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Vampire Wars

The only thing Nadean knew was war. She had grown up in it. In a battlefield, a lot of people die, and bleed. It's the perfect place for a vampire to prowl. When Nadean is changed into a vampire, she sees hope. But even as a vampire she can't escape war.

this story was inspired by metal gear solid, and of course twilight. Disclaimer: unfortunately, i own neither of the above. Edward, Bella & co. will be in this fic! Eventually...

4. The Volturi

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We sat in the waiting lounge, with around 10 other humans. I could smell there blood all around me. I needed to distract myself, so I started a conversation with Mathew.

“Who were the man and woman you were talking to earlier?” I asked.

“Bella and Edward.” he said simply. It was obvious he didn’t want to talk about it so I let it drop.

I started at the man sitting opposite us. He was in uniform, with various medals pinned to his chest. He had a cane resting beside him, and his foot was at an awkward angle. I assumed he had been discharged because of injuries.

It was rare that it happened, but it did. The person would have to have fought amazingly, saved fellow solders and gotten some kind of injury. He would be discharged and he would become a war hero.

He noticed me staring and looked at me. I looked down so he wouldn’t see my red eyes. I could here the faint drum of air conditioning, but the man was sweating profusely.

I, on the other hand, was cold. I had felt fine before, but now that I was out of the sun, I felt cold. It was an unfamiliar feeling, but it was a lot more comfortable than the hot temperature I had become accustomed to.

A bored voice over the intercom informed us it was time to board. I moved to get up, but Mathew put I hand on my shoulder. We waited until everyone else had boarded. The plane was small, with roughly 30 seats, most of them empty.

The roar of the engine startled me. I gripped the edge of my seat as the plane slowly elevated. The smell of blood was overwhelming. I remember Mathew telling me I didn’t have to breathe, so I tried it. I closed my eyes and held my breath. My lung didn’t feel tight, like I expected. I felt the same, but I just couldn’t smell.

Dodge and Mathew were having a quiet conversation that informed me this wasn’t how they were used to flying. Apparently a movie should be playing, and food should be given to us.

On the plane, I had time to think. It was strange not having someone telling me what to do, what to think. In a way, I missed it. I didn’t know what to think about or how to feel. I was never good with emotions. I took comfort in numbness and distance. It helped me survive in the war.

It had been hard being a girl in the war. Normally only men were successful. There were other girls as well; most had a hard time at war.

There were some who had friends, people who would watch there backs. This trend was popular with both men and women. I had never had a friend, I had never had anyone. I knew people died in war, and if I got to close to someone, what would I do if they died.

Eventually the plane began its decent. I hadn’t taken a breath the duration of the flight. We got off the plane and went through a lot of screening and being searched. The security here was tight, with armed guards patrolling.

I was shocked when we got out of the airport. There were buildings everywhere. Hundreds of people and cars were scattered everywhere. It was late evening and the sky was dark. Dodge led us to a nearby hotel.

He talked to the woman at reception, and then led us to an elevator. I had to hold onto the railings going up as it was a new experience for me.

When we got to the room, it was big, with a double bed.

“You should feed soon Mathew,” Dodge said, turning on the TV.

Mathew nodded and exited the room. After he was gone, I sat down on the bed.

“Why are we here?” I asked.

“Somewhere to stay during the day. And somewhere to talk without worrying about being overheard.” he explained.

“Do you live here?” I asked.

“No, we are in Italy because… we have business here. I am from America.”

“America?” I asked excitedly. “Will we be going there?”

“I’ll take you there. After our business.” he promised.

“So what is our business?”

“You’ll find out later.” he muttered. “I’m going out. Stay here.”

Then he left. I stared absentmindedly at the TV. Night slowly came and I realised I hadn’t moved in awhile. I got up and looked out the window. There were far less people now.

Mathew came back, his eyes burgundy. He walked over to me.

“There are things you should know.” he began. “OK, well there is a sort of royal family, in the vampire world. They are called the Volturi. They make sure humans never learn of Vampires, and they are very powerful.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because, that is why we are here. Dodge wants to overthrow this family and become the most powerful vampire in the world.”

“Why does he need me?” I asked. I understood Dodge’s motives, but why was I here?

“He’s been watching you. You have gone up against enemies much greater than you. The Volturi is much greater than us. He needs you because you understand strategies, you will be a great asset to him.” Mathew explained quickly. “It could turn into a war, something you’re familiar with.”

Just as he finished the door opened. Dodge walked in, and threw a revolver at me.

“A revolver?” I asked, sceptical.

He simply nodded, then sat on the bed. He put his head in his hands.

“They’re everywhere.” he sighed. “But we’ve come to far t give up. I ran into Edward and Bella again. They followed us.”

“Why?” Mathew asked.

“Trying to stop us. They say there are concerned. They brought they’re whole family this time. There are 8 of them in all.”

“What if they were to join us? Think of the possibilities.” Mathew said.

“If they continue to get in our way, we may have to get rid if them.” Dodge replied.

“All eight of them?”

“That’s what we have Nadean for.” Dodge said, smiling.