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The Vampire Cullen Series

A story following the Cullen Clan and there family and friends and enemy.


2. A New Town and Life

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I looked in the mirrow and smilied I smelled the air and could hear talking I ran down stairs and stoped when I seen all eyes where on me.

"Renessmee my love you look so pretty" It was my mother, "She looks just like her mother did the first day i seen her at Forks High" that was my father i should tell you My mother and father are not your everyday parents My mother is 18 and my father is 17 and Me well I am 16 or not really i am 6 but because of my parents My father being a vampire and my mother being a vampire but had me as a human that makes me a Human/Vampire so my ageing is fast i might be 6 but I have the body,mind,and streangth, and brain of a 16 year old cool right.

I smlled the food and walked into the kitchen where Nana Esme was cooking "Nana who is all this food for" She looked and smilied and then I heard "I am back" It was Jake and I ran into the living room and gave him a big hug I had not seen Jake in a hole month.

"Jake your here" He kissed my head and laughted "I come with gifts" He moved and in walked Grandpaw Charlie and Grandmaw Sue Clearwather behind them where Leah and Seth and behind them were Grandmae Renee and Grandpae Phil and Gradmae was holding toddler Mason my uncle.

I huged all the humans and wolfes in the house and then Huged Jake again, Nana Esme Walked in "food is ready for all wolfes and humans"

Jake looked at me again and pulled me aside and then went to the back door and opened it there stode Sam and a round Emily and the rest of the wolf pack."Jake you brought Emily and Sam also" He smiled.

"It would not be christmas with out the whole gange and even my dad see" Billy walked in and huged me.

We all set down and eat while my Vampire family set in the living room Jacob walked that way and my father stoped him "Jacob we need to talk ok" they walked up stairs and then mom came in and huged her dad.

"Bells I have missed you I am glad the secret is out we can all bond aas a family" She kissed his cheeck and giggled "Yes dad we can" She looked at Emily and then asked to talk to her in Private.

I listen in "Emily we need to go hunt would you mind if Renessmee hung with you and sam for a bit" Emily looked at her "Sure she can we can take her to get yours and Edwards present or something.

They came back in and mom left and then mom and them were outside dad came down and ran after them, i ran up stairs "Jake you up here" i heard him talking and then he was in front of me.

He smiled and looked at me "Nessie lets talk" i looked at hime "Nessie its time you here this i have inprinted on you" I looked at him and smilied "You have uncle Seth told me about this" Jacob looked at me then he kissed me "I love you Nessie I want to marry you right now"

He jumped out the window and then I jumped he held me and started running he ran till he got to the church and then went inside and talked to the priest and then the next thing I knew Jacob and I were kissing.