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A young girl named Ellena is attacked by a mounatain lion and is near death when Bella and Edward Cullen find her. The Cullens save her life by making her one of them and adopt a new member into the Cullen family. With a new addition to the family the Cullens have trouble finding balance. Will Ellena control her thirst for blood? Will she adapt to the life of an immortal? And will she be able to find her place in the Cullen family?


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

True Pain

I am disturbed from my peaceful slumber when a painful stinging sensation awakens me. Through my cracked eyelids I can only see a blinding light and then a face of what I truly thought was an angel filled my vision. The angel was a young man with blond, golden hair, amber eyes and flawless white skin. His lips moved forming words that I could not hear. My eyes snap completely open as the stinging increases and I begin to convulse. My head flops uselessly from side to side, in all the turmoil and pain I see my naked bloody body in a mirror. I am on a desk and there are angels pouring alcohol over my wounds.

It is when they stop cleaning my wounds that I can hear bits and pieces of angelic voices speaking. "Her name is Ellena Mills she," the ringing voice of a woman cuts off.

"Massive blood loss," a male voice states then fades, the loud thrumming in my ears lessens, "going to die if," the voice states mournfully with an edge of urgency then fades in and out again, "inject venom."

"Do it." The female voice commands, her voice full of compassion and fear. The voices are then completely drowned out by the thrumming in my ears. In the mirror I watch as my blond pale angel hooks me up to a morphine drip. I begin to feel the upper half of my body numb, the pain drifting away. I sigh in relief but the sigh gets caught in my throat when I see my angel comeback into view with a large syringe in hand. I try to cry out in protest but my lips are numb and useless. My angel looks at me sadly, taking a deep breath he raises the syringe and plunges it into my chest. I automatically cringe internally. Everything goes black and this time the blackness brings pain, true pain, pain like no other. It courses through my limp body flooding every corner of tissue; it is as if liquid fire is burning through my veins. I want to scream in pure agony but I can do nothing. If there is any semblance of a God at all I plead to him for mercy, and pray to every divine power possible to just kill me. The raking of the mountain lions claws is now nothing compared to this.

Seconds tick by unnoticed into minutes and the minutes blur into hours. I think to myself that I surely must be in hell. So this is what the burning eternal flames of hell feel like. I feel my shell of a body rattling as it pushes out short, quick, raspy breaths. It seems as if centuries have passed when I feel the pain lessen slightly or perhaps I have just grown used to it. My limbs begin to regain some feeling for I feel my body writhing in pain. The morphine starts to go away fast, for the more it lessens the more my body begins to thrash around violently. With all the morphine gone, my eyes snap open and I let out an absolutely blood curdling scream. Suddenly there are angels all around me; I am lying on a sofa screaming endlessly. I just barely make out the tinkling of angel voices speaking quickly. I was still incoherent as the angels tried to speak to me, there was nothing but the pain. I focused on the piece of sky I could see through the window in front of me. As my body continued to burn I studied the sky go from blue to amethyst. Then the pain really seemed to be leaving, so I stopped screaming.

The pain began to recede from my fingers and toes fading away, as did the pain in my head. I felt my breath quicken with the pace of my heart beating inside me. Though the pain was now completely gone from my limbs it seemed to gather in my chest and grow more intense. My back arched in pain and my hands formed into claws. I heard nothing but the pounding in my ears that was the sound of my frantic heart beat. As the pain seemed to disappear slowly my heart slowed until it beat a few slow, sluggish beats and it stopped completely. Then I opened my eyes to discover my new life waiting for me.