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Vampire Wars

The only thing Nadean knew was war. She had grown up in it. In a battlefield, a lot of people die, and bleed. It's the perfect place for a vampire to prowl. When Nadean is changed into a vampire, she sees hope. But even as a vampire she can't escape war.

this story was inspired by metal gear solid, and of course twilight. Disclaimer: unfortunately, i own neither of the above. Edward, Bella & co. will be in this fic! Eventually...

7. I want...

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I pressed my lips against the wound Dodge had left in her neck. Almost instantly my mouth filled with the venom Dodge left in her. I spat it out and brought my lips back to her neck. Once again the venom filled my mouth, but much less this time. I kept going until all the venom was out. When I tasted her blood on my lips I pulled away.

But I stopped. The smell drew me in, but my mind told me to leave. I hovered between her and an imaginary escape. A quick glance at Dodge told me there was a satisfied grin on his face. My hands started to shake in an effort not to drink her blood. I stopped breathing and looked at Dodge.

I slowly started to inch away from her. Each movement physically hurt. But I couldn’t make it away. I turned and looked back at her. I had a chance to run, to get away before Dodge could catch me. My mind planned my escape while my body moved towards her.

I leaned over her face, inhaling deeply. Her face had relaxed. She looked peaceful; I would have thought she was sleeping if I could’ve heard a heartbeat. All pain had vanished from her face.

I gently closed her eyes and stood up. The smell had made me weak but I stood bravely in front of Dodge. He smiled wickedly, and I took a step away from him. My foot hit a steel pipe, and in one smooth motion I picked it up and threw it at Dodge. It hit his arm and he called out in pain. Then he jumped at me.

I froze, too weak to move. Then we both heard the footsteps again. Dodge’s eyes grew wide, he looked at me, and then he ran.

I turned around and saw Bella.

“I have to stay,” I said bravely.

“No, you don’t have to do anything anymore!” she said quietly.

“Then what will I do? What can I do?”

I heard more footsteps, different this time. Then Dodge appeared beside Bella.

“You can fight,” Dodge smirked.

“You don’t have to,” Bella said quickly.

Its decision time. You need to choose now. This could be the

moment you’ve been waiting for. Choose now! You stop crying and

make a decision for once, you’re an embarrassment to me! You can

fight, and win, or you can leave. No one said it would be easy, but

you can’t just stand there. There are wars going on. People are

dying, and you are standing there waiting for someone to hold

your hand. No one is coming.

The colonel’s voice shouted in my head. I couldn’t picture his face,

but his voice was so vivid in my head.

“I want…” I began, my voice trembling a little. “I want love, I

want to be selfish, I want to have a choice. I want a life.

“I want someone to come and help me. I want these things, but I don’t need them. I don’t need to fight. The only thing I need is blood to survive. That’s all I need. I don’t need to do anything, so I can do what I want.” I smiled darkly. “And I want to leave now.”

I turned to walk away. Right now I didn’t care about anything. Bella and Edward caught up with me, and walked by my side.

Dodge screamed at me, cursing me and saying I’d regret this.

I really doubted that, seeing as in a few moments the Volturi will reduce him to a mere memory.

“What are you going to do now?” Bella asked.

I like this question. I smiled hugely.

“Whatever I want.”


Months passed by, and I loved every minute of it. The Cullens taught me to survive on animal blood, but when I got good at it, I left the Cullens.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want to live with them. Not because I didn’t like them, or how they live, it was that I really just wanted solitude.

I wanted to be alone for once in my life. Or afterlife. I drifted through towns, hiding in hotels when it was sunny. It sounds like a lonely life, but I was really happy.

I wasn’t always alone, I loved talking to people I met, finding out what normal lives where like. And people loved to talk about themselves.

Of course, if I was in the area I would visit the Cullens. Sometimes I talked with Bella over the phone.

My personality changed dramatically. I loved the freedom I had. I knew I couldn’t live like this forever, and Carlisle said I was always welcome to join the Cullens. But right now, I was happy.