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Dance with Me Darling

What if Bella and Edward decided they didn't want Jake to be with Nessie? What if they forced her to leave him in the only way possible, by breaking his heart? This is my twist on what happens after Breaking Dawn.


3. Chapter 3

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Jake’s POV

“I wish I could,” Nessie said after a bit of time.

“You can tell me anything. I won’t get mad,” Come on Nessie. I pleaded in my head. I need to fix whatever I did. I need her to be happy.

“I really can’t. You will get mad, really mad,” she said messing with the bottom of her grey sweatshirt.

“Please Nessie; I’ll beg if I have to.”

“You already are,” she said with a little smile. “I really don’t want to tell you this, but her I go,” she sighed before going on. “You know how I made it in to Julliard, but I didn’t get any scholarships? Well my parents offered to pay but I-I-I-I ha-d-d to-o-o…t-o,” she had a hard time talking with tears streaming down her beautiful face. “-break… up… with… you,” she whispered before sinking to the floor to clutch her knees while the sobs shook her whole body. So she didn’t hate me! That made my heart soar but I ran over to pull her into my arms, hoping to help stop her tears that pained her and my heart.

“Nessie,” she didn’t even look up, “Nessie you don’t need to cry. I don’t hate you and I’m not mad. I just want you back here in my arms. I don’t want you to cry.” I pulled her off the ground and carried her to the couch.

“I…I…I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did it but-but-but it seemed like the right thing.” She cried harder and I just held her close and rocked her slowly. I can’t believe Bella would force my Ness to do that. Bella would never have gone along with it back when she was still human, but maybe being a vampire changed her, or maybe being a mother made her this way, but I would put my money on Edward forced this to happen. “I understand if you don’t want me anymore Jacob. I wouldn’t want someone who lied just-“

“Ness, I will always want you. The day you walked away from me was the worst day of my life. All I wanted to do was run after you and pull you back into my arms, but I was sure you were leaving because of something I did so I let you go because I thought you would have been better off without me. If I had known that it wasn’t something I had done I would have run after you and I wouldn’t have let your parents force you into something like this. Nessie, I am suppose to be your protector and I didn’t protect you from the pain of being force to leave. I wished that something would happen so that I could come find you again and now I did and I’m not letting go.” I pulled her close to me and she wrapped her arms around me as she cried into my shoulder. “Nessie, I love you and that’s not going to change.” Then I heard the 4 words I had been waiting for 4 years to hear.

“I love you too.” If only they hadn’t been followed by.

“Get your hands off of her you mangy mutt!”