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Dance with Me Darling

What if Bella and Edward decided they didn't want Jake to be with Nessie? What if they forced her to leave him in the only way possible, by breaking his heart? This is my twist on what happens after Breaking Dawn.


5. Chapter 5

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Nessie’s POV

Jake and I sat on my couch for what felt like hours just holding each other. “Jake?”

“Yeah Ness?”

“I wish I could change it.”

“Change what?” he asked confused.

“Change what I did. I shouldn’t have-“

“Nessie, let’s just not think about it. We are together now and that’s all that matters,” he told me and kissed my forehead.

“Well then what should we talk about?” I weakly smiled at him while asking and he chuckled.

“Anything,” he smiled back at me. “Like what have you been up to?”

“Well… not much. Just classes and dancing and missing you,” I looked down and frowned at my legs as a couple tears ran down my face.

“Ness, there’s no need to cry,” he said calmly as he whipped the tears away quickly.

“I know. I just… I don’t know really why I started crying. Maybe it’s just because I started to think about what happened and how it’s all my fault.”

“Oh Nessie it’s not your fault,” a voice called from my balcony. Jake and I both turned and stared at… Momma.

Jake’s POV

I growled at Bella and held my Nessie tighter to me. I wanted to scream at her and Edward about forcing my Nessie to leave me, but I had other things to worry about, like the frozen Nessie in my arms. She was in shock of what seemed to be because of why her mom and dad were here.

“What are you doing here?” I asked hoping that if someone started talking it would causes her to snap out of it.

“I didn’t think about how much pain I caused you both,” Bella looked down and Edward wrapped his arms around her waist, “I thought I was helping my daughter and I wanted to protect her and I-”

“Bella and I realized that what we did was hurting Nessie and we could lose her. I never should have even brought the idea up that separating the two of you would protect her. You have saved my favorite girls so many times and yet I still was worried that you would hurt Nessie,” He looked at Bella with a look of apology at the end, as if he was apologizing for what happened when she was human.

“We are here to apologize even if you both don’t forgive us totally yet, and to tell you that we are letting you be together. No more of us meddling or anything,” Bella said and then looked at Nessie and said, “I’m sorry baby, for hurting you.” She looked like she was going to cry.

“I forgive you Momma. And you too Daddy.” Nessie replied and she walked out of my embrace to hug Bella. Edward wrapped his arms around Bella and Nessie.

“We hope that one day you can forgive both of us too Jacob, even if it’s not today,” Edward said to me and Bella nodded in agreement.

“I hope so, too, but not today,” Nessie looked semi sad, and I almost decided to forgive them just to see her smile, until Bella spoke.

“We understand that you can’t at the moment and we understand.”