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Vampire Wars

The only thing Nadean knew was war. She had grown up in it. In a battlefield, a lot of people die, and bleed. It's the perfect place for a vampire to prowl. When Nadean is changed into a vampire, she sees hope. But even as a vampire she can't escape war.

this story was inspired by metal gear solid, and of course twilight. Disclaimer: unfortunately, i own neither of the above. Edward, Bella & co. will be in this fic! Eventually...

5. Edward, Bella and Jacob

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A week passed quickly. I was strange not going out in the day. I found myself not knowing what to do with my time. I often got bored. I thought it would be a relief, leaving the war, but I had nothing else. I didn’t know what to do.

I came to enjoy the times where Dodge would give me orders, which I would execute without any complaint.

Unfortunately, I had gotten back into the habit of killing people. I followed orders. Whether they were to take out any vampires I came across, or to feed often to keep my strengths up.

I didn’t see any noticeable progress in our plans, or rather Dodge’s plan, until we met with Bella and Edward again. Dodge was taking Mathews advice, and asking them for assistance.

He was sceptical. I must admit that Dodge was very cunning. He quickly learned I would follow orders, and used that to his advantage. My orders for this meeting were at first sign of trouble to shoot both of them.

Dodge invited them to our hotel room. I was uncharacteristically nervous. At any second Dodge could order me to kill these people, something I wouldn’t have thought twice about before.

When they arrived, there were three instead of two. A horrible stench followed them into the room. The third man, the one I had not seen before, was very tall. He was tan with black hair.

“A werewolf?” Mathew gasped. He had mentioned them earlier in passing. I gathered they were a bad thing.

“This is Jacob. My best friend.” Bella said. No more was needed to be said. The threatening tone in which Bella had spoke had stopped anyone from questioning their unusual relationship. All three of them came in and sat down. Edward sat very close to Bella, holding her hand. Jacob sat beside Bella, keeping a friendly distance, but they seemed relaxed in each others company.

Dodge looked at Mathew, and then beckoned him over to his side.

“Some business of ours as arose. We will be back shortly.” he said. They walked at the door, and before they left Dodge nodded at me.

I sat opposite them. I stared in fascination at Edward and Bella. They quietly whispered into each others ear. Every time the touched seemed to bring joy to their faces. Occasionally Bella would lean over to whisper in Jacob's ear. Edward would stiffen, but remain silent. Jacob would chuckle.

They noticed me staring, so I looked away. I was very aware of the gun in the back waistline of my jeans. I closed my eyes and my thoughts drifted back to the war. There was one image that stuck out in my mind. It was of a girl, around 7. She was holding a gun half her height.

I remember her helmet was too big. It sunk over her eyes, and she had to keep pushing it up. The enemy attacked and her brother ran out in front bravely. He was shooting his gun, like a child playing cowboys. She ran after him, and I followed her. Her helmet slipped down again. When she went to fix it, an enemy sniper got her.

I shot the sniper and everyone last one of the enemies. I vaguely remember screaming. When I was sure they were dead, or fleeing I knelt down at her lifeless body. She was so small. Her dog tags informed me her name was Emma.

I think that was the last time I felt truly human. That was always the first time I became determined to fight. I vowed to fight for Emma, but I forgot that vow along time ago. I didn’t mean to, but I tended to concentrate on the task at hand.

My thoughts returned to the present, and I looked back at Edward, Bella and Jacob. My eyes lingered on Edward’s face he was staring at me intently, frowning slightly. His gaze made me wonder whether he could see all my secrets.

“Well, Dodge has been gone awhile, so I’ll take over for now.” I said, keeping my voice polite and mimicking the announcers at the airport and on the plane. “We asked you here, to ask for your help in taking down the Volturi.”

Three fascinated eyes stared back at me.

“What is your power?” Bella asked.

“Em… I have advantages in fighting,” I said, taken aback by her random question. “And yours?”

“Edward can read minds, and I… can see how you are going to die. Quite a morbid gift.” Bella sighed.

“How am I going to die?” I asked.

“I never tell.”

Could it be that bad that she didn’t want to tell me? But I suppose that would be fitting. What part of my life had been easy so far? Why should my demise be any different? I admit that I felt some relief when I thought I had died, and they were burning my body.

We fell back into silence. Bella and Edward commenced a private conversation, too low for me to hear. Jacob looked at me. I realised I hadn’t been breathing, due to the stench. I allowed my self to breath again, and realised the stench was not as bad as I first thought.

I didn’t feel any discomfort in the silence, as some might. From the moment the three of them had sat down, I had worked out the fastest way to shoot all three. But I wouldn’t shoot them.

After a long silence, Dodge came bursting back into the room.

“Have we got your alliance or not?” Dodge shouted at them.

They didn’t answer, and Dodge didn’t wait. He rushed to my side, grabbed my wrist and hauled me out the door. Jacob followed.

“What are doing?” Dodge hissed at Jacob. He was becoming irrational and panicked.

“Making sure you don’t get this kid killed.” he answered.

“And get yourself killed in the process?” Bella small voice came from behind Jacob. “We will all protect her. But we will in no way aid you or condone your actions.”

Dodge nodded. The rushed off down to the elevators. We all got in one and went down to the first floor. There was no way to speed up an elevator, so we were all forced to stand there, a little awkwardly, and listen to the calming elevator music.

When the lift finally came to a halt, Mathew was waiting for us in the lobby. He seemed surprised that Bella, Edward and Jacob were with us, but he didn’t say anything.

We walked outside in the cold night air. A black car was waiting for us. Dodge dot into the driver’s seat while Mathew got into the front passenger seat. The rest of us squeezed into the back. We just barely managed to get in, with Jacob being so big. In the end Bella sat on Edward’s knee. While we were figuring out the seating arrangements, Dodge was loosing patience.

As soon as everyone was seating, Dodge started driving.

“They know!” Dodge suddenly cried.