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Choosing Fire

What would've happened if Bella had chosen Jacob instead of Edward? Starts off just as Jacob's been hurt fighting the newborns.


1. Chapter 1

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I looked down at the ash, that lay on the hard, snowy ground, it used to be Victoria. She was gone and never coming back. Meaning she wasn't going to attempt to hurt me or even worse kill me anymore. I sighed a sign of relief. I didn't have to worry about anything anymore. I celebrated this fact privately, when I caught Edward looking at me, he looked worried.

'Edward, what's wrong?' I asked, panicking slightly.

'Its Jacob' he said 'He's been hurt badly by a newborn, all the bones on the right side of his body have been shattered'

I froze, my heart dropped and I went into panic mode. Jacob, my best friend, who's stuck by me so many times even though I'd been hurting him, was badly injured. I didn't know what to do.

'Edward I have to see him now' I demanded, with a tone of panic.

'He's been taken to Billy's I'm not sure if you can' He then saw the panic in my eyes, 'but I'll take you anyway'.

Edward scooped me up in his arms and ran all the way to the Quileute border, where Quil and Embry were waiting for me. Edward put me down carefully and then turned to face Quil and Embry.

'You better make sure she gets to see him' He demanded.

'We will don't worry, we know how much Jacob means to her' Embry said, smiling at me a bit.

Edward then turned to me. I let him hold me for a moment, he kissed my forehead.

'I love you' he said and then ran off.

Quil and Embry looked at me 'Come on Bella' they said in sync. I then started walking towards Billy's house, with Quil and Embry walking in front. All these thoughts were going through my mind. Will Jacob be ok? Will he die? What if this is the last time I see him? After kissing him before the battle, my feelings for him had grown stronger. I think I was in love with him. But how could I be in love with Jacob? Edward was the only guy I loved and wanted to be with, but was he really? When he left me who was there to pick up the pieces? Jacob. Who could I have a happy human life with? Jacob. Maybe it's always been Jacob.

We were approaching Billy's house and I could see all of the wolf pack outside, along with Sue Clearwater, Billy and Charlie. From inside I could hear Jacob screaming in pain. I jumped with fear.

'Don't worry Bella, Dr Cullen is only re-breaking his bones, so they heal in the right shape, as Jacob's body is healing very quickly, its really strange' Charlie reassured me.

I stood there nervously waiting, trying not to burst into tears when hearing Jacob's screams. After what seemed like forever the screams stopped and Carlisle stepped out of the house. He walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

'He's been asking for you Bella, you can go see him now' Carlisle said.

I took a deep breath and walked into the house. I saw Jacob lying on the couch, his body bandaged up. He looked so weak and helpless, not like the Jacob I knew. I crouched down next to him and held his hand.

'Bella' he croaked 'I'm so glad you came, I've been meaning to talk to you, I can't stop thinking about the kiss'

'Jacob' I said, tears welling in my eyes 'I can't stop thinking about it too, it's made me realise something that I didn't realise before'

Jacob forced out a smile 'what's that?' he asked, clenching onto my hand.

I tried not to let the tears flow, but they did anyway 'that I'm in love with you Jacob Black' I cried 'I'm so sorry I didn't realise it before, you've always been there for me, even when you really shouldn't have been. When I'm with you I feel happy. I wouldn't have to change for you, I could live a happy normal human life with you and still be me'.

Jacob looked up at me and although he must have been in a lot of pain, he smiled the smile that I loved and put my hand up to his face.

'Bella I feel exactly the same way, ever since I met you I knew that I would always want to be with you' He smiled.

I lent down and suddenly our lips met. The kiss was sweet and simple, but it meant something. I felt a sense of happiness flow through me. With Jacob was where I wanted to stay.

'What are you going to tell Edward?' He asked.

'I don't know' I answered 'I will figure something out, I have to go now, leave you to rest, I'll be back to visit you in the morning'. I lent down to kiss him one more time and then walked out the door.

What was I going to say to Edward?