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Laurel, Edwards former mate, who was destroyed by a pack of werewolves after violating the treaty, watches down on Edward from her new world. She soon discovers that his 'life' will eventually drift away from his and her past, and onto a new future... with another female.
She watches in horror as his thoughts eventually drift from her to this new woman, more and more, until eventually, he rarely ever think of her.

I own nothing, except for the changes in the story, and Laurel, and any other characters I may come up with! :D x

1. My Edward

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I sat there. Watching the love of my life drive to school, like any other day. If only I could be in the passenger seat next to him. It would be everything to me.

Instead, Alice sat there blabbering away about some unimportant shopping trip she’d planned for next month. Well, I guess that I can’t exactly use the word ‘unimportant’ seeing as if I were still alive (or immortal for that matter) I would be as excited as her about the trip. I didn’t see Rosalie, Emmett or Jasper in the car, so they were probably in either Rosalie or Emmett’s car.

I miss my ‘life’ so much, and I often find myself regretting the decision to cross the forbidden border line, into La Push. I was so ignorant back then, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t be able to walk onto the reservation, and I didn’t think that those stupid mutts were still around. I was about five steps across the line when I got leaped on by 3 oversized wolves. My existence came to an abrupt ending three minutes later. Edward, my angel, wanted to rip the pack apart alone, but Carlisle wouldn’t let him, he kept saying things like “She wouldn’t want you to end your existence this way” and “We’ll deal with this as a family”. Carlisle was right of course, I would never have forgiven myself if Edward had died – again, but for good – trying to avenge my death.

When his time does come to join me, eventually, I know how surprised he will be that we can actually experience… ‘Heaven’. He’s never believed that vampires could have a second chance at existence (third chance if you count our human lives). I had always argued that if any vampires should have a second/third chance, it should be us golden eyes. Heaven is nice and peaceful, a place free of war and arguing, a place that anyone could feel blissful in.

After Edward and Alice’s second lesson I decided to listen to various human’s minds to see what was happening in the school (a power that all undead (in Heaven) creatures are given to use whenever they we like.) There was a buzz around school about some new girl, Isabella Swan, starting. For some reason, this ordinary looking girl had had a big effect on a lot of the male students of the school. I didn’t see why, exactly. Sure, she was pretty, but she didn’t look like anything special. And she certainly didn’t look like she’d come from Phoenix, like she has been telling people, she was incredibly pale for a human, though not as pale as a vampire. Fortunately Edward hadn’t had many thoughts towards the human girl, just that he, too, didn’t get what all the fuss was about.

Lunchtime came around, and I was busy snickering whilst Rosalie was enjoying looking at her reflection in Emmett’s eyes. Poor guy thought she just really wanted to kiss him, when someone’s voice caught my attention. “Who are they” the voice said. I looked down towards the sound, to see the new girl looking curiously towards my former family’s table. Of course she would be wondering about them, after all, they are all incredibly beautiful. Strangely, I couldn’t get a hold on the girl’s thoughts; it was like she was... Blocking me. I didn’t think that that was possible; I have never come across any other being that was able to keep me from their thoughts.
“That’s the Cullens” a bored sounding Jessica Stanley informed Isabella. Jessica had made a move on Edward once. It would have angered me if Edward hadn’t have turned her down so coldly, I’d almost felt bad for the girl.
“They’re all so beautiful” Isabella sighed.
“Yes!” Jessica giggled. “But they probably take some type of drug to make them look that way, I mean, look at the dark circles under their eyes.”
“I’ve noticed” Isabella looked slightly irritated by the girl, like she didn’t like how judgemental she was being. “What are their names?”
“There’s Alice, Edward and Emmett Cullen, and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Alice is the short girl with black hair, Edward is the one with bronze-ish brown hair, Emmett is the huge one with curly hair, and Rosalie and Jasper are the two blondes, they’re twins. They’ve all been adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife, but they’re all, like, together” Jessica said, her face looked disgusted.
“What do you mean?” Isabella asked. She was still looking at Edward’s table when he looked up, quickly averting her gaze to her drink bottle.
“Rosalie and Emmett are dating and so are Alice and Jasper. Edward’s the only one without someone.” She said, in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. I felt my dead heart shatter. Yes, Edward does have someone! He has me! I felt like screaming.
“Oh” Isabella said, glancing at Edward. Eyes off new girl, he’s mine.
“He doesn’t date though, so don’t bother with him, he’ll only turn you down.” Jessica sniffed. Yes, she better not bother with him.
Edward then turned his head toward Isabella and Jessica. At first his face looked expectant, but then it turned angry, like there was something he was missing. I looked into his mind and found out that he also couldn’t get a hold on the girls mind.

The lunch bell rang and the students eventually filed out of the cafeteria. Edward’s last two lessons were nothing special, but I watched him anyway, just so that I could look at his perfect face.

Edward sat down at his lab table in Biology, automatically switching off and letting his mind wander around the thoughts of the school.
Isabella Swan then entered the room, which made me extremely annoyed; the only seat left available in the classroom was the seat right next to Edwards. Again, I felt like screaming. I was angry that she might try to make a move on Edward, even though I knew that he would turn her down, it would still make me jealous; at least she could talk to him. She sat down, and Edward froze in his seat. I looked into his mind and found out that her scent was torturing him; it was the strongest, best scent he had ever smelt. I was worried that he was going to kill the young girl, sure, she annoyed me, but she seemed like she was a smart, selfless being. And if he killed the girl right there, he would have to kill the whole classroom. I watched in horror as he flicked through ways to lure her in after school, and in terror as he pictured how he was going to kill the rest of the class if he had too. I noticed that he was only feigning breathing, if he took another breath before he was out in the fresh air, and away from the girl.

Eventually the lesson ended and Edward quickly – maybe a little too quickly – raced out of the room.

Instead of going outside for a quick breath of fresh air, Edward decided to skip the rest of the day. I was in agreement with this decision; he needed time to think about what had just happened. At the end of the day, Edward entered the front office to request a change of schedule; he was desperately trying to do whatever he could to get out of biology. When he was just about to give up, Isabella Swan entered the tiny office, and when Edward turned around to see who had joined him and the lady at the front desk in the room he abruptly said a parting line to the front desk lady, and rushed out of the room.

My Edward arrived home, and found the rest of the family waiting for him. Obviously Alice had seen his plans in biology, and had told the others.
“Edward, please, don’t do it! Think of what it would do to her poor father! It’s not the Cullen way,” Carlisle spoke.
“Don’t worry Carlisle, I’m not going to do anything to her, I’m going to let her live. But I think that it’s time for me to have a break. I might go up and spend some time with the Denalis, just to clear my mind.”

After a lot of conversation, Edward was finally on the road, ready to get away from the small town for however long it would take him to calm down a bit.

I wasn’t very happy with the place Edward chose to go, as one of the Denali sisters, Tanya, had a thing for Edward, but Edward had never shown any interest. Another thing that has bothered me to the core was the fact that Edward hasn’t been thinking of me as much as I would have liked.

While he was speeding his way up the highway, I stared into his coal black eyes. No matter what the colour, they never fail to amaze me…