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The Vampire Cullen Series

A story following the Cullen Clan and there family and friends and enemy.


1. Prologue

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This has to be a dream I know my father is not up here waking me up,no its not even him its Aunt Rosalie.

"Wake up Nessie,wake up Nessie, come on or Aunt Alice will be called over here she will be here soon she's helping mom set up for Grandpaw Charlie and Grandmaw Renee and her fellow and your new uncle Thomas and Grand-Sue and Leah and Seth"

I set up in bed for I smelled something strange coming this way,Aunt Rose growled and then had my pants and shirt on the bed "Dress now" I got dress then like lighting Aunt rose had my wist and we are down stairs I in the middle my family around me.

"Get her out of her now" I heard my father say "Edward w have to act normal just set down" Papa Carlisle said in the living room it was my mom Bella ,me, and Aunt Rosalie on the couch on the Arms were Nana Esme and Aunt Alice in the chair was Papa Carlisle and in the other Uncle Jasper and on the steps behind the couch was Uncle Emmett and standing was my father Edward.

The next thing I knew was Aunt Alice saying "I don't know them" Papa Carlisle got up and was at the door he looked at Nana Esme "Get Bella and Nessie yo the safe house now" Like a flash me and mom where in a dark room "What is happening mom?"

I heard Dad's thoughts it was other Vampires like us but none I have ever meet it was two kids and thery had got Papa and dad's and Uncle Jaspers sceant.

I heard a girl talk "Hi i am Hannah and this is my Brother Paxton and are little baby sister Carson sorry for her smell she is human" I knew they had to get Uncle Jasper out of there for the babys saftey. Papa spoke Alice please take Jasper outside now.

"Mom" I heard her growling I knew what that ment "Mom Stop" She opened the door and jumped out "Stay here Renessmee I smell trouble" i knew to listen to my mom Aunt Alice came in holding Uncle Jasper and looked "Wheres Bella" she asked?

I looked at her and then she stoped "Alice what is it" Uncle Jasper said she loked at him "It's Aro,Hes coming here to Nashville and Bella Smeeled him" We all ran inside "Edward its bella she smeeled Aro coming shes gone to meet him" Dad Growled and started Growling.

Papa looked at the kids and then to my aunts and uncles "we have to move out now Alice,Rosalie,Emmett,Jasper go now I will follow". He looked at Nana "Esme you and Nessie stay here he looked at the kids and said to take them to the safe house so Aro would not get them first".

We moved fast everyone gone but me and Nana and the kids Papa took us to the safe house "Stay here" Nana took the Baby and to the kids "We have plans for you we are taking you in you two will stay with Alice and Jasper you age looking and, how tall you are you both could pass for there kids adopted and the baby your sister will pass as Emmett and Rosalie baby we will change her now."

Nana laid the baby on the table and put her Veniom inside the baby she cried for a little bit and then stoped her eyes turned red and then blue. "Nana Esme so there my cousin" She looked "Yes they are".

We heard walking outside and then it stoped at the front of the door "There not here Jane lets go" then screaming "Alec brother we do not leave till we find her"

Nana put her finger to her mouth and said "Shh" she looked at Carson and humbed a little tune so she could here and no one else and then pointed to the door and said to "Go now I will follow you run and stay together"

I started running when I looked down I had forgoten something i ran faster and then when I knew Nana and the others had pasted i ran back bad idel "Sister look what we found" She looked at him and smiled "Renessmee your home" She opened her eyes I fealt Pain and then a man picked me up and held me tight the pain stoped then I felt running.