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Midnight Shadow : Moonlit Eyes

My version of Breaking Dawn. Includes the wedding, honeymoon, etc. No Renesmee (Jacob still imprints.) What would have happened if Bella had never gotten pregnant on the honeymoon, MY VERSION. Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer, this work contains some slight adult themes.

DISCLAIMER: STEPHENIE MEYER OWNS TWILIGHT AND IT'S COPYRIGHT, CHARACTERS AND PLOT. I ONLY OWN ANY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, THIS PLOT, AND THE RIGHT TO WITHHOLD MY OWNERSHIP OF THIS WORK. Alright, just before we start: 1.No Renesmee 2. Jacob imprints 3.Not a story where Bella just forgets Jake and skips off into the sunset 4. Not a story where Bella is more worried about Jake than Edward 5. Not one of those lame stories where everything goes perfectly without a hitch 6. Not a story with bad spelling and improper grammar 7. A story written to the best of my ability 8. A story where I try to get in depth. 9. A story where Bella gets awesome powers, but not so many powers that it's unrealistic. Alright. I hope everyone enjoys thsi version. This is for the people that were unhappy with Breaking Dawn. Please enjoy, and review telling me what you think HONESTLY. Don't flatter me.

1. Prologue

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Midnight Shadow: Moonlit Eyes


As I stared into my loves eyes, I wanted to cry. The emotion there was one that could not be faked. The emotion there could not be replaced by the brightest happiness nor clouded by the darkest melancholy. Even the deepest, most feral lust could not overcome it, no hate could then fight it. Pure love was an emotion that nothing could replace or shadow; pure love was the emotion in my loves eyes.

The decision was not one that I made but one that that pure love made for me. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, knowing not how I would do it but only that I could-if I couldn't, would those eyes, that love, so encourage me? When you loved a person, how could you encourage them to do something they weren't ready for-how could you push them, when you knew they might not live to see the accomplishment. For your sake and theirs, you couldn't.

And when that same love, that same person, was the one you could not live without, how could you regret them, how could you regret anything bad that had resulted for your love? How could you not fight for them, when if you didn't they would die and you would with them-emotionally and soulfully, if not entirely physically? How could you resent them, turn your back on them, when you truly loved them?

I couldn't. Nothing could get in the way of that truth, and nothing could get in the way of me now.

How could you run? How could you not fight?

If you truly loved that person?