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A young girl named Ellena is attacked by a mounatain lion and is near death when Bella and Edward Cullen find her. The Cullens save her life by making her one of them and adopt a new member into the Cullen family. With a new addition to the family the Cullens have trouble finding balance. Will Ellena control her thirst for blood? Will she adapt to the life of an immortal? And will she be able to find her place in the Cullen family?


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

A Very Bad Day

Everything is going horrible today. My hiking trip was delayed because I woke up late and because my friend Haley suddenly announced that she couldn't go. Isn't that great? So here I am hiking -alone- and it starts pouring rain, but what do you expect if you're in Washington. For some strange reason my father decided to get a vacation home in Forks, Washington. I yearned to be back in California where it was sunny ninety percent of the time and you were always near a beach with warm water. I know it's not recommended to hike all by your lonesome -especially if you're only sixteen- in the wild forests, but I'm experienced and it wasn't like I was planning on going far. Despite these two facts I managed to get myself lost. I am now soaked to the bone and without a compass because like the idiot that I am I dropped it.

I straiten up out of my sulking position and walk over to sit on a fallen tree at the edge of the meadow I am standing in. Everything is incredibly beautiful here but I can't concentrate. The fear that I might have to stay here through the night begins to consume me; I feel my body begin to shake from cold as I watch the sky fade to twilight. It's then that I hear the loud snap of a twig being broken.

I call out, thinking my savior has arrived, "Hello?" I get up and look into the dense blanket of trees and rain searching for a human profile. I narrow my eyes to see better when my eyes focus on a mountain lion lumbering through the tangle of trees towards me. I automatically run. My short legs working overtime, as I hear a loud roar somewhere close behind me. I dodge left and right between trees hopping over fallen branches. My sides begin to hurt from the exertion of my lungs as I push myself to the limit. I drop my hiking pack without looking back and continue to run. I begin to slow enough to turn my head when I don't hear the loud thud of paws pounding the wet earth. I stop completely and fall to my knees with a huge sigh of relief.

I'm still panting as I send a small thank you to the heavens for sparing my life. As I look up to the sky to finish my thank you, I find two glittering eyes of a mountain lion staring back at me from the bough of a tree; it almost looks like the giant cat is silently mocking me for my sorry excuse of an attempt to flee. I only have time to let out a small whimper before the giant feline pounces and knocks me onto my back. Its sharp claws tear at my flesh as I scream in pure agony. I feel myself being covered in my own warm blood with every swipe of the lion paws. I attempt to lift my head and get only a small glimpse of my broken body before claws rip across my head. Black dots fill my vision as I feel the chomp of teeth on my torso. I let out one scream as I hear the sickening crack of my lower spine. I revel in the lack of feeling from the bottom half of my body as I slowly fade away.

I come back into consciousness slowly, my vision blurry as the shadows of trees race by me. I feel cold arms cradling my limp body as the freezing air whistles through me. I begin to shake with rattling coughs that fill my mouth with blood. The sound of tinkling voices like chiming bells, speaking worriedly fills my ears. As I begin to lose consciousness my final thought is that angels are taking me to heaven, it is then that I succumb to a blanket of darkness.