a gasp. "Edward is right, she will go to them. They don't find her. She finds them. Aro is ecstatic to find such a new power. He is convincing her brothers to give her a chance. They are all testing their strengths on her to no avail. Jane is angry that she can't hurt this new person. I can't see Bella, but I know they are excited about a new vampire with great strength. Aro wants to keep her and invite her to be part of their guard..." Alice trailed off with how we had to save her. As if I didn't know that already.

A feeling of dread consumed my body as a vision crept into my mind.



I could feel the branches bounce off of my face. I didn't care if they scratched me. It didn't hurt anyway I was so hurt inside already nothing seemed to faze me. It's all over. He really doesn't want me. I knew that the first time he left me. I knew. That is why I fell into such a deep depression. How could anyone think that I am so great? Yet I rose from my deep slumber with a new sense of hope; of determination. I was truly convinced that my Edward had been lying, that he indeed did care for me as I cared for him.

Boy was I wrong.

He proved once again that he can't stand to be with me. I am a monster now and not even worth his protection. I wanted to show him that I was strong now. I wanted to show him that I loved him instead I fell prey to the hunger within. I still don't feel guilty about those I killed. I hate myself for losing him; for pushing him away. My Edward.

I am so hurt right now. The devastation, the loss of someone so great. My god, my eternal man chiseled out of marble, glorious in every way chose to have a chance at heaven's gates than to burn with me in hell. And that is where I am.

I reached the end of the small forest. A long road crossed in front of me. This would go faster if I had a car. But I looked a mess with leaves and twigs tangled in my hair, blood covering my shirt.

Perhaps I could convince a passerbyer that I had been attacked and was in need of assistance. Then they can drive me to where ever.

Who am I kidding, I'll just kill them. Or would I? Maybe I can just kick them out of their car and take it over. A strong breeze picked up behind me. I caught an odd ferocious smell. Jacob?

No, he left me too. Correction, I told him to go.

I continued to run until I saw a fast car. I wouldn't hurt anyone I would just borrow it for a while. I had to find my salvation now. I know it's too late. I have killed too many. God will never accept me as Edward and all those I love have allowed me to leave their good graces. I can't bear to survive any longer. These Volturi need to help me. They will have the answers I seek. They are old and wise. All old beings have the answers. Perhaps I can summon them to come get me.

I stopped dead in my tracks, on the paved asphalt. I closed my eyes and focused in on the faces of those three curious individuals that I had one day seen on the wall of Carlisle's study. I focused on the one with long black hair, surrounded by a dark cloak, he became real. I could see standing there confused staring at me.

"What is this?" He inquired.

"I summoned you. My name is Bella and I need your guidance. I hear that you are part of the Voluri. I am lost. I can't control my new powers and all have abandoned me." I pleaded.

"Where are you my sweet Isabella? We can come and get you if you so desire." His voice was like velvet. He walked over to me and reached out his hand in a what appeared to be a comforting gesture, but I could see in his eyes that he searched for more. His had landed on my shoulder and a strange look appeared on his face. "Perhaps in person, this would work better."

"What would work better?"

"I have a special way of getting to know others with physical contact. But I am not really there and you are not really here."

Already I felt at ease. He was so gentle yet so direct. He would be able to help me. I told him to meet me at the nearest airport. That I was running and that I didn't want to stay put. I could still pick out the fowl smell that Jacob once carried.

He told me that he would personally come for me.

I slowly got up and began running again. I would have to clean up before I got on a plane. I would also need a passport. I had a lot to do. I continued to hurry as I planned out a way to be able to get my necessities met.

As focused as I had become, I really just wanted the misery to end. I was burning inside. I can taste this horrid flavor on my tongue and I feel this endless dread consuming me like ants crawling up my arm and into my skin. There is nothing I can do to stop this invasion from tickling my brain. I hurt, I hurt so bad that I feel nothing but pure pain. I have lost my companion forever. My soulmate. Well, that is what I thought he was.

I just want help. I want someone to tell me that it is ok. But that help will never come because I am so bad, too powerful and out of control.

My only salvation is to be gone and never to return. I want to die.

No, I want him. I want him to do what he was meant to do. I want him to be tough. I want him to be stronger than me and take care of me.

I wanted to pretend that I was strong but I am not. I wanted to show him that we were equals not just Superman and Lois. But now we are no one. I am a worthless coward; a nobody.

He's never coming back.

I want him. I need him. He was my light, my savior, my hope.

I want him to take care of me and protect me when no one else can. He swore he would never leave me and that he would always protect me.

Where is he now? I screamed with agony inside.

Never to come. I scared him away forever. For I am a monster.

I tried to be with him. No, he tried to be with me. But he didn't stop me and when it became too much for him, he left me.

Instead of stopping me or talking with me he just simply left. He left me alone with this huge overwhelming burden.

Should I listen to the voices and my conscience or should I pretend that no one is bad no one has committed any sins?

should I ignore their slight cries for help?

I can't. I don't know that what I have been doing is right. Maybe this Aro can help me. Am I doing the right thing? I can't explain these voices or these strange urgings to kill.

Maybe I am just crazy. I can't take this anymore. Oh please help me!!!

I stopped once last time as I neared the city. I couldn't go on. I felt so alone. This endless argument continued in my head. But then it got closer.

I looked up and saw him.

It was Jacob.