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Fighting the Truth

Jacob and Edward are enamines. Once they meet Bella Sawn, trouble happens. Both Edward and Jacob have a secret that could change their lives.


1. Chapter 1

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Vampires and werewolves kept secret to the modern world. The two enemies, both species would not dare be seen together.

The werewolf society knew not to cross paths with their never-ending enemy. Like-wise the vampire clan did the same. Both sides made a treaty that proclaimed that neither enemy would cross their land.

Throughout the years, both the groups went on their way. The mortal society knowing nothing of this, goes without a bother. In Forks Washington it lives the vampire clan and the werewolves. When Jacob Black, known as the Beta werewolf falls for newcomer Bella Sawn, from Arizona moves her way into Forks, Washington trouble arises. Edward Cullen finds himself falling for Bella.

Jacob and Edward fight for the chance to have a life with Bella. Jacob and Edward hiding a secret that could change their lives forever, a secret that could cause serious damage to the mortal and immortal world.


Over the next few months Edward and Bella became close. She started noticing things about him, cold hands, superfast speed, changing eye colors, not eating etc. She and her friends went to the bookstore bought this book that explained the list of things she had on him. The word vampire struck her mind. She didn’t say anything to Edward because she didn’t want to sound like a fool. She was falling for Edward, very fast.

Bella meet Jacob the first day she arrived in Folks. They grew close, over the months it was obvious that he liked her, but to her he was just a friend. Her best friend to be exact.

Both Edward and Jacob had said negative things about the other. She couldn’t take it anymore. She made them sit in a room and discuss their problems. They couldn’t leave the room until they became friends or at least was nice to each other. She left the room of course, while doing some of her biology work.

Meanwhile, the room was small, one table two chairs. Each guy sat on one side of the table. Glaring at each other. Deep down inside their hearts they liked each other. Both scared to say anything because the werewolf and vampire clan were enemies. Jacob and Edward starting talking, both realized that they had many things in common. Both agreed to be secret friend because no one could find out they were communicating. They told Bella it was impossible to become friends. She didn’t like the idea of that.

Bella had asked Edward if he was a vampire. He refused because no one could know. She also didn’t know Jacob was a werewolf.


During the next few months, Bella and Edward were really close, so was Bella and Jacob. Each pair spent time during different days etc.

Edward and Jacob, became close also. Because no one could know about the other, they bought a pre-paid phone and called each other every night. Over time, they admitted into liking each other. Both unsure if they could handle the relationship, but was going to try.