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Vampire Wars

The only thing Nadean knew was war. She had grown up in it. In a battlefield, a lot of people die, and bleed. It's the perfect place for a vampire to prowl. When Nadean is changed into a vampire, she sees hope. But even as a vampire she can't escape war.

this story was inspired by metal gear solid, and of course twilight. Disclaimer: unfortunately, i own neither of the above. Edward, Bella & co. will be in this fic! Eventually...

6. Choice

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“And who would ‘they’ be?” Edward asked calmly.

“The Volturi!! The greatest force in the vampire world knows that I planned to overthrow them! Do you know what they’ll do to me?” he cried, smacking the steering wheel.

He suddenly turns the car and drives up an alleyway. It a long, dark, abandoned alleyway. At our end of it there is a rusty red door. I can’t see the other end.

Dodge jumps out of the car and runs to the door. He produces keys and quickly opens the red door. The rest of us follow him. Behind the red door there is a small warehouse. It’s damp and dark.

Dodge locks the door behind him, and then sinks to the ground. He curses very low.

I sit too, and Bella sits beside me. Edward looks at Jacob, and then walks away. He sits down a couple of meters away and watches Bella. Jacob looks uncomfortable and just stands there.

“Why do you want to do this?” Bella asks.


“Why do you fight?” The question stirs some repressed feelings deep inside me.

Why do I fight? I wonder am I a monster. My instincts are to kill. Kill. Take some ones life away. Their thoughts, their smell, their views, everything.

I used to blame the fact I had no other choice. But here, I had ever choice. At no point did Mathew or Dodge force me to come with them.

I start to hear a noise. A low rumbling noise. After a second I identify it as even footsteps, some distance away. But not human, they’re too powerful to be humans.

Apparently Dodge can hear them too.

“Ready?” he asks me.

I shake my head slowly. “What?!” he asks, and I can hear rage rising in his voice.

“I’m not fighting.” I clarify my voice tiny.

Dodge lunges at me. Edward jumps to Bella’s defence.

“What?” he hisses in my ear.

“Not …fighting,” I choke out.

He forces my hand around the gun he had given me, which was in the back waistline of my jeans. He stands me up and I never realised how strong he is. His eyes are bright and fresh after feeding, but I haven’t fed in awhile.

“You will fight. That’s all you are. All you’re good at,” he whispers in my ear.

He aims the gun at Mathew, his hand on top of mine. He presses my fingers to the trigger. There is a dead silence, before the sound of gunshot fills my ear.

Dodge realises me and I run over to Mathew. I’ve dealt with gunshot wounds before. Apply presser to stop bleeding. No bleeding. Check pulse. No pulse. All there is is an empty black hole.

My hands hover over his body unsure what to do.

“See. This is what you are. You don’t even feel bad that you’ve killed him,” Dodge laughs.

Mathew suddenly coughs, and then screams in pain.

“You’re alive?” I ask. My voice shocks me. There is no surprise or emotion.

“Can’t kill vampires that easy,” he chokes out.

I turn around to Dodge. He picks up the gun and throws it at me. I make no attempt to catch it, and watch it fall. The marching gets louder.


I walk over to the door. Bella, Edward and Jacob right behind me. It’s raining outside.

“Wait!” Dodge calls from inside.

He sprints out in front of us and around the corner.

“Follow me.” I hear him laugh.

“Stay here,” I growl at Bella, Edward and Jacob. I can handle Dodge.

I walk slowly around the corner. Dodge has gone further, onto another street. I follow his scent, and smell something else. Blood.

Then I see him, and I run to him. He is kneeling on the ground, beneath him a young girl about 10. Her blood is spilled all around him. I can still hear the faint sound of her breathing.

“What is this?” I ask.

“You’re hungry. Feed. Then it will be a fair fight.” he smiles.

I look at the girl. Conflict rages within me. Drink her blood or save her. I want to save her.

But the smell of her blood is so strong. So overpowering. When I look at her I don’t see a little girl, I see food. But I can’t kill her. I won’t.

“She was sleeping. I stole her right out of her little bed.” Dodge whispers.

I don’t react. My eyes are fixed on her blood spilling on the ground. If I don’t, he will. Can’t save her now.

Can’t save her. There is no way she can live after loosing so much blood. It’s just survival. I take a step closer.

She is still conscious. I can tears running down her face. Her features are tiny. She has fare skin and long blonde hair. She had blue eyes, like Emma.

I reach down and gently brush the hair out of her eyes. She shivers at my touch. I smile at her.

Maybe she can’t be saved. But I can.