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Love, Sex and Magic!

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Leah and Jacob are on the brink of marriage. Jacob has moved in with Leah and are now closer than ever. But, there is something strange in the rez for the first couple of weeks, will they destroy it before the end? there are also a few questions popping up for Leah to consider... contains A LOT OF BIG BAD NAUGHTY WORDS AND A BIT OF... well its exactly what it says in the title...

Ok, so i might have an alternate ending if people review and tell me what they think, so please do tell me. There are going to be a few chapters to this hopefully and they might be in either Jacobs or Leahs point of view. So thank you so much for reading this! :)

1. Chapter 1

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The water was lapping over me, wanting me to go down with no fight but i knew that would never happen, i was going to fight for my life if that meant i was fighting for more than my life then i will!

“Leah! Where are you?” i heard such a familiar voice calling for me; He was looking for me. I felt big warm, tight arms pull me up and out of the water. It was Jacob Black. My alpha, my lover and my best friend. I indulged in the fact that he was pulling me away from what could potentially kill me.

“What the fuck are you playing at, Lee? Huh?” he panted once we were on the beach, he was lying next to me breathing heavily, i spat out water before i answered.

“I dunno, something pushed me in!” i said as i pulled myself up away from the gravelly stones that were uncomfortable beneath me. i didn’t feel as frightened as i thought i should have. it never affected me as much it did Jacob.

“Leah, let’s go home, you need to rest.” Jacob said taking hold of my legs and lifting me towards the path away from the beach, and to his car.

Once we made it home, Jacob carried me to the bedroom and tucked me in to the bed; even though my hair was still a bit damp and my clothes were mucky but he never cared he just clambered in next to me. I fell asleep in his arms as i did every night for the past two months, i felt Jacobs warm kiss in the hollow part on my neck, before falling into the world of dreams and make believe. The last thing i heard was,

“You scared me today, my angel. I never want to lose you. You mean to much to me.” i fell asleep to his voice, knowing it was going to be there when i woke up.


“JAKE! HELP ME!” I scream from the side of the cliff face, i felt my hands slipping from the little ground my fingernails had gripped on to.

“Leah! What the fuck happened?!” he asked as he yanked me up into his embrace away from the cliff edge.

“H-h-he p-p-pushed me o-o-over!” i stuttered from the all of a sudden freezing cold. I saw a dark figure lurking in the shadows by the trees, he was there one minute but behind me with his ice cold hands on my shoulders the next holding my face over the edge.

“Who? Who pushed you over?”


*end of Dream*

“Oh My God! The Fucking bastard!” i cried as i shot up from the pillow, i could feel the sheen of sweat on my face, my eyes were smarting from the instant opening of them, i could feel Jacob rubbing my back,

“What’s the matter, love?” he asked as he lifted himself from the bed.

“I just had the scariest and weirdest dream.” I said, turning to him. I watched his expression change from loving to hard. I was more scared in my dream than i was in real life.

“What happened?” he asked after a second of silence.

“I was hanging over the edge of the cliff face we jump off, and you rescued me, like you did today but in my dream, i was petrified. Not like, i was today though. Anyway, it became freezing and-” i suddenly caught a sniff of something disgustingly sweet and vampire-ish.

“Jacob, someone is here!” he looked at me from the pillow,

“What? Leah, hang on. You are making no sense and who is here?”

“Someone is in the house! Get up and come look with me,” I whisper from the corner of the room where my baseball bat was leaning. I could tell Jacob was not in the mood for being woken, i quickly glanced at the clock to register that it was three o’clock in the morning! Shit!

“You are going to take your baseball bat? When you are the most dangerous creature on this side of town?” he laughed, i saw him glancing at the clock and his eyes widening a bit before he got from the bed.

“Get your lazy ass over here and back me!” I ordered. I did not have the same effect as Jacob did; of course, he was able to use alpha command, whereas i was only able to use beta command, which is not as strong as Alpha but it worked, because he was standing behind me in an instant. We silently manoeuvred down the stairs into the kitchen/living room where the scent was much more piquant. I knew Jacob caught the scent because his breathing hitched.

“Hang on.” He spoke, and took hold of my bat and stood in front of me, he whipped around the corner. He was silent. I stood impatiently in the living room, listening as close as possible.

“Clear.” I heard from the kitchen, and then saw Jacob walk through with the bat swung over his left shoulder. “It smells as though they left quite awhile ago. But just inform the others.”